Stacy Raymond is back home, vows not to sleep out again

By SNO Staff

news-update-A 13-year-old female student from La Ressource, Dennery who failed to return home on Friday, June 16, turned herself into the Richfond Police Station this morning and is now back at home, her mother told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

The teen, Stacy Raymond, left in her Grande Riviere Secondary School uniform on Friday morning, but never ended up at the educational institution.

Her mother, Catherine Raymond, said that her daughter  “reported herself” to the police station after she was alerted to an article about herself on SNO.

According to additional information gathered from the family, Stacy left in the company of an 18-year-old friend (previously reported as 17 years old).

Both of them reportedly ended up at a residence in Vieux Fort.

She has vowed not to repeat this situation. She claimed it was not her idea to sleep out.

Her friend and at least one male is reportedly being sought by the police.

SNO is unable to publish more details due to the sensitivity of the matter.

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  1. Thank God she's not hurt, and hope you don't repeat this kind of activity.

  2. I'm sooo happy that the kidnapped child was able to escape. Wait, so you telling me she was not kidnapped? She was able to leave at any time? She posted pics of herself 'having fun'? Call it abuse, but if it were my child when she returned home she would never think of doing that again after I was done with her.

  3. Stacey belly full she come back .. this generation of girls coming up in Lucia have no ambition or will to learn nun good or help their parents . Sad !

  4. Now this is what i do not understand, why do you give out the child's name, i mean the full dam name, what kind of crap is this. this is a minor you need to protect the identity of a child. Now you put this child in a position to be frown upon. yes she did wrong, but do we have to make the whole of St. Lucia freaking know who she is. We protect the identity of those dam rapist and the adults that do crazy criminal offences in our society. but we will through this child the wolves.

    • Armchair Anonymous

      Her name was mentioned, because she was initially treated as a "runaway" or "kidnapped". For her to be found, her name was put out there, as it is the law. Now that she is back home, at her own volition, her name still has to be mentioned, but she is now tarnished forever. Whose fault is that?

  5. At least she gained some sexual experiences on someone's drive shaft over the weekend. Plenty pressure that could Burst pipe.

  6. Don't let it stop there take her to the doctor run some test std hiv pregnancy
    Because them kids going out there and do their shate an come back home like it's all good
    You're 13 you're not a baby jusso you doing your mother that

  7. That's good don't repeat that again

  8. I'm sure she won't be able to crap right for a week.

  9. The 18 year old should be arrested

  10. She vow not to sleep out again......She must of have a rough ride, she thought it would be smooth sailing she better back the hell off. Go to school get an education that is so important, if you continue to sleep out with friends you'll be passed around more than the common cold. Stay in your section you are a child not an adult take your time nothing is running away any time soon,relax read books, learn to cook, bake it will be useful later. Be careful you might be scorned in the community for some parents will not allow their child to socialize with you because they think you are a rotten egg,although their kids might be worst than you under cover thanks.

  11. Praise the Lord


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