St. Lucia’s Nobel Laureates contributed little towards their birth country, writes Malcolm L’Overture

By Malcolm L'Overture

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L-R: Statues of Hon. Derek Walcott and Sir Aurthur Lewis

Below is a comment that was submitted to an article published on our website this week. Our news team decided to print this comment separately, as an article, because we believe it would stir interesting discussion. Please note, however, that the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the staff and management of St. Lucia News Online and its parent company.

Why is St. Lucia keeping a Nobel Laureate Festival week for two men who did not give a flaming toss about their country?

I am calling on the powers that be in this country to use the taxpayers’ money wisely by allocating the resources that will be utilised on this pomp and ostentatious display in other areas that will benefit the country in the long run.

St. Lucia can do without this ceremonial splendour and pompous proclamation of two men who spent their entire adult life outside of the country and contributed very little towards it’s welfare and well-being. There is hardly any country in the world where such pomposity is being celebrated. We are becoming obsessed with any little occasion and opportunity to have a good time like there is no tomorrow.

The question I need to ask is this: What did these two lordly men of self-importance do for their country? The simple answer is nothing. I remember having a conversation with the late Romanus Lansiquot, a while back before he passed away and he was of the opinion that (Derek) Walcott had spent all his life away from the confines of our beautiful island and had done precious little to help in its development. The Right Honourable gentleman was echoing his views to me during a short visit to London back in the 90’s in reference to the Pitons controversy which Walcott became embroiled in.

Arthur Lewis left St Lucia for London back in the late 1930’s to pursue an economics degree from the London School of Economics. He then taught for a while in the UK before embarking on a journey to West Africa, where he met with luminaries like Kwame Nkrumah and set about devising an economic plan for what was then the Gold Coast. He then returned to Europe where he penned a few books on the subject he became enamored and infatuated with.

I remember an instance back in the early 80’s where a student at St. Mary’s College asked a very pertinent question about Lewis’s commitment to St. Lucia, and the poor boy was chastised and thrown out of the institution for daring to question Lewis’s patriotism or lack of. I cannot recall one project that Sir Arthur Lewis undertook in the country before he departed from this life, yet we are celebrating this man’s contributions to the world of economics.

He afforded others the opportunity to benefit from his acquaintance with this science other than his own country. Why do we allow people of such ilk to continue to belch/burp on us profusely? We are suffering from the crybaby syndrome in this country. This is partly because we are lacking in self-confidence as a people and so in order to make up for our misgivings and apprehension we seek solace and redemption in the arms of men with imperturbable masks and ignominious intentions.

We act as victims when we are not. If Lewis wanted our folks to continue to pay homage to him then he should have put things in place to do so. He could have bequeathed some of his largesse to a trust fund so that the people who want to honour him religiously can do so. I do not believe that state funds should be used for that purpose. The money being used to do so can be put elsewhere. It can be used to help the homeless, and other desperate causes in this country. Taxpayers money should not be used for that sole purpose.

We are beginning to glamourize and encourage our naïve citizens in the pursuit of knowledge in non-productive academic careers such as poetry and playwright which are not actually relevant to our quest for development in today’s digital world. Another reason for awarding the Nobel Prize to people like Derek Walcott and Arthur Lewis is to further fool the poor black Caribbeans into pursuance of courses in those areas completely irrelevant other than romanticism, so as to waste our precious time away, reciting such foolish, childish, archaic, irrelevant, sentimental songs as ‘twinkle twinkle little star ‘in place of modern science and technology which the West and of late the East have adopted as their academic mantra.

The white man’s aim is to perpetually make the Caribbean and Africa underdeveloped so that industrialisation will not pollute it. Its people should remain ‘The wretched of the earth’ and the best way for the Europeans to do that is by bringing to the limelight, mystifying and glamorizing unproductive elements like Derek Walcott who eat freely from the sweat of the hapless St. Lucian and Caribbean peasants, who eat more than they contribute. The truth is that Africa and the Caribbean has long been designed to remain a virgin land for the future use of the Europeans when they finally achieve their aim of reducing the world’s population to 500 million through creating and promoting these types of elitist/ academic area boyism to facilitate some of the ways of achieving that long-term plan.

