St. Lucia’s National Day celebration in London “went well”

By Correspondent

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Guy Mayers (second from right) with Justin Moore (second from left) and wives.

The St. Lucian community raised it’s flag at Newham Townhall in London to mark the country’s National Day.

A sizeable crowd including public officials and the island’s High Commissioner gathered to commemorate the day on December 13.
Prominent activist and community JP, Justin Moore, who helped coordinate the event, said: “Everything went well. It is an important day for the St. Lucian community here in the UK. I look forward to this wonderful occasion every year.”
St. Lucia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Mr. Guy Mayers, used the ceremony as a platform to share the history and importance of this day and what it means to the St. Lucian community.
He called on citizens to integrate and to always remember their country.

“Some of you gathered in here today are citizens of Britain and also citizens of St. Lucia, and it’s good to know that you have not forgotten about St Lucia,” said Mayers, who maintained that his government is engaging the young people of the island with educational programmes and is working hard to cut crime and unemployment.

Guy Mayers (right) with Justin Moore.

Participants at the memorable flag-raising ceremony included St. Lucian educationist Dr. Ben Charles, Marcia Maximin, Mary Matthias of the St. Lucia Diabetic Club and councillor Lester Hudson who congratulated the people of St. Lucia and of Newham borough.
The event was also attended by nationals from other islands of the Caribbean.

“We welcome St. Lucians and friends of St. Lucia who are non-nationals to come celebrate with us this special occasion every year,” said Theresa Moore, wife of event organiser, Justin Moore.

“We are an umbrella organisation and we embrace all communities and welcome every participant to this special day (St Lucia’s National Day, Dec.13). It is an event to look forward to as we celebrate with St. Lucians and the community at large,” said Justin Moore who has kept this event going for the past nine years. “It is a wonderful time for us all.”
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  1. As-A-Matter-Of- fact

    As-A-Matter-Of-Fact the event went down well. It was very well received. The Townhall in Newham is currently under construction and the place on the outside where the flag would have been hoisted was covered with scaffolding. So the flag ceremony was held inside of the Townhall.
    The High commissioner gave a good speech and raised good positive points. Despite what they say about him here in London, he is a wonderful man full of charisma. He spoke well and made us all feel welcome.

    Justin Moore is such a lovely man full of character and decorum. He is amiable and affable and presented himself with aptness and great aplomb. His speech was all about the importance of St Lucia's national day and it's significance.I commend him for having the temerity to keep this event every year without fail. This is a momentous occasion for the St Lucian community to gather together and to reminisce about all things St Lucian.Hats off to Mr. Moore.

    The event was short and to the point.There were some lovely patties with cake and Caribbean bread. It was just what the doctor ordered.Dr. Ben Charles talked about historic symbols of St Lucia and not once did he mentioned the iconic Pitons. I am happy to know that the Asian councillor Desai who has been giving the same "cow dung and Millionaire" speech wasn't around. We need fresh input and nothing more.

    The flag ceremony went well and we should all look forward to it come next year. I think it is about time that Justin Moore is made a life Peer or offered a knighthood. He deserves it. Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn I hope you are reading this as well as the powers that be. I enjoyed every moment of the ceremony. Give the Gentleman a knighthood for all his good work in the community...or make him a life peer.That's all I am saying.Arise, Sir Justin Moore!

  2. It is not the St Lucia Diabetic Club, but St Lucia Diabetes Project (U.K.)

    • What is the difference? The person who wrote this article could easily have made a simple mistake and now you want to correct it. Good for you, but I don't think it's that important. Mistakes are made all the time.It's NO big deal. Why don't you write about the event since you were present? Make a meaningful contribution instead of inserting your authority by correcting a simple error.
      St Lucia diabetic club or St Lucia diabetic project - it does not matter. You are doing a good job helping people with this disease. Good luck with that! We would prefer if you would go further and comment on the actual event. I hope your project will be able to get some publicity as a result of this. It is the way advertising and marketing work these days. Any publicity is good publicity. Big Up!!! Next time say something more about your project.Let us know a bit more about what you do and how you do it so we can support you.Keep up the good works!

  3. It is amazing how National Day celebrations went well in the UK and back home in sweet Ste. Lucie, I am not aware of anything happening on the day in particular.

  4. Even Guy have our flag UPSIDE down sideways - maysay tings bad boy

    Engage and provide the Children of St Lucia (OUR FUTURE) with decent schools - REPAIR the school buildings - provide them with laptops

    Stop giving away our tax money to so called foreign investors if they're investors then let them bring their capital to invest - these monies could be used to repair the schools and provide laptops.


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