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St. Lucian reggae artist releases new single

Press release

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Sylvester “Itoobaa” Peter

PRESS RELEASE – Sylvester “Itoobaa” Peter, the veteran reggae artist who amazed us with his hit album, Freedom, arguably the best reggae album produced in St. Lucia, and as part of 4th World contributed three tracks to the band’s award winning album, Can’t Stop Us, has a knack of not only composing hit songs but of combining reggae with other genres to produce interesting and exciting strains of music.

Some of his compositions include reggae jazz, blues reggae, creole reggae, Latin reggae, and folk reggae. One fan was so delighted with Tchenbé-La, one of Itoobaa’s creole reggae compositions, that she likened it as the coming together of Derek Walcott, Sesenne Descarte, and Bob Marley.

Manmai Sent Lisi, another one of Itoobaa’s reggae blends, is not only sang in Kwéyòl, but seamlessly fuses St. Lucian folk, jazz, Latin, reggae, music of the St. Lucia national anthem, and African rhythms to create what a critic described as a wonderful masterpiece. With Bon Bagay, Itoobaa has returned to creole reggae, in the manner of Tchenbé-La, to urge us all to keep doing good and stop doing bad.

With Bon Bagay, Itoobaa has returned to creole reggae, in the manner of Tchenbé-La, to urge us all to keep doing good and stop doing bad. The poignancy and poetics of the creation is sure to leave a lasting impression on the listener.

Itoobaa have said that he sees his life’s work as continuing the legacy of Bob Marley, well, with such songs as Bon Bagay, Itoobaa must be making the great man smile wherever he may be.

For your enjoyment and sharing, attached is the MP3 version of Bon Bagay and below is a youtube link ( ) to the accompanying video.

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  1. Good music is all about your Talent not your living Conditions so support the brother,a tree grows from the Roots up.

  2. @truetin how you so sure the people in poverty.

  3. i don t understand most of our artiste making good music in lucia and live in absolute poverty in shanty town,these r living example.

    • truetin you should read about the likes of Gregory Issacs and Dennis Brown and you know of artistes who very good music and who were extremely popular around the world yet they virtually nothing to show for it.

      It is undoubtedly a sad state of affairs but that's the way it is.

  4. big up
    spread JAH words through your music


    EACH 1 - TEACH 1


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