St. Mary’s College investigating viral bullying videos: report

St. Mary’s College investigating viral bullying videos: report
SMC's Principal Don Howell (right) says the video is appalling
SMC’s Principal Don Howell (right) says everyone is saying the video of the bullying (left) is ‘unacceptable’

St. Mary’s College (SMC) Principal Don Howell has confirmed that he, as well as teachers and students of the all-boys’ school, have received the viral videos of the bullying incident involving his students and that the matter is under investigation, according to The Voice newspaper. (See videos below story)

In one of the three videos obtained by St. Lucia News Online, which broke the story on Tuesday, an older-looking student punches and chokes another student on board a moving bus, filled with other SMC students.

The incident reportedly occurred on the afternoon of Friday, September 27, The Voice reported. CLICK HERE TO READ THE VOICE STORY

Howell told The Voice that the “entire school community is appalled” at the behaviour of the bully.

“‘This is unacceptable’ is what their words are,” Howell is quoted as saying by The Voice. “This is not the kind of behaviour we expect from St. Mary’s College students. The school is totally against and cannot tolerate such behaviour.”

According to the newspaper, the parents of the two students have been notified.

In one of the videos, the victim asks: “What I do you? as the bully orders him to sit down, then punches and chokes him.

None of the other students intervened.

One of the many persons who saw the video wrote on Facebook: “…. what a shame. I hope this kid’s parents take legal action against the child and the driver of this bus.”

Another said: “These college boys, then his mum will say he’s a good boy.”

Other persons questioned why the bus driver did not intervene.

A viewer told St. Lucia News Online that something needs to be done about the incident.


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  1. You know what I won't be able to say how I feel fully in this forum, in regards to this bullying incident. At just a 33 yr old young man, I have no kids as yet, but I can clearly recall being bullied in school for many years. I am not small figured guy, neither was I a coward, but it's just not in my personality to partake or encourage a physical fight.
    Videos like these only make me angry ,whether it's bullying or fighting or physical abuse especially against innocent persons. It's very sad how that none of the other students tried to stop what was happening, but rather allow the innocent child to be treated like this. It is things like these that leave children scared emotionally and affect them later on in life. They may grow up hating people , having anger issues and seeking revenge against someone who did them no wrong.
    But a last , when a small country like Saint Lucia chooses to follow the ways of bigger countries like the US, and allow herself to be influence by the dirty fragrance of their modern day laws and regulations, what do you expect? When you begin to establish laws that prevent teachers and other head officials of a school from punishing children, you must expect these things. By doing this you lessen and/or remove that fear and upmost respect that students should have for teachers and between themselves.
    If my punishment is that I would face detention, or grounded or suspended, or priviledges taken away from me for sometime, how is that going to prevent me from doing it again? Students don't even want to be in school anymore anyways.
    All children and students as well are placed in the care of parents and teachers as their responsibility, so that because there is someone over you, you cannot do what you want. Also because you know what is expected of you as a child/student, you walk accordingly. Authority is given so that those who are subject to it may follow or else face correction, whether through verbal denouncement or physical punishment as the case may require.
    If God who made man, and who knows his heart and thoughts afar off says "Use the rod to drive bad behavior out of the child", every other law and every other man-made solution is but foolishness. The word of God also teaches to train children when they are tender and correct them when they are young, to avoid all such incidents like these. I am not say to physically abuse your children, (as some parents do) but as a child growing up , they were some corrections that I received which I remembered every time I was about to do wrong and it helped me stay out of trouble.
    On a closing note I hope that, this bully was corrected and made to apologize sincerely to the victim and the school for his behavior. I hope his parents watch what he did to that other boy and examine themselves, concerning their parenting. Things like these leave children suffering silently unless they get help, and other are lead sometimes to plan their own suicide.
    Hope this is taken seriously!!!

    Colour Swatchez


  2. Boy after de whites killing us like flies in that miserable world u doing that fockry to the person child.
    U deserve to be tied and beaten with lolobeth, wire and all the lien i can think of you waste of sperm and ovule.


  3. The sad thing none of the boys on the bus have not intervene by just saying leave the boy alone . I have two nephews who went to school there and I must say words would not describe my reaction to knowing this abuse to them . No Child or student should be subjected to such a bully . My recommendation to this a public flogging in the square for this idiot .


  4. If it was my son, the police wohld have me first thing his mother would say he is a good boy. He deserves to be boy training center. Trust me he wi kill someone. Watch his face.


  5. And tomorrow you see him intown with someone putting good licks on him then his mother will come and say he was a good kid. Lord put a hand. These are the things authorities don't see and care about. But blame society when citizens take law into their own hands. Where were they when this poor child was being bullied, where was the bus driver??. Then they wonder why there's shooting at schools


  6. It's a shame how not a single soul intervened...Not a single soul said "stop it", but majority of the surrounding fools were laughing. I mean the child deh minding his business and jusso? In situations like these, the victim's relatives and friends get angry, do something and then the bully's parents are like "Oh....he was a good boy ih". People, please Kno wat your children are up may not be your fault, but they are your responsibility.


  7. Dear Mr. Principal those who have children attending SMC are tired of the bullying. This is prevalent at SMC and enough is not being done to address this problem. What exactly are you investigating? This incident should be handled by law enforcement intervention. Many bullies at SMC get away with it so I strongly urge the police and parent of that poor boy to proceed with criminal charges. Send the bully to boys training center. I urge SMC to clean up their bully camp!!!!!! This is not about hiding SMC dirty laundry any longer.


    • I totally agree that the victim parent should go to the police... and still let the school do their part also....thank god its not my son


      • I would of waited for him by the school and hv my son burst his ass,the bus driver self smh,I am disappointed God is good that's why someone video it ,so now people can see what the young boys are going through with that asshole


    • What are parents doing to help curb the problem? We are often quick to lay blame for everything that happens at schools. It’s time parents take on the responsibility of parenting their children and stop expecting everything to be resolved by the education system. Bullies are raised from home. So take some time to find out what is happening at your homes, what your children are thinking and doing. Who they are friends with. It is not enough to buy them all what they want. Start disciplining them the way children need to be disciplined before you have to say ‘he/she was a good child’ knowing full well you haven’t done enough to raise a positive citizen.


      • Exactly! The school has little that they can do. Right now the government has tied teachers hands when it comes to punishment, so what punishment can this boy get? Suspensions? Detention? He'll still be a bully. Maybe he's just exercising what's being done to him at home or in his community. The moment they removed discipline from the school hands you have placed it on the hands of the cops. If teachers can't discipline them then the law will. Sad reality.


  8. This shot got to stop nowwwww, before parents take this vfbto another level. Who the hell this boy think he is. Stop him I say, stop him.


  9. i hope yall really take the necessary action against this child because its because of lowlifes like him that think they can do what they want in society and get away with it that add to the crime and other negative aspects in society. is children like that who does be the drop outs and want to steal people things they themselves didn't work hard for cause they jealous. just so you knocking my child and ordering him to sit down who the hell you think you are and who died and made you ruler of the child aa indiscreet


    • I Saint Mary's College has a well known culture of bullying. Sadly the same can be said for many schools around the island. Principals are happy to turn s blind eye to bullying especially if the perpetrator has ststus. It's time parents take schools and principals to court for dereliction of duty. Bullying should not be tolerated.


      • You can bully you can take jail as well sue him a small prize his parents will have to pay for the way they brought him up


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