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St Lucia’s stray dogs off to Canada, US for better life


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strayThe Saint Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS) this week announced that about 50 dogs have been sent to Canada since last year.

According to SLAPS officials, homes are found for the dogs and puppies that are rescued before the animals are sent overseas to Canada.

SLAPS President Pamela Devaux said local volunteers are working with a group of supporters in Toronto on the initiative.

The group also announced that SLAPS will be partnering with the United States-based rescue group Global Strays, which will be helping local rescue groups with funding and will seek to find loving homes in the US for local stray dogs.

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  1. To all these comments, most of you need to understand something. The average Canadian knows nothing of the struggles that St. Lucians go through as a people. Dogs on the other hand cannot control their own destiny. Their future depends on the care of their owner and friend. That is something everyone should be able to understand.

    I am a Canadian and I have adopted one of your island dogs. And you know what? I could not have asked for a more friendly, loving and gentle animal to share my life with. All this negativity for such a good cause... I can only shake my head at most of you. We are not all entitled on this earth but we can all try our best to understand that there is always someone or something that has it worse than you. Despite the monotony, just be grateful for what you have and start trying to actually live your life to the fullest.

  2. I recently returned from a visit to St. Lucia and saw all the starving stray dogs. I became physically ill over this. I fell in love with a black and white male dog that would it on command. I want to adopt him so badly but don't now how.

  3. I need everyone here to shut the f-up about how Lucian's treat dogs. Not that I condone I'll treatment of dogs or any animals for that matter, but when a government won't issue visas to people who have wife and child, then allow dogs I the name of having no owner, its an animal born to live freely, they can care for themselves, they need no human to care for them, why not take a poor child whom have no parents, why not allow families to reunite so they aren't fatherless or motherless, but then again a dog has more value than the coloured people.

    • Yes, you are absolutely right.

      People can make conscious, reasoned decisions. If a father or mother is overseas, then they should come back home to help raise their child, and not vice-versa under the guise of reunification but for the real reason of getting free welfare and school despite not contributing to the system.

      Granting of a visa for the purposes of family reunification is one of the oldest immigration scams around, and a few bad St. Lucians have given our country a reputation of being visitors that overstay our time and cause trouble with crime in North America. That is why we are required to get visas.

      Look around you here, we have the same thing. People landing every day here at Vieux Fort or Vigie from Venezuela, Columbia, Syria and else where, and they simply stay, work illegally, and take jobs away from St. Lucians that are simply trying to make a better life for themselves. What are we doing about that here?

  4. the dogs said Kenny left the country broke and it will take the new government too long
    to create jobs for their masters so they are off to a better life. If Canada is taking dogs
    why can they not take skilled workers? masonry, plumbers, cabinet makers, etc.

  5. Caribbean people must unite

    what about those dogs that will not be adopted ?

  6. Reading this blog makes me realise how ridiculous some people are. We take everything as a joke. First to begin, if these dogs had owners they wouldn't be branded as strays. We love hand outs so even dogs being given a sanctuary will burn us. While it remains a practice that some people find it so easy to throw their dogs on the streets. And some will ask what if they want to see their dogs. Yes you can set up an appointment to see your dog.... at the prison. Thats where you should be. Some humans are just down right cruel. And people lets not make a mockery of everything.


    SNO mwe mem with the articles serves the idea of foreign being a bed of roses....foreign eh no bedda roses dont fallaw no dog and get foreign minded.

  8. Instead of attacking St Lucians about their animal care we should be educating them. It's difficult to change the mindset of people unless you can provide the right information and guidance.
    I am working hard to try to educate Lucians to care for their horses properly by providing educational seminars on nutrition and by providing an inexpensive feeding system to help raise the standard of health and welfare on the island. Granted , it seems like it may be a tall order, but the results are now coming in and it is very positive indeed which means that more and more of the horse owners will see these improvements and will want to follow suit.

  9. I wonder how long it will take the dogs to yank

    • Best comment on here.

      I agree. They wont be saying "roof roof" anymore. Now it will be "ruff ruff".

      In all seriousness, we dont take care of our pets. My neighbour, who is American, rescued a dog from its owner. The dog's leg was broken and the guy had no intention of getting the dog treatment. Now the dog up in foreign.

