St. Lucian woman charged for smuggling cocaine into the UK

St. Lucian woman charged for smuggling cocaine into the UK
Gatwick Airport
Gatwick Airport

PRESS RELEASE – A woman from St Lucia has been charged with drug smuggling after Border Force officers at Gatwick Airport seized a quantity of class A drugs.

Tadia Clements, aged 22, was stopped after she arrived on a flight from St Lucia on 5 September.

Following searches, officers recovered around 340g of cocaine – tests are now being carried out to determine the purity and value of the drugs.

Clements was arrested by Border Force and later questioned by investigators from the National Crime Agency’s Border Policing Command and charged with attempting to import a class A drug.

On 18 September Clements appeared at Croydon Crown Court and was remanded in custody until her next appearance there on 30 October

Carole Upshall, Border Force regional director, said:

“Border Force officers like those who made this seizure play a crucial role in protecting the UK from illegal drugs and other contraband.

“Working with law enforcement colleagues including the NCA we are determined to do all we can to prevent drug trafficking and put those responsible behind bars.”


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  1. This is a sad story to ready because things like this make it 10x hander for St Lucia to travel to England. Yes the people who are supplying are still out there but until St Lucian tell the drugs lords to carry there own drugs this will not stop.
    Stop carrying drugs for people because they will not look after your family when your away.


  2. What could be her reason for transporting a control substance to a foreign country? Her is a real dam ass. Being a drug mule do sent pay. These drug lords uses these young people who don't what to work. They put their freedom at risks just to buy expensive material things. Now her ass is lock up, who knows how long she will remain in jail, for what some Lucian young women are too vicious. A good number of them know more than you think regarding murders on the island. They should make an example out of her in the UK. These salop s just giving Lucia a bad rap.
    50 years and after deport her ass back to St.Lucia.
    I Don't Care What Situation YOU Are in, That Doesn't Give U Any Right To Smuggler Drugs IN The People Close. Jah


  3. Those idiots always making it hard for other ppl but then again with our youth of 40% almost 30% unemployed what will happen at such a young age smh !!!


  4. Every body Blaming Kenny for the state of the Economy.......(and before people say i'm a party hack......I have never and will never support or vote for the Labor Party or any other Political affiliation for that matter.....they are all the same and none of them have proven me wrong so far)......some St. Lucians need to get up off their lazy asses and do something for themselves....they just want to sit at their home or by the road and scratch their ass and expect everything to come to them (always looking for a hand out, or a favor from whichever political party they claim to support) don't have to depend on the government for everything....(Yes the government is a representative on behalf of the people but 99.999% of the time I see them operating like it's themselves alone that are being represented and the peoples voices are not hears.....we as a people need to take a stand and show the people we have put into power that we are the ones with the power and not them they are the ones who are supposed to serve us not the other way around....any way that's for another show) the government is not responsible for coming and drag your ass out of your house and give you a job, or hand you food or money....we need to use our own intuition and create some form of income for ourselves (and no it does not have to be illegal) there are so many other things that we as individuals can do to make a living for ourselves but because of foolish pride these same people who are sitting there blaming the government for everything refuse to do because they think it's beneath them. And most times those who think outside of the box want to get to the top in an instant and therefore tend to take the easiest way up which almost always is the illegal way. I don't feel sorry for anyone opting to take the easy way out.....they know from the very beginning what they are getting into and what the consequences are and they do it anyway. Some get away with it and some don't.....whichever way the cookie crumbles you have to face the consequences of your actions. That is all!




  6. There are a number of social ills plaguing the youth of St. Lucia and this case is just one of them. The downturn in economic activity has driven many people to fulfill the saying "desperate times desperate measures". I certainly do not support any for of illegal drug activity, however we need to use every opportunity to ensure that the youth are well educated and armed with will power to ward off situation like these when they are presented to them. She is young and already her character has been muddied by this action.


  7. The whole world will soon become a jail when Agenda 21 is 100% enforced. The politicians are becoming super wealthy breaking every law under the sky, yet you are so worried about drugs. For example just about all the young people in Canada do drugs. You stupid old people have been braniwashed by the society.


  8. The kenny economic state of St. Lucia is making a lot of people desperate, btter days seem to be getting worse every waking day. I blame Kenny for this. Big belly Kenny.