St Lucian young people tell the entire world “save our oceans”

St Lucian young people tell the entire world “save our oceans”

(PRESS RELEASE) – On Sunday August 20th, the Ocean Generation Project, in conjunction with the Education Ministry of St Lucia, proudly graduates 60 young people from a technology and innovation summer school held in Micoud.

Working at the local secondary school and community access ICT centre, the Ocean Generation Project – a non-forprofit organisation funded by UNOPS – provided the technological support and training to empower 60 young people to make world-class documentaries about ocean health.

The young participants, aged from 7-17 years old, were supported to make documentaries about ocean conservation addressing topics as critical as plastic pollution on beaches and contamination in fish, in formats as diverse as actionmovies and ‘how to’ documentaries.

Daisy Kendrick, director of the project on the ground, said “it was absolutely amazing seeing these young St Lucians tell their stories, through their own eyes, about why the oceans are so important. No one could tell this story more powerfully than these incredible young people. They will really change the tone of the global debate about ocean conservation.”

The short films, all produced edited and starring local young people, will be promoted by the Ocean Generation Project on youtube, social media and across UNOPS networks.


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