Stabbing at Bordelais Correctional Facility

Stabbing at Bordelais Correctional Facility
Junior Duncan
The inmate was reportedly stabbed by Junior Duncan (in photo) during an altercation Saturday morning.

An inmate of the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) was rushed to St. Jude Hospital Saturday morning after sustaining stab wounds, according to reports.

The inmate, Emmerson Dornelly, was initially reported to be in serious but stable condition, according to sources.

He was allegedly wounded during an altercation with another inmate, Junior Duncan, after 9 a.m. in the maximum security section of the prison.

Duncan was one of two inmates involved in an attack on another inmate in June this year.

Duncan was shot by a member of the prison response team after he and the other inmate allegedly refused to disarm and then attacked the team.

Saturday’s incident is reportedly being investigated by the BFC and the Dennery Police Station.



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  1. If this guy had a previous altercation which resulted in him being shot , how was he able to obtain another weapon to carry out his viscous attack. This man is a dangerous troublemaker and needs to be locked uo 24/7/ till his release. It seems to me that he wants to make the 40 STAR his permanent home


  2. Violent prisoners have no business being on work detail. If they are allowed out, they will be scoping the area out for their next crime. Sometimes they tell other inmates who are getting out. You can easily be their victim.


  3. Not even Borderlais can get it respect,youll even trying to kill one another in the work house Youll need something to do to much time on you'll hands.Time lost can never be regained.I would make you'll clean the whole of St.lucia, abd then do community work from dusk till dawn.I dont know why Government spending monies on contractors.When you'll just sitting in Borderlais fucking around.I would give youll work to do.Go clean up the communities,fix side walks,clean streets,we have drains to unclog in St.Lucia.And houses to build.Only fulling up Borderlais like everyday is Christmas.You'll yeah i dont know.l


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