St. Lucian women busted with cocaine in vaginas plead guilty and sentenced to prison

St. Lucian women busted with cocaine in vaginas plead guilty and sentenced to prison


NEWS SOURCE (GUYANA) – The two St. Lucian women who were busted with cocaine in their vaginas at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on Wednesday have pleaded guilty to the drug trafficking charges and will not be heading home for the holidays.

The two women, 43-year-old Andree Willy and 38-year-old Chermisa Wheeler appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court this morning and both entered a guilty plea when the charges were read to them by Magistrate Judy Latchman.

Wheeler has been sentenced to 48 months in jail and fined G$79,200 for her attempt to ferry out just over 3 ounces of cocaine while the other St. Lucian was sentenced to 50 months in jail and fined G$268,200 for her efforts to traffic 10 ounces of cocaine through the Cheddi Jagan Airport.

The two women faced separate charges and became emotional as the charges were read to them and the Magistrate delivered the sentences.

The court was told by the Prosecutor that the women were departing passengers at Guyana’s Cheddi Jagan International Airport when agents of the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit noticed them behaving in a suspicious manner as they approached the airport security scanner.

The women were searched and the cocaine was found stashed in their vaginas wrapped up in plastic measuring up to eight inches long.

The two arrived in Guyana last week for a vacation. Investigators are still probing other leads in the case with regard to persons that the two may have met during their Guyana vacation.



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  1. when all the theifs n rapist doing what they want youll cant publisize them put the poor ladies did their job youll dont know why but youll talkin shit theyre grown ass women so please


  2. When will these women learn? No matter where u hide drugs u will be caught. The bucket bottom drop off right, now its up to u all to finger out how stupid u were to tru a shit like this. Its 2015 my peoples when will all learn a thing or 2 about a thing or 2 mama lol Christmas in jail.. lol.
    Live and learn and then what????????


  3. Meh.. I don't care about drug offenses. I won't judge these ladies for doing what they did. Happens. Wishing them the best.


  4. I guess it was a fast money can't blame her but she get cought,I feel bad for your ladies,I don't know your situation so I will not judge well


  5. This is the SECOND time for the woman on the left. She spent 7 years in a UK jail for transporting drugs. She CAN find work. She CHOOSES not to. She had a job (I know that, I worked there) and constantly boasted about her hundreds of shoes and bags and trips to here and there and that she didnt need to work. Dont feel sorry, feel disgust over them.


  6. Why Chemisa? Whats about your Kids your Mum and other family's you can to London not long ago you get caught with Cocaine. You had time to think about what you did. You are so Stupid, why you stock Cocaine up your †***? Merry Christmas have a wonderful send off enjoy your time.


  7. You people like to blame and shame people without even recognising or evaluating their circumstances. I say Woe to the defamatory lips because every dog has their day and everyone has their day of reckoning. They may have transgressed the law (which is not a wise idea) but were not doing anything to infringe on the rights of anybody. At least they didn't show up at your house to rob you.


    • Really? How would you feel if your children got hooked on that shit? Turning jombie and roaming the streets like a dog? That's the ripple effect of that shit!


    • ????? just so you waste your time to write that nonsense. "They didn't show up at your house to rob you?" Where you come from? Let me ask you , if they were successful and the same cocaine they
      transported was sold to say one of your family members , would you vomit the same nonsense in your post. If you knew the cocaine they transported was responsible for the thief breaking an entering into someone's home because he wanted to sell something to get a quick fix you think you would spew that garbage ?


  8. Lol at Weldon......chermissa is William maybe since she is married its wheeler lol...smh oh lard hav merci


  9. All u juss commenting,url ehh even checking di ppl's name..WILLY &WHEELER......WOW !!!! Seems like a scene from a scarface movie.


    • Also, the surnames don't sound St.Lucian. We either have French surnames or some popular English ones. Neither way, they might hold Lucian passports.


  10. Chermissa has been caught and jailed in England with cocaine in her wig...this time is poom poom smh greedy girl.poor children


  11. Chermissa has been caught and jailed in England with cocaine in her wig...this time is poom poom smh greedy girl.poor children


  12. Was it worth ladies. Losing 4 yrs of freedom,4 yrs away from your kids and family, Christmas right around the corner kids have to spend it without you. Just sad how some parents are so selfish and greedy and only think of themselves and money and not the consequences of their actions and how it may affect their kids.


      • I agree, but; I think the kids will be better off without that sort of influence around them. It is only people like them who don't care about the impact on Society and the Family that support such behaviour. Poor children have to suffer the embarrassment, but a good lesson for them not to follow in the parents footsteps.


  13. Wahhhh it dread but I ain't mad at y'all, things hard in the country , u try a shot n it eh work. Sa feb big urself for trying cuz y'all braver than me!!


  14. Chemisa should be banned from obtaining a travel document. You tried that before in England and got busted , give up. You have kids. You too greedy.


  15. You stupid women; not at the G there are other places
    deeper than 8 inches, they will not want to go there
    and neither would I.


  16. Well if you do the crime, you have to do the time. But you have to wonder what quality of legal representation they had, if any. 4 years for 3 ounces of cocaine? And considering they pleaded guilty. People have been known to get less than that for manslaughter.


    • Obviously these were not Corrupt Human Rights social working Judges. BUT rather Judges who enforced the Law of the Land and applied the appropriate sentences.