St. Lucia’s national flag-raising ceremony in the UK

St. Lucia’s national flag-raising ceremony in the UK
Justin Moore (left) and the Newham townhall where the flag-raising ceremony will take place.
Justin Moore (left) and the Newham Townhall where the flag-raising ceremony will take place.

(PRESS RELEASE) – The annual St. Lucian flag-raising ceremony in the United Kingdom (UK) will be held at Newham Townhall, London on Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

The event, which is the brainchild of local magistrate and eminent activist Justin Moore, has been held annually for many years, and brings together prominent members of the community to celebrate St. Lucia’s National Day.

“I look forward to this event every year where we come together to celebrate our country’s National Day. It’s a great occasion to meet with members of the community and to talk about St. Lucia,” said Moore who recently received an MBE from the Queen for his outstanding service and hard work in Britain.

The retired social worker said he has not given up on his mother country St Lucia and is happy to use this occasion to pay homage to the island he and many people in the UK still call home, and to give something back.

“I love St. Lucia and will continue to love my beautiful country,” said the Soufriere-born patriot who runs a youth club not too far from where the flag will be raised.

The ceremony will start at 10:30 a.m. with a prayer from Marcia Maximin. The flag will be raised at 11 a.m. followed by welcoming speeches from His Excellency Guy Mayers, St. Lucia’s High Commissioner to the UK, and Dr. Ben Charles. Others expected to speak are Mary Matthias, who runs a diabetic charity, and local councillors Lester Hudson and Unmesh Desai.

Food and refreshment will be provided.


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  1. Well Done! I hope I can attend this event next week. I have been there before and the atmosphere was all-embracing. I too heard that speech this man gave about winning a cow dung competition in India. This gentleman seems to be full of himself. I like that about someone who isn't cocky but full of confidence. He talked about him wanting to make a million. That is alright as well provided he is willing to share some of his largesse with the poor and underprivileged.Overall his talk was encouraging and I gathered a few points from his speech. There were a few salient points which were arresting.We black people can learn a thing or two from this councilor.

    Justine Moore is a wonderful man. I met him a long time ago briefly at his Youth club. He is so youthful looking. I wonder how he is able to maintain the fountains of youth. He was so inviting to speak to. I enjoyed our short discussion at the Greenlight Youth club. He has done a lot for the St Lucian community, from signing forms and documents to hosting events like this. He is a British JP and is very prominent in the East London community.Due to his commitment as a magistrate and JP, he is limited as to what he can and cannot say. But nevertheless, he is doing a splendid job for our community. He should be commended.An MBE is not enough. He should be made a life peer in the UK. A member of the House of Lords. He deserves this very prestigious honour.He is a loyal servant of the people.

    I have also heard about Mary Matthias and the sensational work that she is doing to help the needy and the poor. She too should be given an award for the marvellous and extraordinary work she is doing in the field of diabetes. St Lucia has produced two luminaries who have given so much in their selfless efforts to see others do well and to get well respectively.Hats off to them. Maybe the councilor should give Mary Matthias a donation to carry on with her good work. I am living outside of London and should be in the Big Orange next week. I will pop round to offer some support and solidarity to my St Lucian folks.
    In the meantime, I strongly urge Justine and his fraternity to keep up with the National day celebrations. Let's celebrate for St Lucia and our people in the diaspora. You are doing Good Sir. Nuff respect to you and your supportive wife and family.


  2. As A Matter Of fact, I will be there come next week. I have been attending this illustrious ceremony for the past 5 years and I do enjoy every moment of it. It gives me great pleasure to see the St Lucian flag being raised here in London. Newham is a diverse borough with many different nationalities. The area is populated with mainly Indians from the sub-continent.There is a significant number of Caribbean nationals thrown in among the mix.

