St. Lucian shooters make their mark in Barbados

St. Lucian shooters make their mark in Barbados
Team 758
Team 758

On Friday, April 26,  a contingent of seven shooters from the Saint Lucia Shooting Association travelled to Barbados to compete in an IPSC Level 2 and Service Pistol Matches organized by Barbados Rifle Association and Barbados Rifle and Pistol Federation.

The six stages were set up and were eagerly contested by 25 shooters. Below is a summary of Team St Lucia match results:

Match Results by Region:

Winner  Jean Rene Doubulay  428.88 pts
2nd        Leonard Reynolds    426.12 pts
3rd        Charles Serieux         372.32 pts
4th        Lennox Mondesir        273.31 pts
5th        Cuthbert McDairmed    268.67 pts
6th         Christopher Thakur    136.35 pts

Match results by stages:

STAGE 1-Flow Rider
2nd         Lennox Mondesir        84.79 pts
3rd          Jean Rene Doubulay    84.17 pts
10th         Leonard Reynolds    73.00 pts
12th         Charles Serieux         63.87 pts
15th        Cuthbert McDairmed    43.70 pts
16th         Christopher Thakur    28.47 pts

STAGE 2-Rodney’s Run
3rd          Jean Rene Doubulay    93.53 pts
4th         Charles Serieux         83.21 pts
9th         Leonard Reynolds    72.41 pts
15th        Cuthbert McDairmed    50.76 pts
17th         Christopher Thakur    33.06 pts
19th          Lennox Mondesir        0.00 pts

STAGE 3-Ryan’s Shift
6th           Jean Rene Doubulay    77.61 pts
12th         Leonard Reynolds    57.25 pts
15th          Lennox Mondesir        45.22 pts
16th        Cuthbert McDairmed    35.26 pts
18th         Charles Serieux         20.90 pts
19th         Christopher Thakur    00.90 pts

STAGE 4- Around the Corner
10th         Charles Serieux         50.97 pts
14th         Leonard Reynolds    34.12 pts
15th        Cuthbert McDairmed    31.37 pts
17th         Christopher Thakur    15.71 pts
18th          Lennox Mondesir        00.00 pts
19th           Jean Rene Doubulay    00.00 pts

STAGE 5- Cross Ways
6th          Lennox Mondesir        82.82 pts
10th           Jean Rene Doubulay    60.95 pts
13th         Charles Serieux         51.65 pts
15th         Leonard Reynolds    45.72 pts
17th         Christopher Thakur    27.56 pts
18th        Cuthbert McDairmed    24.23 pts

STAGE 6- Four Stooges
6th         Leonard Reynolds    82.12 pts
15th           Jean Rene Doubulay    34.68 pts
16th        Cuthbert McDairmed    30.69 pts
17th         Charles Serieux         23.70 pts
18th         Christopher Thakur    00.00 pts
19th          Lennox Mondesir        00.00 pts

10th           Jean Rene Doubulay    428.88 pts
11th         Leonard Reynolds    426.12 pts
13th         Charles Serieux         372.32 pts
16th          Lennox Mondesir        273.31 pts
17th        Cuthbert McDairmed    268.67 pts
19th         Christopher Thakur    136.35 pts

The St. Lucia Shooting Association will be holding its National Monthly Shooting on Sunday, May 5, 2013. The event will be held at the Bordelais Shooting Range and sponsored by Customs Brokerage Solutions.



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  1. If their shirts are suppose to be of the colour of our flag, then where is the white part? Is that reverse racism, where is the harmony that our flag symbolizes? Shame on the designers, if that was their intention...the whole flag or no flag! That's just wrong, it's sending a very bad message.


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