St Lucia’s youngest published author presents her book

St Lucia’s youngest published author presents her book
Kurmysha Harris
Kurmysha Harris
Kurmysha Harris

PRESS RELEASE – Guests at a crowded auditorium at the St Joseph’s Convent got a firsthand insight into the new book published by the charismatic Kurmysha Harris, fifth form student at the school. The talented teenager now 16 years old presented her first novel The Lost Sister, an intriguing thriller set in 19th century London.

According to the Author and avid reader, ‘This journey started over three years ago through inspiration and support from my Uncle Terryl Monsanto and my incredible parents Dana and Kurt Harris who encouraged me to always strive for the best.’

She went on further to give words of encouragement to other young persons who had a dream and a voice which no one seemed to hear; ‘Never give up and always remain humble, are the best lessons I have learnt growing up and I will continue to strive for excellence with these words as my guide’.

Principal at the Convent, Sister Rufina expressed how elated she was to have the country’s youngest published author as a student at the school and how amazing it has been to be part of this incredible journey.

She added, ‘we always encourage all our girls to take pride in what they have achieved and promote self-expression and creativity. On behalf of the teachers and students at the St Joseph’s Convent, we want to share how proud we are of Kurmysha and wish her success in her future endeavors’.

Published by Xlibris, The Lost Sister is now available online on,, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other online sources. Sponsors who have assisted the young author in this journey include AdVizze Consulting Inc, Terryl Monsanto, the St Joseph’s Convent and family and friends.

For more information about author or purchasing The Lost Sister, please contact Shirley Eugene at 452-6321 or Kurt Harris at 584-0886. Or visit


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  1. Well done young Lady. A testatment to what our beautiful Island is capable of...Proud of you and our Nation..


    Now a quick question - is the novel set in 19th century London, why? Has she lived or visited London? Interesting.


      • Well, I figure, she writes where she is comfortable with. I think a better attitude to "How sad she didn't write about St. Lucia" is, "Maybe I can write a novel about St. Lucia". If a teenager, preparing for CXC can do it, so can all of us. Till then, congratulations Kurmysha


  3. Excellent Kurmi. Humility and excellence. You cannot go wrong. Principles by which I live, and my child thats the best approach to life. Continue to make us proud.


  4. This is absolutely beautiful and is a testament to the talent that is in our amidst here in St.Lucia ! Would love to have this young lady on my new show 'K-Talks 758' !


  5. Congratulations and best wishes in your new venture as author and novelist.. Now you have started keep the ball rolling and do not get complacent along the way. Reach for the stars. Welcome to fraternity of St. Lucian authors


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