St. Lucian shopkeeper who migrated to Barbados speaks of his life

St. Lucian shopkeeper who migrated to Barbados speaks of his life

patrick-annius3626-450x303NATION NEWS – WHEN ASKED WHAT he loves most about Barbados, Patrick Annius replied, without pausing, “Everything.”

For that reason alone it’s not hard to understand why he has called Barbados his home for over 40 years.

“So long I here, I love Barbados as if it is my home. I love everything about Barbados. There’s no other place in the world I would rather live,” Patrick told the WEEKEND NATION.

Born and raised in Gros Islet, a small community located in the northern tip of St Lucia, Annius had always planned to relocate to Barbados.

His mother and sister had already moved here and he was eager to follow them.

So shortly after graduating from Monchy Secondary School at 17 years old, he hopped on a plane not knowing what to expect.




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  1. No wonder mate hate St Lucia sooo much....whomever sent this man to Monchy Combined and told him that he was going to the Monchy Secondary School is to blame. You did this young man a great disservice.

    Now he hates St Lucia. You owe him an apology. Come back home Sir and we will let you attend a real Secondary School. Ok


  2. God bless you and your family Mr. least Barbadians are a bit more civilised than most st Lucians.


  3. I know a bunch of Bajans who have made SLU their home and if asked the same question, SLU is where they would rather be.


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