Walcott spent most of his time in Trinidad and the United States. He set up the Trinidad theatre company and never looked back. He was regarded as a son on the Trini soil and made very little reference to the land that gave birth to him and bred him before he left its shores. Apart from having a property on the island, he contributed very little. He hardly patronised the arts, the very discipline which afforded him the Nobel Prize.

Professor Walcott was better known for appearing on the pages of glitterati magazines’ colourful pages and patronising upper crust party where he is more at home with a posh glass in his hand than a biro and paper; he is happier being in the limelight than in drama studios and language laboratory parroting out long archaic English words he memorised, in the ancient 1940s/50s, from ‘Larcombes’ and ‘students’ companion’ books.

So let me quickly add that where true intellectuals gather Walcott cannot dare go there, for no longer is his ACE, the meandering colonial-era English regarded as fashionable in this internet age. The days of bamboozling and holding the people spellbound with comically entertaining words such as Hot Gospeller, Churched Sky, Tallow, Bird-Rocked are over, please. In today’s dynamic intellectual world even academic bulldozers, both past and present, are aware of the dynamic changes the academic world is rapidly undergoing.They can at best be good in the historical perspective but presently considered as analog.

Both Walcott and Lewis were prodigiously wealthy and caked-up and could have so easily left something in their will for the people of St. Lucia which would be beneficial in the long run. Between this two colossus scholarships and institutions of higher learning could have been set up. The Morne Fortune educational establishment should never have been named after Sir Arthur Lewis. There are distinguished persons right here in St. Lucia, this college could have been named after. We are often told that there is nothing for nothing in this world. In order to get something, you have to do something in return. You have to contribute. These two ancient dinosaurs did nothing for St. Lucia.

Walcott resented the fact that he had St. Lucian connections by way of birth and family. He was a lothario who was deprived of teaching poetry at Oxford University. A prominent member of St. Lucia’s arts establishment once remarked to me that Walcott was all about money after he decided to cancel a film that was being put together under his watch. I believe had he not been found out as being St Lucian-born he would have continued masquerading as a Trinidadian academic.

I read somewhere, where the Lewis family rattled on about their Antiguan roots. None of these men really relished being St. Lucians, and it is for this reason I am calling on the powers that be in St. Lucia to spend the state’s taxpayers dollars wisely. Do Not spend it on such lavish ceremonies and the people are suffering. These men have gone and did not give a flaming toss about our people when they were alive.

The funds being used to keep this unnecessary, pointless and superfluous commemoration should be spent on healthcare, housing for the homeless, food for the needy and hungry, and not on the hosting of any ceremony for uncharitable and inconsiderate souls like Walcott and Lewis.

If their family want to keep a ceremony to remember them then, by all means, they are entitled to do so, providing they are using their own funds to do just that.

Our hard-earned tax dollars should not be used to fund Nobel Laureate Festival week. No way Lucia! There is so much more to do with this money.

Wake up, St. Lucia! Wake up my people and save for a rainy day and bumpy road ahead!

Viva St. Lucia the land of my beautiful mother!

Malcolm L’Overture

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  1. This Malcom chap should be declared persona non grata in Saint Lucia. His, is a disturbing trend of open hostility to this country.

  2. This is nothing but a very shameless plug by an ignoramus.

    If you were to read Lee Kuan Yew, a.k.a. LKY, you would see that he used education through innovation technology, to grow his poor small country, smaller in size than Saint Lucia, "From Third World to First".

    Our disgusting morons in positions of education locally are hellbent in teaching people Kweyol as the driving force of development. We adore backward cultural development. We dance our lives away blissfully.

    UWI, CXC and the like, are self-absorbed in teaching History, blinded by the ambitions of a few who have used, but just one kernel of truth, to race them to the top of the cultural dung-heap regional development.

    We are a very sick society when we blindly follow those who have not distinguished themselves by having their work, for example, TRANSLATED, (translated mind you) in several other languages, as the writings of W. Arthur Lewis, coming into this forum to attempt to degrade his life's work and achievements.

