St. Lucian woman arrested for visa, job scam

St. Lucian woman arrested for visa, job scam

handcuffsA  woman has reportedly been arrested for an elaborate scam involving the issuance of visas and the procurement of jobs overseas.

The woman reportedly fleeced St. Lucians of their money by claiming that she is able to get jobs for them in Martinique and France.

She also reportedly claimed that she can get birth certificates and passports renewed.

More to come.


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  1. I see all uninformed gave me a thumbs down. However I am just as uninformed as you. I am not pretending to know the person neither what evidence was found at her home. However I asked pertinent questions form the information given in the news report.

    As I indicated there is no law in St. Lucia which prevents persons giving their passports to another person. There is also no law against a person looking for or promising to look for work on behalf of another person. A problem only exists where the person has to pay for such services, where that person must be registered as an agent. That's all! If there are other dimensions to the case which may implicate human trafficking then that was NOT inferred by the news report. Please note the people having other people's passports in their possession with their consent is NOT a crime.


    • Says who? The passport is the property of the government of Saint Lucia. The persons gave it. they
      Consented. At that time what was the receivers intent?. I guess you are not a police so you would not know what constitute a crime.


      • So what was the receiver's intent, do you know? Matter of fact I explained all of that, however, SNO did not publish it. You should ask them to release it. Some how comes she was released? That's because intent cannot be determine easily sometimes (especially in fraud cases) and without allowing the accused to complete a substantial part of the crime. I said in the unpublished report that it was a case of officers getting ahead of themselves. Of course intent (Mens Rea) forms a significant part of a crime, however it must be overwhelming. I am not neither to I want to be a police officer, Duh.


  2. u stick in that, u and ur corrupt friends, u have been scamming people for years now the end has come ...hope u rot in jail


  3. thats just like potential employment agency scamming poor ppl out of their hard earned money n not finding them any jobs she theyll arrest next


  4. It was about time....I know for a fact that's she's a thief a liar and god will purnish her ass for her lies...karma is a bitch


  5. There is a lot more doing it, i hope they all get cought. The innocent people who apply don't get through. These greedy for money people makes it bad for the good ones. great job.


  6. you knew how to lie to get all that money,they take you this time.All ropes have an end and all the other that is working with you will follow you soon.I only hope you go to jail for a long time.


  7. so wait.....people actually believed that??? sounds jus like that other one i heard abut the usa visa. not needing to go the us embassy jus pay money in SLU and get usa visa... if anyone fall for that well i dont kno what to say. visa restrictions or visa processing does not change jus like that.


  8. What exactly did she do that is against the law? As I see all these activities can be interpreted under the laws of agency. The only issue in contention is that a person should not solicit part of someone's wages or payment in exchange for acting as an agent for employment unless they are a registered agency, which is contrary to S. 305 of the Labour Code.


    • Wam There, your attempted use of wannabe legal book-speak is a surprisingly travesty.

      That said, it has been said that opinions are like bellybuttons and anuses --- everybody has one, and you have yours.

      Good luck with that.


    • wey wey wey, You sound like you involved in that, I hope they get you too, unless you are a lawyer giving free advice


    • If she had an agency why conduct business by a bus stop?????????????

      Dam Fool. Quote the laws in another place. You really think some people are ignorant. Thief. Crook.


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