St. Lucians indicted in connection with murder of Brooklyn landlord

St. Lucians indicted in connection with murder of Brooklyn landlord

image_w504JAMAICA OBSERVER – Three St Lucians were indicted on Wednesday in connection with the 2014 abduction and murder of Menachem Stark, a landlord from Brooklyn.

Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said a 38-year-old St Lucian man, who lives in Brooklyn, has been indicted for murder and kidnapping, while he and two of his compatriot co-defendants have also been indicted for conspiracy.

The defendants have been identified as Erskin Felix, 38, and his brother, Kendall Felix, 28, both of Crown Heights, Brooklyn; and cousin Irvine Henry, 35, also of Crown Heights.

Erskin Felix allegedly grabbed Stark during the winter blizzard.

A jury has already convicted Kendel Felix, of first-degree kidnapping and second-degree murder in the case. He is awaiting sentencing and faces up to 25 years to life in prison.



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  1. Its at first unbelieveable to see someone you went to school with for years and years agreeing to plot something like this...but not only plot it....disposing of a body.....he confessed.....but to every action there is a consequence....a life is gone for material one can console this family but a nation we are facing the judgmental eyes of the world....makes me cry why oh why is our youth from st lucia both here and abroad making these decisions which end their lives....this is why "for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against, spiritual wickedness and rulers of darkness"...My sweet St Lucia go back to your praying ways...all I see is partying and giving value to things that are not spirit filled


  2. St Lucians have become big time criminals all over the world - In England, Canada, Martinique, America.

    Lucians - aren't you all ashamed. These people have st lucians looking like criminals.

    Good - let him serve his time. If you are a criminal no need to be on the streets no matter where.


  3. Lucian or not. It does not matter whether they carry red or blue passport.. Thou shall not kill, thou shall not kidnap...


  4. There is one reason why we don't condone evil. One reason why we condemn such criminal acts. and perhaps one reason why we dis-own criminals. We are a well spirited nation. People of a communal society and very patriotic. Therefore, any CRIMINAL act bearing our name will raise a red flag not only to the world but to us patriotic ST.LUCIANS because it does not represent us as a people.


  5. St.Lucian or not, you do the crime you pay the price.They think that the system in the U.S. would not find them, this is not St.Lucia.Think before you act young men, you guys it's a shame you ruin your lives.


  6. It looks as though the name St. Lucia is once again getting a black eye by some bums
    living in Brooklyn. None should Argue the fact that the guys are St. Lucian born or not.
    It's not good for us at a time such as this to try to swim against the tide. I wish very much
    that head ling news such as this one is not doing our Tourist business any good. Stop it.


  7. Very correct..oh yes they are Saint Lucians. Nationality is where you were born not where you live or how you became.

    Good for them. Hope they get what's is deserving of them. Cruel no Brainers.


  8. The guys are not St. Lucians they are St. Lucian born. They are Americans. Are they not citizens who live and work there?


    • No they are Lucian born with current Lucian passports. Ya'll quick to ride a bandwagon when it might make ya'll look good, but when the truth shows you in a bad light then you pretend it does not belong to you? Yes some lucians are criminals. These ones are murderers and they too reflect the St. Lucian identity for good or for bad. They straight out of Praslin and the Dennery Valley, Derniere Riviere. Doh run.


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