    Those who cheer on this non-achiever, should be ashamed of themselves.

    But then again, our education system teaches us nothing about value and self-worth, about courage in the face of adversity, and about sacrificing to achieve worthy and lofty goals.

    We, nationally and culturally instead, worship bloodthirsty mayhem in our ghettos as norms, mediocrity as the standard for representative politics, and completely uniformed naffins and dotards as wise men.

  3. Well said! men of such stature like Walcott and Arthur leave trusts to help others. what did these 2 leave?
    our tax dollars even have to go into the renovation of his childhood while he lived in Cap Estate.
    The truth is a hard pill to swallow.

  4. These two men distinguished themselves by gaining international awards. That nonentity on the other hand claim to fame is to try to degrade them.

    What a stinging and biting irony being attempted by a nondescript non-achiever.

    • Why don't people like you respect other people's opinions? If anyone is a nondescript non-achiever it's you. Malcolm has a lot to offer us here in St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean. I have read a lot of his essays and comments and though I don't agree with some of what he writes I still find his stuff fascinating. He writes sagaciously. How do you know whether the man has achieved or not? What have you achieved? Tell me you nondescript-non-achiever.Go away!

      • Smart ass, so why aren't you then reeling of a raft of achievements, of that other one, rather than his pure hot air.

        That Haitian is not a Saint Lucian. He has done nothing to help his own Haitian brethren even. He has no acumen, but to trot out tripe, which the weak-minded wallow in. They relish, and marvel at in confused wonderment.

        Sir Arthur, in particular, far beyond worldwide recognition, headed economic departments in two prestigious universities, in Manchester, England and Princeton, New Jersey in the USA.

        Moron, lest you forget, an opinion is like a backside. Everyone, the good, the bad and the indifferent has one. Go to hell with your crap.

  5. Why don't all the pea-brained supporters of this Haitian misguided moron not petition for him to become PM. He has vastly contributed so much more to Saint Lucia than the two Nobel Laureates.

    And granted that the CXC is still back-slapping over pushing 3-Rs level edu-tech, whilst India is pushing into space, sure thing, there will be no more Saint Lucian-born Nobel Laureates born this century at this rate.

    Parents start investing. Otherwise, we are going to be stunned and more overwhelmed by increasing tidal waves of even more criminal drug gangs and zombies.

    Sadly, governments will be little more than hot-air crime reporting agencies. The tourists may come. They can leave.

    For Saint Lucians, with no blasted standards either to copy or to emulate, it be "Welcome to the Hotel California."

    • What do you have against Haitians you awful preek? If you took the time to read and understood what you read you will realize that the man is only partly Haitian. He writes openly about being Haitian and St Lucian. I have read a few of his essays and have taken note of this. He admires St Lucia which he often refers to as 'The land of his beautiful Mother'
      What have you contributed to St Lucia? If anyone is a moron it's you with your bunk. You write utter twaddle. You go on like you are something special when you are not. Haiti is a splendid Caribbean island with lots to offer the rest of us in the West Indies.It has a rich history and culture and it's people are warm and hospitable. How dare you go on about criminal gangs and zombies? Is this what you think Haiti is all about? I have been to Haiti and I must say I had a wonderful time over there. There are criminals and zombies everywhere. Maybe you are one of them or both.

      You are full of crap and sheet and if anyone is a pea brain it's you. You are a vicious, spiteful and unpleasant character from the ghettos of Castries. The man writes splendidly you jealous twat. Why don't you climb back into the sewer of Conway where you come from? You will find good company in there you HATER. I hope you don't get a visit from a Haitian orisha tonight. Like my Nigerian friend will say NONSENSE!

  6. Saint Lucians deserve Trump as their leader. Let those like him rub their noses in it.

    It is little wonder that illicit drugs and mayhem have become a more celebrated way of life, and suicide has become the cultural escape.

    These descendants of explantation hands as semi-literates have never understood value. It increasingly looks more like never now.

