St. Lucia’s Police Commissioner has a message for criminals… following daring shootout

By SNO Staff

Moncherry * Photo credit: The Voice

Citizens including police officers have a legal right to use deadly force to defend themselves.

That message is coming from Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry in an interview with HTS News4force.

Moncherry, who recently returned from an eight-month vacation, was responding to the crime wave which included yesterday’s gunbattle between a police officer and an armed suspect in a Castries inner-city community. No one was injured and no arrests have been made to date.

He said the police is concerned about the incident and “there is need for everyone to be concerned”, but the top cop emphasized that he will not sit by and allow criminals to do what they want.

“Well, it is very alarming and concerning to me when I hear that young people will fire at the police. Let me send a clear message to people out there that police officers like any other citizen will have a right to defend themselves. And the law outlines the force that is used in every case, and in some cases, that can result in death, will result in death,” Moncherry said.

He added: “I will not sit by and allow criminals or would-be criminls to attack my police and support in any way form or fashion.”

The police comissioner however assured that the police will continue to do their best to ensure citizens and visitors “will be protected”.

Moncherry said the police will continue to review their plans to tackle the crime wave. He said the young people who are committing these crimes need help.

He further stated that the severity of the crimes committed on the island shows that young people in St. Lucia “have no love” in their hearts, they have “anger management” issues, and need to find better ways of resolving their conflicts.


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  1. HAHAHAHA !! There should be a TV Show called Saint Lucia Cops. But in this series the criminals are the ones with the upper hand because they always get away !! MAKING POLICE LOOK LIKE PUSS !! lol

  2. Dazed and More Confused

    I'm hoping hat the "eight months" was a typo otherwise we really don't have much to talk about when it comes to the police authorities ability (lack thereof?) to maintain the rule of Law which is what WE pay them to do. Eight months???? Please say it ain't so commissioner?????
    "Commissioner? This is Batman.... commissioner?... hello?... Bueller???, beep "Hello, this is the commissioner, I will be on vacation for the next eight months, please refer all correspondence to my pet rabbit in my absence or leave a message and I will get back to you promptly next July, thank you"

    Shocked and Dismayed,

    • Before you display ignorance it should occur to you that it could be years of accumulated vacation days he is only now collecting on...

  3. The public has absolutely no faith in the police, it's quite amusing.

    I agree that it is quite comical that the Commissioner thinks he can threaten the criminals with words after they JUST shot at the police. They obviously hold you and your little "force" in no regard.

    Everyone knows that organized criminals run this country. Thankfully the drug lords only kill other gangsters. The petty thieves are the real pests.

  4. !!!!!!!!!!! The crime situation though not what anyone wants, is usually the symptoms of our hard financial times and broken down family and community support. Youth need jobs after leaving school and moral support. The drug lords are providing the employment and the wealth of their dreams. There is not enough being done, the results of which is our score card/report book of crime related young deaths. Obviously the government mainly and persons with the power to effect change must make the difference. If we done give then that care, they we surly not care who they kill or rob to come out from poverty and lack

  5. I don't know why you'll people like to mix politics with crime!! Did the Pm give them weapons to fight each other, or was he the one that killed someone or started the war! I believe they should reinstate Operation Restore Confidence because if I remember clearly the entire country was quite and there was no war between anybody when this was done bc the guys know that clearly it was the police and there is nothing they could do bout it

  6. Wait a minute the crime is hitting home meaning “cops are getting shot at” are you kidding me? The citizens of this island have been singing this dam crime song for the longest to you guys, now it’s at your front door, now you want to address it. The dam crime has been escalating for the dam longest. You guys are full of crap why are we paying you guys, to play dam dominoes and drink freaking alcohol. The dam president doesn’t even take a dam month off for vacation and you taking dam eight months why did you come back the year is almost freaking over Sh*&.

  7. I would challenge chastanet's claim that if st Lucians voted him in they would be safer than under SLP but let us see what the police under chastanet will do to address this safety problem. One word of warning though tourism cannot thrive in a lawless country.

