St. Lucian suspected of drug smuggling in St. Vincent convicted for illegal entry

St. Lucian suspected of drug smuggling in St. Vincent convicted for illegal entry

A St. Lucian national, who told St. Vincent & the Grenadines magistrate that he did not come to St. Vincent to collect drugs but to visit friends and family, was convicted for entering the country illegally.

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young on Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013 fined Dyka Mathurin $1,500 which is to be paid forthwith or spend six months at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Mathurin, 23, had pleaded guilty to entering the country illegally at Chateaubelair via speed-boat on January 11.

According to the Searchlight newspaper in St. Vincent, on Jan. 12, police on patrol saw Mathurin with another man at about 7 a.m. When questioned by the police officers, Mathurin said he was from St Lucia and came via a speedboat named ‘Gorgeous’ the previous day.

In his first appearance in court, Mathurin denied telling the officers that he came here to collect drugs.

“I only came to visit friends and relatives…” he was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

According to the newspaper “when asked about the name of his relative, he could only provide the court with a first name. Mathurin also said he came to visit a friend by the name of Dillon St Patrick of Bottom Town (Rose Place). He said it was his first visit to St Vincent”.

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young said she is fully aware of what goes on in Chateaubelair.

“You came to visit your friend in Bottom Town and you liming in Chateaubelair. This allows me to think you came here for criminal activity…”  Young said in the newspaper report.

“I’ve gone to St Lucia many times and I do so the right way. I don’t go snooping around. I’m not an idiot. I resent when foreigners come onto my soil to commit crime. That upsets me greatly. And when you are caught and you still mean you must lie to me, its game over,” Young said.

The Searchlight further reported that after he told the magistrate that he was working for a contractor (name withheld by SNO) in St Lucia and that he did not come here for marijuana, Young carried out her own investigations into Mathurin’s claims.

The newspaper added that on Wednesday, Young said she had spoken with the head of the Criminal Investigations Department and was informed of Mathurin’s involvement in drugs and that (the alleged contractor) does not work in the construction industry.


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  1. True talk by the judge!! 'Illegal' means just that - there are no exceptions to the rule!!


  2. He was in St. Vincent ILLEGALLY, case closed. Whether a member of OECS or not, ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL. I like that judge; judges in St. Lucia should have her attitude and demeanor.


  3. It's not about the illegal entry Stupidos, it's the way she referred to her fellow OECS nationals. Therefore, we should all take offense by this kind of nationalistic attitude. The old days are gone, unity is here to stay. Long live the OECS!


  4. Well only St. Lucians I have learnt that except all these other islands as time we start treating them like how the treat us we to nice like vincy dont come on our soil doing shate.. not that what the guy did was right but that was just cold!!


    • By all indication, you “Son of Helen” is the stupid uneducated one. What part of illegal don’t you understand? Yes we are an OECS family, and yes we are promoting free movement and many other benefits, but this does not mean that one can enter another island/country illegally. Think about the individual was charged and convicted for entering the island illegally.


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