    This idiot has not done anything for Haiti either, but he is happily calling attention to himself, whilst criticizing people, in whose shoes he will never ever be able to stand.

    • Speak for yourself mate. It's you who has no chance of standing in the shoes of these two opportunists. What do you think the Nobel Prize is?Alfred Nobel the man who bequeathed the prize was a controversial figure who invented explosives and dynamite.Need I say more.

      There have been lots of criticisms over the years after the prize was given to people who should not have been awarded it in the first place. There are lots of people who should not have been recipients of this Ballistite prize. I can go on and on about this but I would rather say no more. In a previous post from Malcolm, he outlined his contributions towards Haiti's development. What have you done for St Lucia other than writing this drivel? I am impressed with what he had to say -I respect his point and I think he is right about these two selfish men who gave nothing to our people in St Lucia.Before you criticize you must realize - idiot.

  7. True, at least partially, because Sir Arthur Lewis' economic model was taken (or stolen?) by Singapore since the 1970s, and used to develop the country from an under- developed country to the to one of the Most Developed country which it now is. The irony is that the St Lucia Government (s) never tackled Singapore on this issue nor did they ask them to return it, with due compensation. So, yes, Mr L'Ouverture's claim is partly correct.

  8. What I find stupid is the number of people that's supporting this. Do any of you know why they didn't play a role in St. Lucia's development? Your same Lucia didn't want it! When Walcott had his poems and plays, most of the country didn't give a shit. He himself said that. You couldn't possibly live off your work in his time. Singapore took what Sir Arthur Lewis took his time to build and right now they're ripping the fruits of his labor but not St. Lucia. We didn't even give a shit. Right now those men are dead and that's when people want to start writing nonsense on their heads. WEAK!!!! Just another person in this country looking for his piece of fame to look important for a few minutes.

  9. Now what do we have here? some drifter wannabe Lucian bashing our beloved Derek
    he and many others who know nothing about Derek, who he really is and was, takes
    cheap shots and even lies about the man. Sir Aurthur I did not know growing up
    but the Walcott family I knew better than all of you. Teacher Alex was my head Teacher
    at the original Methodist School, Derek was one of my Prefects at St. Mary's College.
    At the home we played around with the Steel Band in the back yard, laughing and joking.
    All St. Lucia loved and admired the Walcott brothers for what they started in the Arts Guild
    both brothers were not only great writers, but great Painters, Artists and skilled Pan men.
    It is indeed very sad that one should choose such an occasion to show how learned you
    are by tearing some one down who has departed and no longer with us and so unable to
    defend himself. I'm a humble Lucian having lived most of my life away from St.Lucia
    have traveled extensively, been there done that and even more; don't give a damn what
    anyone may say about moi. I look back not in anger but with joy having had good friends
    whom I've learned much from, Derek and Roddie were some of the best. God bless them.

    • Who cares mate? What did you do in England? Tell us about your escapades in London during the swinging 60's. Otherwise like Juke Bois would say 'Shut up in your mouth and sleep in your bedding like that.
      No one gives a monkey!


    • Your language goes way above the heads of even some of our very recent erudite PMs. Some are too dense to understand too much that cannot be translated into creole. That is a cultural barrier for them and for most of the rest of us in this country.

      The company of other morons who support this Haitian dolt would do well to understand what the Singapore model really is.

      Barbados, in the Caribbean, is the only country that has followed the Singapore model. But it too has lost its way.

      Tourism is not the bedrock of the Singapore model. It is technology. All types of technology.

      Case in point, our sickening relays of dummy education ministers have not even yet seen the importance of engineering. If they had, they would have long ago been promoting scholarships and the development of local resident SALCC faculty in this subject area. So, what have we got as a substitute?

      Short answer: The selling of passports and our patrimony to tourism establishments.

      Like a nation of idiots, we blissfully bask and revel in the joys of the owners of the tourism plant, boastfully raking in their profits and screaming at the top of their lungs, what top accolades and rankings they have received in this tourism publication and the next.

      A la Dereck Walcott, we remain as a nation, the hewers of wood and the drawers of water, relegated to producing generation upon generation, hotel maids, busboys, grass cutters, and gardeners.

