UPDATED: Young St. Lucian’s model career takes flight

UPDATED: Young St. Lucian’s model career takes flight
Brittany on the runway at Labo Ethnik in Paris, France on May 22nd, 2014. Wearing Lisi Liu (left); Aardaza (center); and Franck Sorbier (right) Photos by Frédéric Bukajlo

A trip to France for rising St. Lucian model Brittany Noon to participate in a fashion trade show has won her a modelling contract with Metropolitan Models of Paris, France.

Noon made her international debut there, having the honour of opening and closing the runway at the Labo Ethnik Fashion Trade Show in Paris on May 22.

The opportunity came through for Brittany owing to the artistic and casting director of the event, Saint Lucian-Parisian fashion celebrity Vincent Mc Doom, who grew up with Brittany’s father.

“She is everything that’s new and fresh in modelling and compares to Christy Turlington and Giselle Bundchen. What’s hot about Brittany is that no one can place where she’s from and that’s the beauty of the St Lucian in her… I am extremely proud to have been the one to discover her,” McDoom said, as reported in The Bahamas Weekly.

She is already booked for Paris high fashion show castings in June through the Metropolitan agency.

McDoom will tutor and mentor her, as well as provide counsel to her parents.

“It’s an honour for me to become her  ‘fashion godfather’,” he noted.

Noon, who started modeling at 14 years old, lives with her parents, Carole and Domnic in Antigua, and attends the Christ the King High School in that country.

She considers that her dreams are taking flight – and even much quicker than expected. She would like to make modelling a career upon completing school.

St. Lucian models including Tarah Edwards, Tangie Butcher, and Ed Richards of Divine Models Agency in St. Lucia were also featured at the Labo Ethnik Trade Show.



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  1. St.Lucian's still have the frightened slave mentally unlike the other islands. Its such a shame as they are beautiful people at heart. But we are too afraid to stand for our rights,make a stand or to step out of our Comfort zone. Broaden your minds st.lucian.s....we communication, understanding and trust the world is our oysters. Follow your dreams st. Lucian's. Good luck Brittany. Well done.!!!


  2. Thanks to an overseas-based Saint Lucian, more doors are opening. For far too long those on island have discriminated against and worshipped the 'come-here' who have openly been hostile to, and have even legislated against our own born and bred living overseas. Political self-interest being the main driver of this. Most have pathetically accepted this nonsense and insult.

    This, therefore is a terrific learning point for all our spineless low-minded buffoons and the political hacks in our midst. Because overseas Saint Lucians ask for better and more, trying to shake up things, those who have adjusted by just eking out a living by playing the musical chairs controlled by ignorant county-bookey politicians, they have remained hostile. There is price to be paid for this foolishness. Look round and read the writing on the wall.


  3. Congratulations Brittany, you look amazing. The positive people in St.Lucia are happy for you.


  4. Sky's the limit, Brittany...you wear that unique Lucian smile proudly! And thanks McDoom for not forgetting your roots, you've defied the 'crab in a barrel' label, now if only more Lucians would follow your lead...especially the Diaspora. Our mother Helen must be proud of you.


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