St. Lucian, Venezuelans caught with over US$500,000 cash appear in court

By SNO Staff
St. Lucian (left)

St. Lucian Anthony Jaye (left)

Three men, including a St. Lucian, who have been charged with money laundering in connection with the possession of over US$500,000 in cash in two separate incidents, appeared in court today.

St. Lucian Anthony Jaye was granted $18,000 bail or suitable surety and ordered to report to the Rodney Bay Police Station three times weekly. He was also ordered to surrender all his travel documents, not apply for new documents nor leave the State without permission.

Venezuelan Antonio Alcantara was remanded at Bordelais Correctional Facility.

Both men are scheduled to reappear in court on March 13.

The men were arrested last week after police intercepted a car in which they were travelling on the Dennery byass, and discovered US$395,000 cash.

Also appearing in court today, was another Venezuelan national, Ricardo Jose Flores Montana, who was arrested on Feb. 10, after police discovered 10,000 Euros and US$131,720 in cash while executing a search warrant at his Rodney Heights home.

Montana was charged with money laundering. He was remanded until his next court appearance on March 8.

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  1. OK my cuz the pm said the country broke so u bring money for him that's OK my cuz walk with ur head up

  2. Give the men their dam monry urll eh get up with drugs chups

  3. Somebody definately squealed

  4. china man do it smarter to bring his money abroad. he bought locally endless tons of aluminium and ship it out of country and sell it in another country.
    ?? is this doing business or money laundering

  5. "Also appearing in court today, was another Venezuelan national, Ricardo Jose Flores Montana, who was arrested on Feb. 10, after police discovered 10,000 Euros and US$131,720 in cash while executing a search warrant at his Rodney Heights home."

    What strikes me here is that the Venezuelan national is stated as having a "Rodney Heights home." Under what circumstances does he have a home in St. Lucia? Is it by CIP or other program? Does he have citizenship if any? What does his visa say about his status here? Is he involved in business? Does the Chamber/Ministry of Commerce have knowledge of his activities? How long has law enforcement known about or been on his trail? The last question may not be revealed to the public due to its sensitivity but I hope that action is taken by National Security officials in that regard.

    There are several critical questions which arise from a seemingly simple case on the face of it. These questions allow us to go into the deeply-rooted crime problem that we have in St. Lucia. Many people believe that crime is connected all the way to the top of the echelons of our society, however when the opportunity presents itself to us uncovering, confirming or even gaining valuable insights, the cases are presented or investigated superficially. I want to call on the media and ordinary citizens to attention and call for a full investigation or information gathering. We cannot be watching gang feuding and the resulting targeted killings in isolation, including the slayings of business people. What is the root cause and who are the people financing/facilitating those wars? I believe that ghetto people on their own cannot have the reach or influence to wage such expensive wars on their own, considering the state of unemployment and the state of our economy.

    It simply just cannot be an issue of seizing money and putting it in the consolidated fund, since the government and its citizens will be viewed as the biggest washing machines/money launderers by the international community.

    Recently the Vice President of Venezuela was identified by US DEA as one of the main facilitators of huge shipments of narcotics entering the US.

    Take my foolish advice as this can only lead to terrible repercussions if we are not careful how we deal with such issues. Later you can give the praise to some other popular person/politician for first pointing out the issue, however, I really don't care, as long as we do what is right.

  6. hey jus put that money in he treasury or consolidated fund and set them men free.

  7. Aa...that st. Lucian man in that. Small world. You never know

  8. Consider the money an involuntary donation to the people of St. Lucia. They will have ample time at Bordelais to think about their "kind gift" to St. Lucians.

  9. They look like really cool guys. They should get Dr Sham's lawyer and they could walk no problem.


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