  11. As-A-Matter-Of- fact

    As a Matter of fact, this commentary is important and ingenious. It's written coolly in clear and coherent English, as opposed to the kind of impenetrable technical Esperanto frequented by most literary authors.

    Malcolm has exposed and debunked these men for what they really are -Opportunists and self-seekers.If you continue to write like this Malcolm, I can see you getting this prestigious literary Prize one day. You should perhaps consider writing literature on a full-time basis. I don't know what you do for a living but having read many of your comments in this forum and elsewhere I see great potential. You have the gift of the garb as they say. You write so well and the folks at St Lucia News Online should be given full credit for affording this article the much-needed oxygen and publicity it deserves. Like I said if you continue to write in this vein you could become a future recipient of this Great Prize. I am supporting you all the way and if you do remember to credit St Lucia News Online. I have noticed that they have been good to you over the years. Big Up Malcolm and do not give up on your writing and whatever else that you do!!! Continue to inspire!

    • Anti-establishmentarian prattle gets the narrow and shallow-minded piffle great mileage. Wow! What has the writer done for his own Haiti lately?

      Does all the solemn nonsense spewed up there help Haiti in any way put a sewage system in place?

      Stay where you are.

      Why don't you fix your own darn backyard, before looking at other people's problems, bloke?

  12. This article speaks the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It's too bad that most people find that the truth is very inconvenient.
    Walcott only lent his name to the most prominent & high exposure issues, see, Pitons" & "Rat Island". It kept his name in the "Lime light" that he craved so much. Because he could afford it he chose to live abroad, instead of living here like the rest of us. He's a "fake Patriot" period!

  13. Where ignorance is bliss...!

    • What have you done apart from playing a few instruments? Who has ever heard of you apart from us here in St Lucia and maybe a few in Jamaica. I need to applaud you for living in St Lucia most of your life, unlike Walcott and others. But if you cannot say anything good then say nothing.The Haitian gentleman wrote a fine piece with quite a few pertinent points raised.
      With your talent, you could have done so much more to help put St Lucia on the map. Think about it - Good luck with your music career and hope you become a superstar one day like Walcott.

      • Luther Francois and his wife were the founding members of the Jazz festival. Not because he isn't all flashy like all the other musicians does not mean he is not known. Google him. He was a saxophonist for the wailers. He used his connects in Martinique and the U.S to help establish the jazz festival. What the hell do you know?

      • Get on your soapbox. Tell us what have YOU, you yourself have done for Saint Lucia?
        I have taught at the secondary level twice. I have represented Saint Lucia in regional forums twice. What the hell have you done? Empty vessels ....

  14. Malcolm, I Would like to commend you for the brilliant essay that you put together on this subject above. You are so Onpoint with everything that you wrote. I read every paragraph, every word and I am truly impressed with your argument about why you think these men should not be given a commemoration and have their awards celebrated.

    All of our three Nobel Literature Prize winners were not happy with their Caribbean roots and connections. The First one Saint-John Perse, from Guadeloupe who won the prize in 1960 did not want anything to do with this beautiful Caribbean island which is now a French Department. He sailed off to mainland France and never looked back. Walcott felt that St Lucia owed him something. He displayed a sense of overbearing, self-worth and was full of self-importance.He possessed an arrogant contempt for St Lucia.

    The other winner VS Naipaul, who hails from Trinidad never once accepted the fact that he is Trinidadian. Throughout his many novels, one gets the impression that he is actually an Indian from India. He expressed feelings of unwarranted importance and overbearing pride. He does not want to have anything to do with the land that raised him. This from a man who dropped out of University to carve out a career in writing.He came to England in 1950, during the Windrush era. I am no fan of either of these three vainglorious characters.
    I am erudite and love books and have read many. Arthur Lewis was another Nobel Laureate who cared little about St Lucia. He spent a considerable amount of time outside of St Lucia. He once rebuked our leaders for going around the world seeking aid. Not once did he offered an alternative. Why do our so-called intellectuals detest us so much? I am assuming it's partly because once they have become a force to be reckoned with in the European establishment the sycophantic attitude sinks in.Just because you have found some education and written a few books does not make you better than us in the Caribbean.Like you said Malcolm, degrees in poetry, playwright and literature are non-productive. We need our people to pursue productive courses in Science, Medicine and other relevant subjects which falls within the remit of the internet age and generation.We need workers, not reciters of ancient stuff that is of no relevance in today's modern age.We are yet to produce a Nobel laureate in Medicine.

