St. Lucians to pay more on their water bill next month

St. Lucians to pay more on their water bill next month

The National Water and Sewerage Commission has announced the new tariff for water and sewage for the Water and Sewage Company (WASCO).

The new tariff takes effect during the next billing cycle and applies until the end of the triennial period (September 2012 to August 2015).

The water rate increases by 66.15 percent with 10.43 percent allocated for the dredging of the John Compton Dam.

Despite WASCO’s application for a 140.30 percent sewage rate hike, the commission has granted the utility a 55.72 percent increase.

Executive Director of the Commission, Kelly Joseph, said this is by no means a blank check and there are stipulations.

Joseph said the commission has also requested WASCO delineate the dredging fee as a separate line item on the water bill in the interest of transparency and documentary evidence when the regulatory body reviews the fee at the end of the triennial.

WASCO General Manager John Joseph meanwhile said the water company is cognizant of its responsibility to improve the quality and delivery of service.


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  1. i really don't agree that the citizens are the ones who has to flip the bills for wasco's retrenching. It is just rediculous that a company can't run their organization efficiently and wastes it's resourses on a daily basis. you see four employees on a van coming to fix one pipe while the other three either sleeping or just running their mouths! They drive the vehicles like they don't give a darm. Wasco needs to wake up and stop making the hard working people of this country pay for their mistakes. Things are so hard and it seems like there's not gonna be any relieve on the backs of the poor man


  2. In those difficult times you mean a commission can grant WASCO an increase? Why don't they xamine the books and operations of wasco first to see unnecessay xpenses, wastages, overstaffing, receivables,etc...etc...etc. In my mind this commission is a waste of time!


  3. Bullshit!! When will WASCO drivers stop driving the company vehicles at night, wasting gas? They might be using it to lay pipe, but not the kind of pipe to bring people water. All this is WASTE, FRAUD & ABUSE.


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