St. Lucian trio produces new track

St. Lucian trio produces new track

Three vibrant St. Lucian artistes have come together in the spirit of community and positivity to create an uplifting track entitled “Push Push”.

When Naomie “Ngozi” Grandison, Christine “Chrycee” Charlemagne and Keen “The Mecca” Cotter were asked to write the theme song for the 2014 Piton Film Festival they were all too honoured to be a part of such an endeavour.

They enlisted the expert production skills of Rawl ‘Rossi” Alcide of Dejavu Digital Studios to help bring their masterpiece to life.

This motivational guitar driven fusion of pop, rock and hip-hop speaks to being determined and persistent on the journey to achieving your dreams.

Don’t listen to the naysayers, focus on the fire within and never give up, this is the message of the song. Credit goes to Zac Popo (guitars); Safros Joseph (Keys); Dyson Imbert\Connie Simeon (Brass) and Nick Pamphille (Bass) for their amazing musicianship on the song; and Davina Lee for the music video.

Founders of the Piton Film Festival; Mr Ed Umoja Herman, Ms Kathleen Walls (both of Sisters in Harmony) and Ms Emeyln Stuart (of the Oktober Film Festival in New York) expressed deep satisfaction with the production and look forward to the song being used at the Film Festival in New York in October this year.



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  1. listen to the hottest st.lucian artist here..
    listen nd comment..


    • This actually isn't bad. honestly I thought I was gonna come back here and blast out at you for making me waste my time but not bad at all. I'm already put off by that Mecca so I expected more "bay-tizz" but if you're the artist on there, keep going. Pradda Finada came down good on Going Home with you.

      I'd just say too much use of the nigga word and in Go Hard or go home he sounds more Lucian and guess what, that's when he sounds better. Keep it real and be yourself and be a truecian not a yank wannabe.


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