St. Lucia’s music educators celebrates Music Month

St. Lucia’s music educators celebrates Music Month

music_017PRESS RELEASE – The newly established Interim Executive of the St. Lucia Association of Music Educators (SLAME) despite its serious mandate to spearhead the revival of the organization, has seen it necessary to create public awareness of a series of events which will be occurring during the month of November in the Schools Calendar of Events.

The month of November is recognized as ‘Music Month’ and all schools including the Primary, Secondary and Special Education Schools celebrate by hosting various musical events at their respective schools.

The theme for ‘Music Month’ November 2015 is from the acronym MUSIC.

Music Unlocks Self – expression Intelligence Creativity

It is well known throughout St. Lucia that the Feast of St. Cecilia (Musicians Feast) is celebrated on the 22nd November of every year. However, St. Lucia’s music educators within the school system saw the need for an entire month of celebration as it creates an avenue to give credence and the necessary recognition to music education in our school system.

During the celebration of ‘Music Month’ the students are given the opportunity to perform, interact with performing musicians from the various communities and witness exhibitions of various musical instruments from the St. Lucian Folk Band and the Orchestra.

Students are also given opportunities in the classroom environment to listen to and appreciate local music including St. Lucian Folk Music, St. Lucian Calypso and Nation Building Songs. They are also made aware of the pioneers and great contributors to local music and given opportunities to listen to their musical works.

The Grand Finale event of the schools will be held around the closest school day to or just after St. Cecilia’s Day and schools around the island will be hosting concerts, karaoke shows/competitions etc. These events are also a means of showcasing the talent of students. The schools as usual will be extending invitations to musicians and bands from the various communities to perform and assist them with their events.

It should be noted that a significant national schools musical event under the management and direction of the CAMDU, Curriculum Officers for Music also commences during ‘Music Month’. This event is the preliminaries for the individual and group performers (Vocal and Instrumental) to participate in the National Schools Music Festival which will be taking place during the celebration of the Nobel Laureate Week of activities in January 2016.

The first District Preliminary Festival will be held on Monday, 09th November 2015 – District 3 Schools at the St. Joseph’s Convent and the final one will be held on Friday, 20th November 2015 – District 7 Schools (Venue to be announced). All School Districts will be hosting their own Preliminary District Music Festival.

The Interim Executive of SLAME would like to take this opportunity to make a special plea to all individual musicians and bands to assist the various schools located in their communities by demonstrating their willingness to perform for the students and at their respective school concerts. “Musicians should always maintain the awareness that the children are the future of St. Lucia’s music industry and by extension the sustenance of St. Lucian Culture and Heritage. “You should ensure that your knowledge and experience is passed on to the younger ones”.

The Interim Executive of SLAME would like to thank the CAMDU, Curriculum Officers for Music for their hard work and the guidance given to Music Teachers throughout the years.

Last but not least, SLAME would like to wish all students, parents, guardians and in particular all Musicians and Music Teachers a Happy Music Month, November 2015.


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