St. Lucia’s first homicide victim identified

St. Lucia’s first homicide victim identified
Jeremy St. Martin
Jeremy St. Martin

The young man who was fatally shot this morning (Jan. 6) in the town of Gros Islet has been identified.

According to reliable sources, the dead man is 21-year-old Jeremy St. Martin, also known as Jay.

Reports are that the shooting occurred around 3:30 a.m.

This is St. Lucia’s first homicide for the new year.

St. Martin was a former student of Vide Boutielle Secondary School.


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  1. So what are you'll saying it's ok in St.Lucia to start murdering people? Wow such ignorance unbelievable. We as a nation better start working to find a solution for this plague on our Island or else we will have more bodies to bury. It's sad my island youngsters has lost all the zeal of life.


  2. to get it right judgement Is gods own we are not to judge others there is no lie about that this man is dead you and i do not know why god knows why but in times like that we need to pray for the family remember it can be our children father brother our neibhour people lets not bring the family down we never know and will never know thank god it is not us and pray for the family


  3. ... all dem fofo a-- lucians playing gang like instead u niggas get out from the gehttos u bitches make it bigger smh yall be playing that gang like where am from if some one has a beef with u your whole family and inlaw and your in laws , in laws are dead to us so just relax and enjoy what u guys have and dont look for what will brinh u pain and turmoil . am begging u niggas stop now or u will be stop.


  4. its sad a young man had to loose his life in such a way. but remember the saying you live by the gun you die by the gun. despite how we see it, an eye for an eye still exist. so there will reach the point where those unfortunate things happen. RIP bro.


    • Sorry but what make you think all St.Lucian are retarded? Is it because you attend school on Sundays and there was no class? Go away get out of here and take your lack of intelligence with you idiot.


  5. Boy when someone die some ppl have the worst to say yes it is freedom of speach but remember those dead ppl have family in sorrow no matter how bad the person can be on the streets but they to can be the most loveing person to his love ones it breakes my heart to read so much insulting comments I don't know him but he is human and someone child


  6. Lucianboi i really like your perspective. Most of the respondants are just reply based on emotion and indoctrination they have been fed. Further more i have never seen a christian. Everyone or the so-called christians do worse than any bullet can ever do.. They lie cheat and all the evils yet they want to categorize sin. Sin is sin. We are our own judge...No need to conform to any of the man made laws set out by a bunch of fat pigs who seat on their high horses and dictate the fate of inidviduals.. Fuck police, Judges and the like....If someone rolls ill definitely retaliate......


  7. No takes judgement Into their hands get ur facts right foolish RIP JAY ????MAY UR SOUL REST IN PERFECT PIECE??????


  8. Really Saint Lucia ... You Just Had To Be The First Country To Have The First 2017 Death ..Such A Shame


    • I noticed you have traveled the entire earth for the 1st of January 2017 in one day...sorry you have read the world news paper as well to make the BULLS..T comment.


    • Jamaica has had 27 murders for 2017 so what are you talking about. I am not here applauding criminality but get your facts straight.


    • U are so stupid with your comment
      Trinidad alreAdy has over 3, Dominica has one ......getbypu statistic right before opening your mouth.


    • I can't believe what this fool just comment!! Really what can we do about crime nothing can we predict when it will happen no, what time no, what year fool NO!!! I can't understand how people can b so ignorant!!


    • Get your facts right Sir. Trinidad is already up to seven. Three dead with four others in critical condition when gunmen open fire at a birthday party. They also recorded 462 murders in 2016.


    • You confuse saint Lucia not the first country to have a homicide get ur facts correct Palo go do some research choops tun


  9. Good job guys, another one off the street. Now his friends will retaliate, hopefully at that time you all kill each other off so folks could feel safe again.


    • You would be an idiot to justify death to anyone. Do you know who his friends are? They may very well be your children or relatives. Nobody deserves death at the hands of another. I guess when Cain killed Abel back in biblical times it had nothing to do with you. All murder is wrong fool.


    • When one murder happens the sympathizers can never be killed off. There are always people who will feel disheartened by a family member being killed. So when you advocate for revenge, where will it end? Some of us make statements without even thinking of what we are saying.


    • Only God alone that can cast judgement on all of us.All of us have black stains,All of us have children(sons),so don't rejoice on someone else's death cuz we our selves don't know where we might end up.Stupid set a people.

      Jay Jay R.I.P Cocoboy U will surely be missed by me ? I Will Never Forget The Days When I Was Sad You Made Me Happy ?? May You Rest In Peace Cocoboy.....Waking Up And That's The First Thing Am Hearing ????????


      • This foolishness about ONLY God can cast judgment is pure bull crap and not biblically accurate either. I have noticed that the people who are using this foolish LIE do it often when they are aware of their own wrong and refuse to address it positively, or wish to remain in their darkness. Come into the light people. God Himself has encouraged us to test/judge the spirits to know whether they are of God or of the Devil. Human beings are spirits too. We judge who we should take into our lives and who to bar. Just be aware that the same criteria that you use to judge others will be used to judge you, but you are FREE to judge. God however will be the final judge, jury and executioner/rewarder, but that does not mean no one else can judge.


    • only an a--hole would make such a statement. its fools like u that give st lucians a bad name. if u eh have nun good to say keep ur a-- shut. u just became fifty times stupider for saying such a thing


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