Stabbing victim cries out for justice (letter to the editor)

Stabbing victim cries out for justice (letter to the editor)

Dear Editor: It’s going to be two years I’m going to court for a guy who stabbed me on the 13th of November 2015.

He was arrested and placed on bail a week after stabbing me. I’ve been suffering in pain and finances while he lives a normal life.

The guy and his family meet me and threaten me on a daily occasion. I’ve made many reports to the police with nothing of substance materialising from it, but bringing the guy to a next court case and having multiple adjournments.

I was a skilled worker but had to leave it because of my injury and now I’m working for a bit off minimum wage when I have my medical bills to pay.

I have to eat and drink like a normal human being which is from pay cheque to pay cheque while my attacker lives a normal life and still threatening me.

Something needs to be done quickly about the justice system because I have a level of tolerance just as everyone, but it’s running out.

If I was to retaliate I’m sure that there would have been a different story to this.

I’m pleading that there would be some light and justice to my case. I’m not perfect but my life matters.

– (name withheld)


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  1. The Government has to take action quick ,against this people that's going round and Stabbing and killing.

    Please do something. You need Capital punishment. To easy with the So" call Laws"!


  2. I understand what u are going through. My son got chopped in his head affecting his brain. The guy walked with sign bail. He and his family always curse up my son. Up and down court. Nothing, nothing. That's what they say. But God is still on the throne above all.


  3. I give you praise for keeping your Kool my brother for 2 years.But time lost can never be regained i pity the fool.Now there are families of victims waiting for 10 years and ever,for justice.And how about those in Borderlais on remand.And thing about a man stab another man and he out on tbe streets walking,this is an utterly inhuman thing to do, if he had kill him he would still be out on the streets on bond living his life waiting for a court date for his case to call.The victims are the important ones not the criminals,you'll have it upside down.Now if the man retaliate now,because every human being,Dog,Cat,whatever needs justice.St.lucia,in youll National Anthem you'll sing what you'll don't even believe in what you'll singing or you'll don't understand,look what you'll sing Justice Truth and Charity our ideal for ever be.St.lucia practice what you'll preach and sing....Justice give the victims their lifes back Practice Justice.


  4. Well, I hope the authorities will read your letter and some good Samaritan lawyer will offer to help you, there are still lots of good people around and I pray that very soon someone will offer to help.

    To God be the glory.


  5. My dear my heart goes out to you am going through the same situation my son was stabbed and killed by a guy ,the guy was just released from the station no bail,no charge , no nothing every time I go to the police station is the same story , if I wasn't a praying woman I probably had already taken my own course of action. All I can say to you is pray God is good he will give you justice when the time is right his time is always the right time . Am gonna keep you in my prayers don't let him frustrate you to do something you will regret have faith his time will come.God bless


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