St. Lucian volleyballers help stage Caribbean Recruiting Showcase

St. Lucian volleyballers help stage Caribbean Recruiting Showcase

788186bb-9f7f-49ba-a690-5ef45fcd7d2aPRESS RELEASE – A Current National Male Volleyballer and former National female volleyballer, on  scholarship in the United States  are currently working in collaboration with Ministry of Youth Development and Sports in staging a Caribbean Recruiting Showcase which will  bring together athletes from every Caribbean island as well as Brazil, who are of school leaving age and ready to begin higher education.

Co-Initiator Tyna William says  Caribbean athletes are from middle to lower income households and as such do not have the necessary funds to finance a four  year college education. 

‘ Whilst bank loans are always an option, these too require a certain level of funds, and/ or assets to secure, making it even less likely that these athletes could afford to face a lending institution, ” she said.

She noted that it was for this reason, that  coaches being targeted for this showcase are from NCAA and NJCAA divisions 1 and 2. and has  chosen to leave out division 3 schools, as more often than not, it is the case that these programs do not offer full ride, but partial scholarships to their athletes. The showcase is geared towards those who cannot afford to cover a large portion of, or their full tuition.

” Another factor which affects our young athletes’ chances for higher education are the lack of available opportunities. In 2013, when I first decided to begin my recruiting process, there were very few places where I could turn. Whilst the number of showcases where scouts came to observe were endless, they were also in the United States, and with Visa and financial restrictions, that translated to being  out of my reach. This seems to be the case with a number of our athletes, and whilst a select few might be able to make the trip over to the US to be seen, the majority cannot, ” William added.

The cost of the showcase to each athlete is US$ 200. This includes a US$ 50 registration fee, and a final fee of USD 150.  Regional airlines have been approached  in an effort to secure reduced air fares for athletes travelling to St. Lucia for this initiative. Invitations have been sent to coaches from over 200 NCAA Division 1 colleges, and over 100 Division 2, and Junior colleges across the US via email. Over 100 of these coaches have expressed interest in attending the showcase, some of which have confirmed their attendance. 

To make the showcase  more appealing to the coaches, each athlete is being  asked  to complete a player profile on the website’s registration page, containing various metrics and other personal information related to their sport . These profiles will be submitted to coaches prior to the showcase so they may have some idea of the athletes’ potential. Some of the schools with lesser budgets have indicated that due to final restrictions, they will be unable to make the showcase this time around but have however, expressed interest in recruiting Caribbean athletes. 

Each showcase day will commence at 8:30 am with an educational/orientation session. Following this, a drill segment will take place, allowing coaches to evaluate specific skills of the athletes. After an hour lunch break, the showcase will resume with competitive games. The drill, and game segments will be run by local and international coaches of the various sports. Officials will be needed for each of the games. The expected outcome is that, based on athletes performances during the event, they will be contacted by coaches with offers to become part of their athletic programs.



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  1. Good initiative. More info is needed about the various sports. Assuming this is not just a volleyball initiative, is it just team sports? Which local coaches for the various sports will be engaged? Again, good initiative.


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