    Anyone can get a Nobel Prize by the looks of it. If this young Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai can get a Nobel Prize for peace then it proves my point that anyone who fits into a certain criterion can be awarded the prize.What has this young opportunist done to deserve this award? Where has she brought peace to? The Nobel Prize is slowly becoming the subject of ridicule and will soon become irrelevant. There are thousands of young people all over the World who have shown acts of bravery and contributed towards the ideals of peace much more than Malala yet they are ignored in favour of this girl who still wears religious attire and follows doctrines which almost took her away. She is devoutly religious and is hardly secular, something we need in today's world. Malala is the last person they should have awarded this Prize to.
    Bob Dylan is another one recipient of the Prize, but neither time nor space will permit me to elaborate any further. Keep educating us, Malcolm. I enjoy reading your articles and comments.Keep em coming.

  15. The biggest joke from this joker, far beyond the tripe written here is vacuity of his own contribution other than hot air to the development of this country.

    That Haitian character was not even born in Saint Lucia for that matter, and for all the balderdash written there.

  16. I was so on board with the beginning of the comment until it just became hateful ramblings. The writer lost all the points he gained after he just started bashing these men. I understand wasting govt funds idolizing these men but they didn't owe St Lucia anything. They didn't ask us to celebrate their accomplishments. They did alllllll what they did for themselves as do everyone else... Go out and succeed for yourself as well.

  17. As a white man who has chosen to live in this lovely friendly country I find this sad.

    I am proud of my adopted country having more Nobel Laureates per capita than any other country. I think that encouraging academic excellence as well as entrepreneurship is good.

    As to the paragraph about "The white man’s aim ..." that is just nonsense. White men are a diverse lot, just as other peoples are, so do not have a united aim of any kind, let alone anything like what is claimed here. A supposed aim of a population of 500 million as the world heads towards 10 billion? Got that a bit wrong, guys! Yes, that paragraph is such hogwash, and so wide of the mark, that it makes me suspect the rest of the article.

    • Imposter u are not a st Lucian that's why u trying defend your kind.

    • It looks like the writer may have touched a raw nerve when he cautiously used the words "White Men" - You are so quick to defend your people. Yes your White people who have done so many terrible things to people from other lands which includes my people (Black people)
      You fail to take note of anything else that was written in this fine essay. All you are concerned about are the words "White People". You epitomize what white people are all about. Yes, you do. You simply cannot help yourself.I am assuming that you are English by your vocabulary.
      The English/British have committed so many atrocities against people they have classed as lesser than them. They plundered India, Africa and other parts of the world. They enslaved millions of Africans. They plundered India and Africa and nearly stripped our great continent of it's natural resources. The British are behind almost every distasteful, hideous and unspeakable acts committed on this planet. Yes, The British White men.

      The thing is White people will never learn. They will continue to defend every deplorable act they have perpetrated against the peoples of the earth who don't look like them and isn't White. They feel superior to black people and have always felt that way. When your White people were going around and sourcing out my people for your cheap labour, the word diverse did not come into it. The White Europeans were one people. The only thing that just about separated them were a few languages.They all ganged up as one people going on the offensive and it did not matter who got in the way. They were hellbent on causing mayhem and destruction.

      You say you are proud of your adopted country. I don't think so mate. You English are reared on a diet of hatred and animosity towards foreigners. I see it in your country time and time again. You voted to part ways with the European Union. If You can distrust and loathe people who look like you, tell me. Do you think you White folks will ever like black people like me? No Sir! So you are deluding yourself with that statement about being proud of your adopted country. I have never met an Englishman who likes St Lucia or black lands for that matter. All they do is complain, complain and complain. the English are taught from a very early age to loathe all things and people who are Non-English. They display a lot of antipathy towards others who don't fit in their clique.

