St. Lucian trainers certified to empower small and medium sized enterprises

St. Lucian trainers certified to empower small and medium sized enterprises

Caribbean Export recently announced the conclusion of the certification of an additional 10 trainers, bringing the Caribbean training pool to 23 trainers from 12 different countries.

Three Saint Lucians, namely Renee De Myers, Junia Emmanuel-Belizaire and Paula Calderon are among the 23 Caribbean trainers ready to facilitate training.

Calderon received certification for ProNet whilst De Myers and Emmanuel-Belizaire received certification in export marketing.

Training sessions were conducted in Barbados, St. Lucia and Bahamas.  Certificates were distributed in graduation ceremonies hosted by Caribbean Export Development Agency in association with GIZ, international training consultants.

These areas of training will give medium, small and micro enterprises (MSMEs) an opportunity to receive guidance from local facilitators in an effort to grow their businesses, become more competitive and export ready.

The ProNet programme aims to raise the level of productivity and profitability in MSMEs allowing owners and managers to operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively.  The programme is based on the experiential learning methodology, which is case study based and driven by practical examples and assignments.  It is action-oriented by using techniques such as plenary group work and structured learning exercises, open-ended discussions, brainstorming sessions and fieldwork.

The experiential learning methodology is built on the premise that participants share their current experience by means of exercises, initially in small groups, and thereafter with the entire group with guidance from the facilitators.

The training programmes include extensive work in business strategy, quality management, production management, resource management, product development, information management, human resource management and cost and financial management.

The export marketing programme aims to address the preconditions for international export and trade and introduced the most important regulatory issues for exporters.  The programme examines the tools, examples and exercises of international market research discussed.  Relevant marketing and trade promotional tools like trade fairs and missions, buyers-sellers meetings are discussed and adapted to the needs of participants.  Further important issues for international trade and export were introduced as well as quality requirements.

Participants are exposed to the issues of export readiness; export market research; HS Codes; trade regimes;  quality requirements; inco terms; import/export documentation; methods of payment; export financing and marine insurance;  export cash flow planning and management;  managing export transactions;  export marketing and promotion; participation in trade fairs and business to business meetings.

The training programme prepares participants with the tools for developing their own company’s export plan.


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