    • oh my my Ella. You are the best! You made me laugh so hard I cried. I love love your comment. Keep up that great sense of humour.

  10. They're looking for seasonal workers in Canada, hope they'll help them pay their plane tickets too...

    • In Canada, dogs actually live in better accommodations than seasonal workers. Do your homework, it's true.

      And the percentage of seasonal workers in Canada that are from St. Lucia is minimal since, rightly or wrongly, St. Lucian workers are viewed by their produce industry as being lazy compared to other Caribbean seasonal workers. Sad but true.

      • The point wasn't about the seasonal workers but about the lengths that some of us are willing to go to for animals while not even doing half of that for fellow human beings.

  11. well dog better than me

  12. What if someone wants to reunite with his/her dog ?

    • You can apply for a visa(if you already don't have one) & arrange SUPERVISED visits with their current owner if they allow it.But what if the dog doesn't want to reunite with their current owner?

      • If you have the money to fly to meet your dog then you had the money to properly take care if it and didn't. Too bad, so sad, sucks to be you.

  13. Hey Rude ghal......if only Lucians would behave as normal human beings in d people country, then they wouldn't have to be issued visas to travel.
    So u see, dogs are God's children. Lucians are the Devil's children.

  14. some people wish they were those dogs

    • The people that wish they were those dogs should get their lazy butt off the chair and go out and get a job and do an honest day's work for a change.

  15. They seemed to missed the two-legged puppies terrorizing the lives of everybody.

  16. I hope them people don't give me trouble for my visa because I want to see my

  17. All dogs will be Gods in babylon!

  18. Bon appetit.

  19. Foreign lucian disappointed

    No disrespect intended bt i know someone gonna be offended even still. I been to lucia many many many times.. not in hotels/resorts or tourist areas. I live there 5mos out of the year actually. St.lucia, in general, treats animals HORRIFICALLY. Many ppl abusing animals for sport. I took in a kitten that some loser was starving just to see how long it would last before it died...smh.. dog fights, cock fights... animal abuse is a game to many. Instead of lucia taking note and watching how, internationally, animal abuse is being viewed as barbaric and sadistic...and lucia wants to open a dolphin amusement park...smh.. are u serious??? Ask urselves...on an international level.. a island who is deeply dependant on does Lucia look that they cannot care for their own stray animals and that Canada/USA must take them? How do u think tourists will view a dolphin park? The govt must look outside its waters and see the direction the international community is going in. With regards to why animals are being taken in but not ppl...a look at how many lucians act when foreign will give u the answer. Scams, schemes and straight fuckery. With the introduction of machine readable passports, things might improve visa-wise bt i myself know of 6 lucians currently in canada and USA on false passports... that is why lucians struggle to travel. Too many schemers ruining it for the honest ppl.

    • How can you make such idiotic comparison? Do we get any income from stray dogs? Thank God you left Lucia, we cannot tolerate such backwardness.

      • Is everything about income Katie????? If you read the article, you would understand its because of peoples love for animals, thats why they are being given a second chance. Not everything should be about money. Sometimes you just do whats right like in the related article.

      • Do we get any income from you? If there's a correlation between intelligence and income, then it's highly, highly doubtful.

  20. They all will be adopted by Chinese in China Town.

  21. No blacks, dogs welcome? Lololo

  22. Ppl needs visa to travel n dogs don't need any visa. Wow. Enjoy the sweet life dogs

  23. And don't come back Tiger! Even if they reduce VAT. The opposition will follow youll soon.

  24. Hope they send us barrels for Xmas.

  25. Canada prefers to take care of the animals rather than the lucians

    • Yes, that's true, and do you know why?

      Of course you do, it's because St. Lucians' reputation overseas are of a people that are slack, rude and unambitious schemers that can't be trusted.

      And many look at us and rightfully say, "If they can't even look after their dogs, how can they be expected to look after their own country, never mind being trusted to contribute in another country?"

  26. Those dogs only understand PATOIS

  27. concerned foreign citizen

    Lucky dogs. I wonder if the owners could go with them. ?????

  28. Sad to see that foreigners want our local strays and locals cant even adopt them or give them a good home.Those dogs will be living the life!

  29. ..even the dog are moving away for a better life..I hope these dogs packed their winter jackets cause it gets really cold in canada lol


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