St. Lucians busted for large amount of cocaine – again

St. Lucians busted for large amount of cocaine – again
* File photo (not of actual drug bust in article below)
* File photo (not of actual drug bust in article below)

Two St. Lucian men face 10 years in French prison after they were caught with four bales of cocaine at sea earlier this week, according to Martinique 1ère.

Public Prosecutor in Martinique Renaud Gaudeul said the St. Lucians, ages 36 and 51, were arrested on Monday, November 20 after they were caught in international waters between St. Lucia and Martinique during an operation by the Navy’s surveillance frigate, “Le Ventose”.

The two men were aboard a go fast speedboat.

“The boat, equipped with an outboard motor, was still on its way at the sight of the Navy helicopter. The two occupants got rid of the bales [of drugs] overboard to be recovered [later]… The boat was stopped at 2:37 a.m. as a result of warning shots to the front of the go fast,” the prosecutor said.

The four recovered bales contained a total of 72 kilograms of cocaine, the prosecutor said.

The St. Lucians were referred to the prosecutor of the Specialized Interregional Jurisdiction of Fort-de-France on Thursday, November 23.

After their indictment, the men were remanded in custody.


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  1. To all drug dealers out there: the world wasn't built in one day so don't try to get rich fast... get you a damn JOB and make it happen.


  2. You'll like to criticize people to much,and when you'll know they come from laba with the drugs money like to flise, some of you'll well want the drug Barron men,forvyoull to put gold all over you'll A,ss,and when they arrest,them you'll talking Shiite,some of you'll have children,pray for them instead and stop talking shate if you'll don't have anything to say.


  3. I was assaulted by a guy on cocaine, it causes all sorts of mental problems, including aggression. Well done French Authorities glad you caught the low lifes.


    • You are a complete idiot to make such a dumb remark. The side effects of cocaine is common knowledge, except to you who thinks one has to be a dealer to know the side effects....


  4. The son of a bitch them with that Cocaine hard drugs,turning people into jumbies and rapist,and murderers name it,they hight on that Shine Noah,and old people saying is Marijuana,and mixing cocktails weed abd coke together and ecstacy pills and crack cocaine and even mf beedies.They all ways carrying drugs like mules donkeys,well you'll will learn,youll would be getting close to you'll women again.


    • Drugs don't turn people into jumbies, people turn themselves. In this world people sell al kinds of dangerous goods it is always up to the consumer to decide. I am sure that those who are selling don't indulge. We have many merchants in St. Lucia poisoning the youth of our country with among others white rum. A young man passed out on Saturday morning in front of a rumshop and never recovered even when picked up by the ambulance. I wish it was white rum leaving our shores bound for another destination, the few jumbies we have is enough.

      We must be careful what we say and how we malign our own citizens while our own society either casts a blind eye on things that are just as dangerous or ignores the bad behavior of other citizens. Politicians and officials have long been accused of embezzling or misappropriating public funds. Should we ignore this greater crime of depriving the country of funds and its people of opportunity or should we let the practice remain popular stealing from ourselves?

      If we have to stop cocaine then we have to stop corruption. Don't make cocaine a target because another country prohibits it but because we think its bad for our society. If both are bad then they should be policed and prosecuted equally. In the meantime be good to each other and DONT BE A HIPPOCRITE.


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