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St. Lucia News OnlineMay 25, 202230103 min

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is now the first member state of the (OECS) to be granted permission for the export of medicinal cannabis.

The government in Kingstown announced on Friday (January 7) that the island would export its first shipment of medicinal cannabis to Europe.

On January 5, 2022, the Government had approved the first export certificate for medicinal cannabis.

The export permission was granted to Caribbean Cannabis Company trading as Medicinal.

This company already has several products marketed locally and has worked with traditional cultivators in building out their supply chain.

The granting of permission to export came after an import certificate was issued by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices for the product to legally enter Germany.

The jurisdiction has worked over the last three years, with international agencies, friendly governments and local public and private sector stakeholders, to make this a reality, the island’s Agriculture Minister said.

He said, “St. Vincent and the Grenadines is ready for global business in the Medicinal Wellness Industry Space. We invite the world to participate!”

He continued, “SVG has opened a significant global opportunity for collaboration among member states of the OECS wishing to participate in the international medical cannabis industry.

“I therefore invite all member states of the OECS with the established medicinal cannabis policy frameworks to join forces for the sustainable development of what can become a world competitive sub-regional medicinal wellness ecosystem.”

The industry has witnessed significant capital investment from both the public and private sectors, the latter of which includes sources that span the globe, according to economist, Terrel Mapp, the current Chief Operating Officer at the MCA.

Additionally, the recent opening of the Caribbean Gold Standard Laboratory has given St. Vincent and the Grenadines a competitive edge in capturing international markets for medicinal cannabis.

The government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is also working to establish a diversified medicinal wellness platform which will include traditional medicines, and the emerging psychedelics doctor-assisted treatment initiative.



Posted By: St Vincent Times on January 7, 2021

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