      Your comment above represents the words of a typical White Man. You just cannot help yourself to have a pop at what the man wrote. I bet you are showing off with your boring accent as well to the people of St Lucia.You English never cease to amaze me with your superior attitude. You lot are nothing more but a bunch of poorly dress peasants who cannot bare to see black people whether in the Caribbean or Africa live their lives to the full. You have to do or say something to annoy and undermine them. Frankly, I do NOT believe a word you wrote about being proud - You are lying to yourself and you know it. You Whites will never appreciate black people and the countries where we come from. That is why I rejoice when our cricket teams beat England whenever possible in the game they claim they invented.Stop fooling yourself, White man. You people are not so diverse as you are claiming to be. You have shown your true colours by defending the honour or dishonour of your White people.Like my friend use to say'A White man will always be a White man no matter wherever he is - Stop deluding yourself mate! Your words are empty and hollow you son of the oppressors of black people.
      Other than that the article was penetrating and perspicacious, and to the point. Our Haitian- St Lucian brother writes magnificently.Well done My Black Brother!

    • Actually Saint Lucia can't boast anymore about having the most nobel laureates per Capita. We've long stagnated. The honour belongs to the Faroe Islands.

  18. Thought provoking!!

  19. So true. I've notice st lucia claim anyone with 1%roots to st lucia as long as so call person is somewhat good press. I found out that Mr Walcott was st lucian from a Trinidad friend of mine, because a I always assumed he was Trinidadian.

    • True alot of Trinidadians never knew he was a St.Lucian until he passed away

    • Barbados welcomes the grandchildren of nationals born abroad to take up residence and citizenship. Note they have not yet cheapened their nationality by selling it for 30 pieces of silver like the SLP started.

      Since then, for a number islands it is a race to the bottom. The Chinese say: "Too cheap? No good".

  20. Well I guess you are furious about Duvalier how they represent the land of your birth? Leave it to us St.Lucian to figure that out,stop making a mountain out of a mole hill ca ca.

  21. You hit the nail on the head!

  22. Very well written and thought provoking.

  23. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO. Well said Malcolm. Well said. I have been saying this for years much to the dislike of some of those pompous fools who lay on their backs at nights worrying about St Lucia's Seabed(Ha ha ha ha try counting sheep's). I am not minimizing the accomplishments of these men but it was for their own personal attributes not for country . What has Walcott or Lewis done to advance the arts in St Lucia ?? Where is The Derek Walcott. School of Performing Arts ? But he while in Trinidad he help to establish The Trinidad Theater Company Why did he not do the same in St Lucia ? Arthur Lewis had a school named after him as a good will gesture by the government at time but like Walcott what where when and how did he contributed to advancement of the arts in St Lucia. Monies allocated for Nobel Laureate week IS A WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY. The Rum Wine and Food Festival was another waste too, but there are those who are more conserned about prestige and appealing to the upper crust rather than funding events the tax payers would benefit in return on their hard earn dollars.

  24. Interesting viewpoint.... but I believe ppl used the two as an excuse for our poor education system. When someone criticize the educational system you hear but we produced 2 Nobel laureates and nothing is done.

  25. With due respect sir you are a MAD man. You must stop being myopic in you thoughts.
    Permit me to ask a question. As a St Lucian if I leave my country, live and work overseas. And as a result of my actions was able to process a developmental Loan which developed my country, would you say that I've done nothing for my country?

    Assistance from a citizen doesn't have to be sitting on one butt in the country to do something. At times one has to leave their country to make a great and different level of service to their country. There are still persons who have come and continue to visit our island because of the two gentle men.

  26. I agree...the kids pay $25.00 for a t-shirt for one day I a year, I find this is ridiculous!

  27. Thanks very much me Malcolm. This article proved what I have been preaching for a very long time. I still do not understand why we celebrating such crap. There's no nothing we can show or talk about these guys have done for our beautiful island of st Lucia.

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