St Lucia’s Rendezvous Resort undergoing $12.5 million renovation

St Lucia’s Rendezvous Resort undergoing $12.5 million renovation

St Lucia’s Rendezvous resort has announced a $12.5 million renovation.

The changes will mean “significant interior design updates” to the resort’s Seaside Suites and Verandah Suites including new bathrooms, room layouts and furniture and colours.

The renovation will also include the debut of a new beachside restaurant called Malabar.

“Rendezvous caters to discerning couples looking to reconnect and spend time together without any distractions, and we continually seek ways to support them in their endeavor in such a stressful world,” said Andrew Barnard, deputy managing director at SunSwept Resort.

“We are confident that this renovation will uphold our commitment to provide the best services and accommodations to our guests.”

Malabar is set to debut in the fall of this year.


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  1. first all the thing dat happen in St.Lucia they not giving the poor the money they just running their mouth


  2. It is dreamed This renovation is required to keep this old hotel current in the market place. The hotels by the lime resturant did nothing and are falling apart. PLp really talk Maji. De man is investing in his hotel and tourisum, this may bring better days, but running your mouth only bringing bitter days.


  3. These people have money like la jee jeet after eating pudding and hot glo coco. They made their money on the back of plantation workers and they like to boast about it. At least the dead from the graveyard can cool out in the bar next door.


  4. St Lucia’s Rendezvous Resort undergoing $12.5 million renovation while people still go hungry in some areas of St. Lucia.


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