St. Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program ranked second to last in the world by Henley and Partners

St. Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program ranked second to last in the world by Henley and Partners

passports_0St. Lucia’s Citizen by Investment Program was ranked second to last out of a list of countries by immigration advisory firm Henley and Partners.

The island only ranked better than Dominica who was at the bottom of the table while Malta was ranked as first for the second year in a row.

Henley and Partners is a research firm that publishes reports on citizenship schemes worldwide.

Earlier last month Managing Partner of the firm, Dr. Juerg Steffen, criticized certain aspects of the program.

The Citizenship by Investment Board responded to the criticisms in a release soon after.

The Citizenship by Investment Program is a scheme launched by the Government of St. Lucia that will allow individuals who fits certain criteria to become citizens by investing in the country.


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  1. I don't care what "Henley" says.
    But, I never wanted this "CIP" for our nation.
    It is an Embarrassment, really.


  2. Well its probaby good news.... that CIP program would have put is in more misery... the entire government system needs to be changed both parties need to be replaced if any good has to become of this country


  3. Is this not very funny? The rating company loves Saint Lucia a little better than Dominica.


  4. Time to ship out ALL those SLP comedians with their cascades of just empty election promises, promises, and promises. Clean slate.

    'Birdie, birdie, dry my slate.' We need a fresh start.

    Sweep the whole darn House clean of all these highly educated BS-ing idiots. These greying children doh know bull foot from bull cow about international finance. Therefore, why are they messing with what they very clearly don't the first darn thing about? Why?


  5. It does not matter how this is really received by the government of the day. The real substantive impact will be on the investor community worldwide. No unicorns will be coming our way any time soon; we do not have either the financial, economic infrastructure, nor economic infrastructure to grow, attract or nurture any such business.

    We in these parts do not pay any attention to psychology and communication intelligence. Therefore, besides this, just look at the expression on the faces of the excited "entrepreneurs" in the "Choiseul Declaration" for their nebulous so-called 5-star hotel. Doesn't the emotional expressions on their faces inspire great confidence in the future of that election promise? Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. "That election project".


  6. ha!ha!ha! we must think that the people outside st lucia stupid. the people realise who is at the helm of this already and the dirt track left behind in diplomatic bobol, you think they will ever trust those people?


  7. That CIP crap has to be removed. Everything and everyone associated with it would need a "bain mygo."


  8. St.Lucias, entry into the CIP is an example of monkey see monkey do. Instead of creating innovative economic development strategies we merely copy what's has been done by other regional governments..
    There are those who indicated that CIP was the new golden calf , well time will tell though I feel that horse has bolted.


  9. let me get this straight, tax payers money was used to pay a group of "intellects" led by Dr. Vaughan Lewis to carry out expensive research, sorry I meant extensive research. They basically reassured the St. Lucian Public that since we were one of the last to implement this programme, that there is very little we can do wrong, because we would have learnt from the other countries mistakes.

    first Kenny Anthony and Earnest allegedly screw it up from the word go, with Juffali. and now this is the review we get. is this some sick joke being played on the people of St. Lucia by our Elected officials? Well guess what election time is where we get even!!!!


  10. CIP board, another clique of political appointees with a mix of carnival people.
    You all had fool st. Lucians but try as much spin as you may you all cannot spin on the experts.
    The things in the dark now coming to light very early. Earlier than you all thought


  11. So what who cares because no one is yet to give us an account of money spent or received, we are waiting for transparency. Then again another Budget has just passed and no one asked about the financial statements which have not been produced in over nine years. The lower we are ranked the less the undesirables will want our passport to sully our lucian name/brand.


  12. Have some sense fellow Lucians if the managing director of that firm is at loggerhead with those managing the program here what kind of rating you think we will get? TOM DRUNK BUT TOM IS NO FOOL. LOL


  13. Maybe Henley should sate whether the statement from CIP is accurate. If they are rating us low because they didn't get what they want then I can't believe anything they say.


  14. WAIT...WHAT!?! Why is this even being posted as news??? First of all, Henley and Partners sells CIP consultancy services to countries around. This fact alone invalidates this ''report'' on the grounds of sheer bias!

    Secondly, what criteria is the ranking based on? Is it based on how much money each country pays to Henley and Partners? Or which countries give Henley and Partners the job? Or is it based on more relevant criteria?

    Thirdly, can a source link to the original article be posted? Is it (as I suspect) a report which has to be paid for?(which raises further questions!)

    There are too many issues with this report for it to be even taken seriously.

    Reel and come again!


  15. This is what happens when a gov't is not innovative and copies what other countries are doing.

    A visionless bunch of doctors and theorists is what passes for gov't in our country - Lord, Lord please help us.


  16. Kenny and his cohorts have done it again. This program has been trash from the onset. Just looking at the staffers would lead one to surmise that these fools knew not what they were doing. A pack of rampant liars continuing to lead us down the road to the death trap. This program is the birthing house for much scandal and diabolical scheming. Much of our pristine lands will be lost to greedy millionaires. I am so sick of these bastards.


  17. Wait for it, wait for it

    SLP will be sending out a press release indicating that Allen Chastanet has some part to play in this.


  18. Put out press release after press release if you may but it doesn't change the fact that the programme is not doing well... Did we really think this through before we launched of was this just some "pixie dust" to bedazzle some?


  19. Idid not expect ant better ranking, all I can predict the next time it will definitely be last


  20. The experts have said that we are not quite ready for the big time.
    It is most advisable that we wait, while more study is done and
    recommendations are presented as a brief before this thing is given
    the final o.k. like it or not, we should not rush in like fools, and made
    to be sorry later. Too many trials and errors of the past have cost us
    'big time' and we should not try the same things over and over again.
    Let us for once learn from our mistakes. Give it time, we'll get there.


    • You guys just keep talking. Henley was given the contract to setup the cip. Henley wanted exclusive marketing rights, slu offered the rights to three players, two accepted and Henley rejected. Henley had a hand in the formation of the programme. I am of the view someone did not live up to what was promised to henley. The cip is here to stay irrespective of which party is in power.


    • If you leave the same system in place to allow idiots to allow other idiots like themselves to dictate the creation of more tomfoolery and crap like CIP, then blame yourself. Whether or not they have a hoh-toe-toe number of degrees, I ehn voting more no one who is more idiot than me. No. Mm, mn! Uhn, Uhn. Never. Ba-bye idiots.

      I will take your $100 bills. I will drink your beer. I will eat your chicken. But no vote. Ba-bye!


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