  8. Mr. Commisioner let me tell you why your organization is a PATHETIC WASTE OF TIME AND A POOR EXCUSE FOR A POLICE FORCE.

    If your officer in a gun battle with criminals, he should be trained to call for back up. When backup arrive your officers suppose to surround that area, move in to make a raid ASAP, ( I mean the whole place should be on lock down swamming with police with guns, road block, SSU, sirens, red and blue lights flashing, full force no nonsense business -- THE BEAST HAS BEAN AWAKEN, type shit)

    question witnesses to try to apprehend the criminal or possible shoot the criminal if he/she fail to comply with orders

    Instead gun man get away with his gun and lives to shoot another day. And you here on news outlet sending messages to criminals. A BIG JOKE !!

    If am a criminal I feel emboldened !! Because I know once I fire on police they will retreat. Smfh

    What planet are you on?


  9. Sad to see lucians not thinking together

    Heyyyyyy!!! I don't think killing criminals is gonna solve our situation to be honest I think it's gonna solve the situation for some time but when the problem comes again it's gonna get worst, try and understand why the youths are turning into criminals and find a solution to those problems before it gets to late, yes the youths are angry because they have no money I'm sure if you dumb police officers had no money you would be angry too, employment is the key to all these problems don't provide the youth with something to do provide them with jobs where they can make money and the crime will stop

  10. This police Hierarchy is a waste. They are clueless, brainless, senseless just to name a few. The Commissioner should have just remained quiet. Are you only concerned about the crime situation because a police officer was shot at. Are youuuuuuuu! What's about we citizens who are forced to endure the killings and gun battles almost daily. You have said nothing. Where is your strategy to combat the crime situation, where is your organization's strategic plan. Non existent?
    I thought so. This is the worst this organization has been and we the citizens are being punished because of their incompetence.

    Where is the minister of National security in all of this. Men bet men pwerl. It seems like this office attracts the worst of our ministers. This guy is also clueless and should relieved of his position. He is definitely incapable of setting direction for the force.

    Government should demand that the police commissioner and his other commissioners come up with a workable anti crime strategy and if they can't, relieve them of their positions. These lazy arses.

    Vernon Francis was our last commissioner. I hope there is someone in there who can continue where he left off. At least he tried.

    I wish those IMPACS guys well. At least they tried. Now we can see what the country is without their boots on the ground. They were all hard working men. Rumor has it that some of them will be charged later this month or early next month. This will be a sad day for this country. The criminals will be further empowered and will further terrorize our streets and we law abiding citizens will be forced to run for cover. This will be the situation as the current crop of police managers are only concerned about their salary and safety. This is why we are being encouraged to defend ourselves. Oh what chaos this will be. In The absence of a functional police force I will have to heed the stupid advice of the COP and will defend myself and family. Never thought I would have to take on the job of the cops. But citizens we have no choice. We cannot surrender to those criminals. We need to save Saint Lucia from her gaping wounds.

    • How do we know is st.lucian doing the shooting to many people coming to st.lucia and no back ground checks made on them that's one of the problems firstly, the police needs to create a collect data on all gangsters in st.lucia area by area figer print, photo , DNA of each member make it illegal to seat around on street side no seating area's patrol those area's 24/7 anyone caught charge them , anyone caught with a gun 70 years behind bars clear the prison of people there for the weed send them home to make space for gun charges.

  11. I have said it before and I will repeat: The focus should be on PREVENTION! PREVENTION! PREVENTION! As stated by one blogger, BE PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE!

  12. The Commissioner of Police, the Police Force, the Minister of National security, the whole Government, are useless and ineffective. That's why criminals don't fear them, and a large section of the population have no respect for them. It is clear that they cannot bring crime under control. All they do is talk, saying the same lame thing over and over. No action.Useless!

