St. Lucian woman caught with cocaine in Barbados

St. Lucian woman caught with cocaine in Barbados
Not the actual cocaine mentioned in the story.
Not the actual cocaine mentioned in the story.

(BARBADOS TODAY) – A 23-year-old St Lucian woman is due to appear in the District ‘B’ Magistrates’ Court here today after she was nabbed on arrival at the Grantley Adams International Airport on Monday with two kilogrammes of cocaine, valued at $100,000.

Johnelle Leeanne Pierre now faces four charges of possession, possession with intent to supply, trafficking and importation of the illegal drug, which was detected in her luggage by a police dog from the Canine Unit.

A subsequent search by customs officials revealed seven black packages, each containing cocaine, concealed in false side compartments of her suitcase.

As a result, Pierre was arrested and charged with the offences.



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  1. I give her no reason to do drugs but stop say things you have no proof of some of us have children we like to throw stones when we live in glass houses we need to be careful and very careful let God be her judge and stop linking people to her this girl family may not know a thing about she doing drugs


    • I think all of y'all here sad as shit. It's because of our hypocrital ways all that shit does happen with young people. Y'all do worst, some of y'all legs wide open for somebody man as y'all posting. Don't judge people. Each and everyone of you will receive your share. She's wrong, yes. That doesn't give you the right to think what you're doing behind closed doors is right.
      Get y'all as together and recieve y'all share soon.


  2. oh well they want to keep up with the Jones!!!! Name Brand and expensive material stuff... prison outfit is name brand too!!!


    • Not sure what you mean but Bajan border control are very good at catching drug runners. They arrested quite a few Canadian and other nationalities recently. Fine her heavily, jail her , then deport at end of sentence. St. Lucians held for drugs are on the rise they must pay dearly for crimes that destroy young people in the community


  3. It is not too difficult to ascertain why many young women get trapped into a life of being mules for transporting cocaine. It could either because of their deprived socioeconomic conditions or at times just plain greed and vanity (unfortunately). However, for whatever means it is still a problem. For the real people who take advantage of these girls' unfortunate situation are almost never blamed or caught.

    Cocaine is the preferred drug of the rich, where they themselves are the suppliers and eventual consumers. The poorest are the planters/processors and the transporters, who at either end of the scale receive a few US dollars for a barrel of raw processed cocaine or a few hundred for trafficking.

    What really borders me is that we make these jubilant announcements in the press about poor people being caught trafficking, but this does nothing to improve our social lives or alleviate the situation. It only serves the interest of the anti-drug populations of these metropolitan countries. They can beat their chess and say "this seizure represents an amount of cocaine that is prevented from entering our country." Meanwhile we ignorantly beat ours and say "Yes thats a shipment we prevented from entering their country, " while not even realizing that it is the same amount that we have prevented from leaving our country. We are not a heavy cocaine using country (just a few jumbies here and there) so it may very well mean that women and families are affected from earning a basic living. I am not saying that drug trafficking is the correct thing to do but mission here is only to illustrate that the real profiteers are not us but the same people who enforce these laws on us. Some years ago an investigation was carried out in the UK among judges and it was reveal that an alarming number used the drug regularly. The report was so contradictory that it was sealed and declared not to be released for the next 100 years. So do you see the the lengths to which those consumers are willing to go to blame and inconvenience others for their own bad habits and financial gains?

    Historically, the offense of drug use or possession was never a moral wrong and this offense was created mainly for tax evasion purposes. So what started as an issue about money suddenly took on a moral pitch. It is similar to the way in which the gay movement has hijacked the AIDS advocacy. Just as AIDS and being gay are two separate issues so are taxes and the effects of drugs. This is why there is no historical precedent in law that imposes imprisonment for drug offenders, and it has to be legislated now. This is also why people convicted of drug offenses are usually fined, in that way the government is simply saying that it collects its taxes, the only difference is it attaches a criminal record to it.

    So let us move away from criticizing our fellowmen who gets caught in the interested parties' war on drugs. Lets us educate our children on the effects of drug addiction and let those interested parties deal with their issues. For they know who the planters, producers and shippers are and they are certainly not in our country.


  4. Too red eye. Fast money. Learn to live within your means. Now you in trouble, where is the boss. Was it worth it. So young. lord help us.


    • yeaahhhhhh i going to give you some money and a trophy just for saying that cause you want people to know that you know who it is.
      yeaaa congrats


      • I am sorry that this has happened but the culture of politics in our country forces the issue. Unfortunately thats the real nature of politics and the game that they play. @Fresh Start could very well be a politician, but guess what? Unfortunately politicians have supporters and what we sometimes think as unfair publicity can have a positive outcome. Watch how the people's request to have more of a say in their affairs (Constitutional Reform) easily got tossed aside by politicians with the help of the same people who were crying. Isn't that ironic??

        Politicians are fueled by publicity and it matters not what they actually did, but how it is interpreted by their supporters and the number of times their names have been referenced. So it i s pointless to start a political argument.


        • " The culture of politics" Shut your ass with the non sense you chatting What the hell politics has to do with it ? Everybody want quick money these days young people don't wants to work hard for anything


          • You probably did not understand the comment. I said the exact thing. We should avoid a political argument on that issue. I was also saying that this political culture that we have causes people to find a political argument on all issues. Because for all i know it could be a politician saying that the girl is Pip's niece. To me it doesn't matter. What does politics have to do with a girl caught with drugs?

            However i did not expect you to understand what i wrote because emptiness of the brain causes people to become irritated quickly. Therefore their analysis becomes impaired, they become frustrated and resort to using expletives loosely.


    • So you mean to tell me pip could not give the girl a job or help he find one? all the time he was Minister? I thought these Politicians was taking care of their families like Guy Joseph. Pip you even have your private business.


      • So what does PIP and his business have to do with the young lady trafficking coke???U am sure she was not starving,she may actually have a job,just doing it for the extra,we don't know,people make their own choices.


    • It is important that people understand their right to free speech but we must avoid at all cost to spread fake news.


    • Quite agree. Times hard down here young people leave school and can't find work , but still this should not be the way it's the wrong way and the price is heavy


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