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St. Lucian who was an ex-DEA informant dies a pauper in Trinidad

By Azard Ali

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Lazarus St Rose, 71, inside his shack in Moruga in August last year.

(T&T NEWSDAY) – St Lucian-born Lazarus St Rose, 71, worked for the Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA) in the United States as an undercover informant, penetrating drug dens for 19 years.

Yesterday, he died a pauper inside his shack on the Moruga beach but with no one to claim his body.

In August last year St Rose revealed his true identity to Newsday, but he claimed that the DEA used him, then spat him out. When he fled the US in 1992, he was fearful of going back to St Lucia where many cocaine shipments were linked to drug runners in the US. St Rose came to Trinidad instead and hid in a shack on the Moruga beach where he survived mainly on fish broth.

San Fernando-based attorney Sean Sobers took up his plight in August last year and wrote several letters to the US Embassy, Port of Spain. He requested compensation for St Rose and asked for an update on his status, adding that the former agent was supposed to be placed into a witness protection programme in the US as a reward for his service.

At 19, St Rose had migrated from St Lucia to the US where he married and lived in Florida. The DEA enlisted him into their programme and for 19 years they watched over him with high-powered guns. During that time, he bought hundreds of thousands of US dollars worth in cocaine, but the dollar notes were always “marked” for St Rose. DEA agents moved in and busted many a cocaine dealer.

In August last year, St Rose sat on the Moruga beach outside his shack and told Newsday about his life. He spoke English, Spanish, French and Patois.

Yesterday morning, fishermen on the beach who were accustomed to St Rose asking for a fish, missed him and knocked on his door. They found him dead in bed. He had suffered from kidney failure and was a dialysis out-patient of the San Fernando General Hospital. Police were called and his body was removed to the hospital mortuary.

His sister in St Lucia, Margaretta Laurent, 67, told the Newsday yesterday that she could not come to Trinidad to claim her brother’s body because her husband is extremely ill.

About her brother, she said, “Lazarus leave St Lucia because he was fearful of his life here. I always told him to get out of this business he was into in the US, but he never listened.” St Rose, she said, had several children in the US.

One of his ex-wives in the US, Lisa Finefrock, told the Newsday yesterday she could not live a normal life with St Rose because of the work he did.

“I didn’t like the fact he did it but I fell in love with him and before I knew it, I just wanted him to stop and have a normal life with me.”

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  1. i dont understand some people, read to understand, that was his job, undercover informant omg quick to judge and call people names smh. his ex wife left cause it was a dangerous job so leave her alone and let the man rest in peace. he couldnt come to st.lucia because more than likely he'd be dead already so give him his break. nonsense!!!!!!!

  2. Jah soon come

  3. but Sharran terrell...are you serious about what you posted some time you post verse's and scripture from the bible..and now you coming up with that..What you are a hypocrite of God..God is watching cannot fool G-d..he is watching you.

  4. I really thought that,fish broth was one of the best food to eat for much longer life expectancy.But,that doesn't seem to be facts.This man was living on fish broth which is highly controversial in the Caribbean.Eating fish broth you should be in the best of health.Isn't that what we were told by our older folks around us?

  5. Please let Lazurus Rest In Peace we are mourning his passing and because of one reason or another his children cannot come to Trinidad at the moment but do not think for one moment he is not loved or missed! Please stop the disrespect during our time of mourning!!!

  6. Imagine that. Trinidadians gave him refuge, housing free health care and supplied him with fish. One of their lawyers took up his case knowing that remuneration was a complete longshot since it depended on the USA Drug Enforcement Agency's benevolence. That's like expecting a starving lion to show mercy to a limping gazelle. However that brave attorney was not deterred. Well done Trinis!

    On the other hand, some of his own "throw the first stone because they have no sin" countrymen have their scalpel sharp judgemental knives out in a stabbing frenzy. So much for "friendly people."

    Living your last days in quiet serenity feasting on fresh fish broth is not exactly the epitome of misery. Many here could only dream of that life.

    Rest In Peace bruv.

    • Lazarus strose was a good man those who knew him loved him including myself . I know his children are hurt by all the disrespect shown him. I pray for each and everyone who said something fowl

      • You were one of his Ex-wives why don't you pick up his plight go to Trinidad and handle his funeral arrangement instead of you trying to censor me what I can write and what I cannot write. Lisa you left him when he was unable to provide for you and family, so please go hide your face shame on you.

        • Little do you know we are but it is difficult living in another country so speak of what you know your opinion means nothing to me except it shows your cruelty but are making arrangements so please stop the disrespect

  7. I reject the idea of this agent been described as a pauper at his death. Sensitivity and the language used appears too extreme.