    As a matter of courtesy, I would be grateful if Councillor Unmesh Desai refrains from giving the same speech that he has been giving for the past 2 years. People including myself are getting tired of his repeats. No one wants to hear about his "Cow dung" contest in India or him making his first million since migrating out of India. We have heard it all and don't want to hear about it anymore. Change the scratch record Councillor Desai and tell us something that we don't know. Put your money where your mouth is and make a contribution, a financial one that is to the people of St Lucia. They could do with it instead of repeating the same tiring speech. There are projects that need funding on the island.

    I go to this special event to celebrate my heritage and to meet with my people to engage in parlance about our lovely island. I don't go there to hear someone who isn't from St Lucia rattle on about his personal achievements. If he will talk about plans he has for St Lucia and how he can help with a few projects then, by all means, I am willing to listen and to take note - Otherwise, I'd be grateful if he commits himself to a new script.

    Mary Matthias has been doing a brilliant job in helping train nurses in the UK to treat diabetic patients back in St Lucia. She deserves an accolade for the great work that she is doing to help our people. I have time for Mary and will afford her my time for all the good work that she is doing on the island. Perhaps Councillor Desai could make a donation towards Mary's Diabetes charity. How about that instead of ranting on about this same rhetoric?

    Justin Moore deserves a knighthood for all the wonderful work that he is doing for the community at large. Like the Press Release said 'this event is his brainchild' He has been at the forefront for many years. He is a distinguished gentleman and I salute him for hosting this ceremony every year.He is a man of indomitable will and spirit.He has pledged his unflinching support and loyalty to St Lucia, not only by his words but by his deeds and action. He is a true St Lucia patriot even though he lives many miles away from his beloved island. His unwavering support for St Lucia continues unabated. He has followed in his parent's footsteps by becoming a man of the people. I knew his parents fairly well. Mr. Willy Mole his dad always reached out to the youths of Soufriere. His Mum Ms. Lucest took part in the annual Soufriere Carnival.She wore some colourful costumes which added much flavour to The period of merrymaking and feasting celebrated just before Lent back then when it was held.

    Mr. Moore, I wish you every success for the future and may this event continue to flourish and shine.You are a beacon of hope to many of us here in the British capital and beyond.Keep up with the marvelous work that you are doing. Arise Sir Justin Moore!


    • “Patriotism is not enough” (words of Edith Cavell) and being patriotic is not grounds for a knighthood!
      The Far Right raises and lowers flags and makes patriotic claims! Do they deserve knighthoods? Go on, wax lyrical!


      • I was arguing for a knighthood to be awarded to Justin Moore for his services to the community. The wonderful work that he is doing to help people.Most knighthoods are given to people who work their butts off to help their fellow man/woman. In other cases, they are given to fatcats who bankroll political parties. All three mainstream parties here in the UK do the honours after the loot has been transferred over to them. They go all out to make sure that their financiers in high places are peremptorily looked after irrespective of what the nonchalant British public thinks. Talking about corruption in high places.

        This gentleman has gone above and beyond to help his people and the community at large. He genuinely cares about the community that he is a part of. He is non-political as his job demands that he remains neutral for transparently obvious reasons.The patriotic angle goes without saying. Any man who is worth his salt and pepper is patriotic and will remain true to his country's cause.There is absolutely nothing wrong in expressing devotion to your country or the country that one calls home.

        The Far Right is a bunch of brainless thugs bent on spreading hatred of black people mainly. Their brand of imprudent politics belongs to the dark ages. The world has moved on from that time. We are living in the 21st century and our way of life has to correspond with the present time. These morons and nincompoops are using the flag to send out a message to us non-whites in this country to say that the Union Jack isn't ours. It was Paul Gilroy who once said that there isn't any black in the Union Jack.He was so right about this. The BAME community has been left out of this argument altogether. We are an inconsequential lot. To these morons and imbeciles, we will always remain insignificant and unimportant.

        That is why when leaders in the community like Justin Moore are making inroads and helping to break down barriers I say give him the highest and most prestigious award/honour there is for his hard graft. He is indefatigable and deserves to sit in the second chamber of parliament. If anyone deserves to be made a life peer it is Mr. Justin Moore. He is simply unassailable! How about Lord Moore of Redbridge?


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