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St. Lucians advised to stay hydrated, avoid excess alcohol intake and use “general commonsense” this carnival

By Ministry of Health

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Dr. Sharon Belmar George – Medical Officer of Health

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Ministry of Health is advising the public on a number of health-related measures to reduce the possible negative health implication during and after the carnival season.

Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health Dr. Sharon Belmar-George said avoiding dehydration is of paramount importance.

“Quite a few of the carnival activities occur during the peak hours when the sun is most intense for example the junior carnival band and also the parade of the band for adults. We would like to advice the public to ensure that they use sunblock or sunscreen to protect their skin during those activities and also to ensure that they drink enough water to reduce dehydration.”

Dr. Belmar-George added that alcohol consumption can also lead to dehydration and other negative implications. Therefore, the Ministry of Health is advising persons who consume alcohol, to consume it responsibly.

“We would also like persons to avoid the excessive intake of alcohol during the period. We know it’s a time when persons come out to enjoy themselves but apart from the fact that alcohol increases the possibilities of dehydration it also increases the possibilities of injuries as persons may end up falling down and also violence when persons who are intoxicated tend to react and we also note an increase in vehicular accidents during that period and also road fatalities. At our Secondary Healthcare facilities we normally prepare for the carnival season because we suspend elective surgery and we also ensure we have increased staffing to accommodate the increase numbers of persons who come in with injuries during this period. However, we have limitations in terms of the ICU beds at our hospital so we advise the public to take measures to reduce the load that we note during the carnival season and prevention is always better than cure.”

Dr. Belmar-George also had some helpful words of advice to diabetics.

“We also ask persons to safe guard their feet as well. We get increases in toenail removal after the carnival season especially for diabetics who may have issues with healing of wounds. We ask persons to ensure proper footwear is used if they are going to be jumping on the road to reduce the injuries on their feet and to ensure that they take proper care of their feet at this time.

The Ministry of Health is asking persons to take general commonsense measures due to late night activities. Persons should ensure they walk in groups and be mindful of where they are parked.

The Ministry of Health wishes the public a safe, enjoyable and accident – free carnival.

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  1. " General common sense" Thats gonna be a hard one. Given that half of them forfeited their commitments to their children to spend thousands on a costume, party tickets and alcohol.


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