St. Lucia’s “Mega” defeats Martinique in Manche Du Challenge Des 10km Intersport

St. Lucia’s “Mega” defeats Martinique in Manche Du Challenge Des 10km Intersport

a15cd64e-5d14-4e05-8aba-6f3e90475491Michael Biscette was victorious in the recent Manche Du Challenge Des 10km Intersport, over in the neighbouring French overseas department of Martinique.

Running for Martinican club FR Fond-Nicolas in this the second edition of the ten-kilometre run, he stopped the clock in 34:50 to win over Tony Auster of Mairie Sportive by 15 seconds.

Biscette, also known as Mega Boost, was short of his personal-best mark of 34:15, but he declared himself well pleased with his efforts. “It was a nice course,with mostly flat and some inclines,” he explained. “I used the inclines to drop the other guys. By the first 2k,I was in control of the race, and I just kept on pushing the pace, until the end.

Mega credited Roadbusters coach, John Gaston, for teaching him techniques to deal with the winding route, which was not entirely to his liking. But he also pointed out that the race was held in the town where his club was founded, which – coupled with the cheering crowds – gave him the zeal to hold on to the lead.

Also running for FR Fond-Nicolas was Neville Dupre, a member of the Mercury Track Club in Saint Lucia. Dupre finished fifth in 35:54, from a field of well over 75 runners. After the race, Mega thanked and congratulated his teammates and supporters.

“Thank God and all the people who supported me on another 10k win,” he said. “Congratulations to Neville and to Gregory from FR-Nicolas, crossing in as the first place male junior. I ask the Almighty to bless us all,of FR-Nicolas. Big up to us all of FR-Nicolas Martinque,who participated and supported.”


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  1. Congrats bro. Its always great when you perform at your best and continue to give it your all. Bring home the gold medals. Thanks to your coach who has always had faith in you and the continued support from your team & family. We are all proud of you. Congrats again.


  2. Yes Michael show them we have other athletes that perform great as well. Its not the cricketers alone that deserve to be in the spot light.


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