  8. has the veracity of his story been verified? For in the article the lawyer in Trinidad refers to him as an agent. It could very well be that this man was used as an informant to prevent himself from spending a lengthy prison sentence for drug trafficking.

  9. It was his job people and he got cocaine off our streets and possibly out of the hands of our own brothers and sisters. Smh. I hope the next one has a house built for him or her from start. 1st rat u do sink a few thousands or cocaine worth a few thousands. How sad.

    • you are so inappropriate I hope karma gets you I was married to this man and you don't know him at all. I person know crack kills perhaps you are a crack dealer maybe you are selling your 8 balls BOSCO

    • Bosco, only a drug pusher or drug user will take that position. You and those who make similar comments must be one or the either or in some way benefit from drug pushing. He gone already but you do not know what coming for you. That point is also for those who made similar remarks

  10. Rattus norvegicus!!!!Muroidea!!!

  11. It all comes down to the saying (TOOT SUCERE NI POU MOOR MAL).

    • From your comment and many others like you, we can see why the crime scourge exists. He snitched to get drug dealers and drugs off the streets; the shit that is killing our prople directly and indirectly. But you rejoice. And we wonder why the youth is in trouble.

    • how he is a sucere?

  12. Ha Ha ga day twop sucere e mor mal coa a wavet.

  13. Why are people so judgemental about the lives of others? Why should there be any delight or condemnation of Caribbean people being poor or acting like paupers in the US or any other country? I mean its purely ignorant to suggest that that is why they cannot return to St. Lucia. Misfortune can befall anyone of us at anytime whether we are in the US hustling to survive or out here in St. Lucia with hardship busting our tails. There is no evidence to suggest that any St. Lucian living in poor conditions in the US would be better off here, because we too have a problem in St. Lucia in taking care of our families. Just witness the number of poor, indigent and metal cases we have here on our streets. People who write such crap as just as bad as Donald Trump, trying to make even the lowest white man feel better and above the most educated or well to do black man. Please don't report how our misfortune brothers and sisters are overseas are doing or suggest the reasons why you think that they are not coming home, just to make yourself look and feel better; beacuse all your progress could be wiped away in a matter of seconds in this world.

  14. i wonder if they used him to hold buju banton. you do all that soucer job and thats how the government repays you

  15. They are not only in Trinidad...Travel to Hartford Connecticut..And you see St.lucians,Jamaicans and other Caribbean Countries eating from Garbage,Collecting bottles like junkies....Most of them in America turn Alcoholics duppy and Some of them all sleeping in their Cars during the Winter Season...Then youll wonder why they cannot come home.Why would I think of leaving St.Lucia,just to end up in another caribbean country to call home,unless am retireing.Sone of Them in America for 20 -40 plus years and still dont have their Residency muchless Citizen...Alot of Caribbean go to other countries,where they become bums....What a way to live.

    • Provide statistics to back up your claim that "a lot of Caribbean go to other countries, where they become bums".
      Provide the numbers.

    • ... u sounds like u angry and jealous of people living overseas!!... live and let live!

      • Shut your crap ! A lot of people leave their decent lives and good jobs back home to go live in America and Canada and England and not doing a dam ting with their lives living like bums but refuse to go back home because of embarrassment and pride. "I have to go back home with something big". They don't have papers and living in basements moving from house to house and putting up with crap for years rather than to go home and live in the comfort of their nice homes back in the islands. We may not have it all back home, but many of us live better than a lot of people who left to go to foreign to deal with stress. If some of us were not so materialistic and foreign mind, our islands would be better off if we did not have such a brain drain.

    • Well there is some truth to that. i actually have a family member that has been homeless on the streets of New York move from homeless shelter to staying under bridges.

      • His/her choice that's because the evil they have done is coming back to hunt their ass. Sometimes it is St.Lucians like me and you that send their ass adrift for the wrong they have done. or some become mentally ill.

  16. Useless nigga!....snitching dont pay!

    • A mean spirited and ignorant comment.

    • Drug dealer you, must be

    • how dare you lazarus was a good man and had a good heart you feel selling crack is good? get a life I am proud I was married to him and I hope to hell you suffer for your nasty words it is called karma my friend

    • Anonymous please show pride in yourself by not stooping to such a low level by calling your brothers and sisters niggas. It speaks to your ignorance of cultural sensitivity and respect for self and others. Enough people only look at our brown and black skins and disrespect us - please don't join them. It is a hateful and demeaning word. We can disagree and still be respectful.


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