  13. After you bring toward the 3 cops that killed chakadan at the micoud police station and stop abusing citizens I believe the citizens of slu will help the force in solving crimes. When is murder and drugs y'all get there quick

  14. Um the only alarming thing here is that the Commissioner is surprised that criminals wll fire at police. SMH. They will cause ever since Kenny brought those idiot Jamaicans here police scared n like they scared of what Kenny might do if they kil or shoot those criminals. Oh how I long for King and Operation Restore Confidence. Kenny have personal driver and bodyguards n no one goes to his house to rob him. Is we dat hv to live in fear. KILL DEM CRIMINALS OFFICERS n if Kenny or any of his loyal sidekicks speak against it KILL DEM TOO. Dem safe I am the one living in fear. I FED UP

    • Yes! It's still Kenny's fault even after he got kicked out of office over a year ago, he is still to blame for everything right now....................IDIOT!

  15. Suddenly you have a voice. The biggest crooks are the cops..

  16. When your ready came we have gunz for youl if is war we ready just walk in de slumz see if one of your eh go fall ITF we rep free Sosa an the gang

    • iz u retaded becuz you songing like u retaded

    • go to bed and never wake up,idiot otf king,or get a real job

    • One thing I wish In this country they can trace comments like that!! Don't forget when they come and murder you'll bad boy is run you'll running so pay chew!!! I for one don't cry for non of u bustard it's about time they reinstate Operation Restore Confidence.

    • I hope when they come and deal with you'll bad boy you'll er run!! It's about time they reinstate Operation Restore Confidence!! Especially for you

  17. True but when certain citizens defend themselve they find themselve languishing on remand with no speedy justice,like nobody cares your right turn into your wrong.

  18. "Eight months vacation" While crime spiral out of control gasa I confuse I don't know what to say.

  19. why remove a comment you know is TRUE!

  20. ' citizens, including police officers have a legal right to use deadly force to defend themselves' - Is this the message to give the go-ahead to use violence against violence from our commissioner! Will this comment to use 'deadly force' really help the situation in st lucia today or will it create more vigilante style shootings/beatings with people taking things into their own hands and giving out the punishment themselves since neither the courts ,forensics or police force for that matter seem to be able to get things under their control hence the commissioner has said about 'the legal right to use deadly force'. The future not looking to good then for st lucia. Also does that give the so called elite in st lucia a freehand to control or remove were necessary of which the ordinary person would be hung for! God help st lucia!

  21. Sad day when the police seem hamstrung to do anything to protect its citizens. These guys have no constructive plans to change the crime climate. Only lots of promises but very little action. We are basically left to fend for ourselves. We cannot and should not be held hostage by these criminals running basically freely around committing crimes even in broad daylight. This speaks volumes as to how ineffective these guys are on preventing or solving any crime. We need to start sending all these guys including the police chief to start patrolling the problem communities to hopefully curb the rampant crime we witness on a daily basis.

  22. Well Said Commissioner ! I believe everyone one has the right to defend and protect themselves. What you did not say in your statement is very alarming. I am still waiting for an address from you regarding the competence of our law enforcement s on the island. Too many times those folks become policemen and women just because they found nothing else to do at the age of 18 years. In other words this position is treated as nothing but a job. Unless our enforcement folks treat this a service to the nation and sufficient training is given to them to combat the ever growing threat then we will continue to hear empty promises from you. There is absolutely no recording keeping of criminals and their location, no community policing or any form of education where the police interact with the community. How often do they go to the schools and talk and interact with the boys and girls who turn to crime as an option. Our jails should not be the end point for those who sometimes are force to turn into a life of crimes. There should be some form of education or rehabilitation for the folks. Train your members to be proactive instead of reactive. I have seen the success of such approach for lots of different countries. Try not to show your face after a crime has been committed. We would rather see you prevent a crime than to solve a crime.

    Thank You.

  23. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    And they were singing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb: "Great and marvelous are your works, O Lord God, the Almighty. Just and true are your ways, O King of the nations."

    – Revelation 15: 3

    • Get real....nonsense. The nonsense of preaching "do nothing" and wait on the Lord is at the root of the problems. Quit you job, give it to a non believer and wait on the Lord.


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