St. Lucian woman’s advocacy group featured in New York Times

By SNO Staff
Mathurin at work.

Mathurin at work.

Alene Mathurin’s My Nanny Circle, a group focusing on the training and empowering of caregivers, was featured in The New York Times yesterday, Feb. 16.

Mathurin held a seminar last Saturday in Midtown, which, according to the newspaper, covered topics like early-childhood development, résumé building and mental health.

About 90 nannies attended, according to the report.

My Nanny Circle was described as a non-political “grass-roots group” .

“There is nobility in the nanny profession,” Mathurin told The Times. “The biggest problem I see is that we have a society that doesn’t value nannies, even though they supply the most important, valuable service: caring for children.”

According to the publication, Mathurin hosts Facebook Live sessions twice weekly on topics such as year-end bonuses and embracing forgiveness. The group’s Facebook page has over 1,500 members.

Mathurin is a family and caregiver coach and selfe-mployed writer who studied psychology and cognitive neuroscience at Rutgers University–Newark, according to her Facebook profile.


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  1. That is truly awesome,keep working hard.By the way you are gorgeous.

  2. Alene you continue to make me as a friend and your community and country proud. Forever you friend.....forever your fan.... Jan you Rosebud and so very proud of you! Aim, Reach and Soar Lene !

  3. This is fantastic news and well deserved, it's great to get recognition for something positive given the often lack of services for children.

  4. This is so amazing!! Im so very proud of her and the work that she is doing. We are proud as a nation.....someone is in the news for a good and satisfying reason!!


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