St. Lucian producer admitted into global internet radio service Pandora

St. Lucian producer admitted into global internet radio service Pandora

f6f61d8c-a938-4186-8be4-6efbb79ea34625 Year old Dudley Frederick, more commonly known as “MrSoFamous” or Simply “Famous” has made it into the internet radio service Pandora.

Pandora is home to over 259 million music lovers worldwide and is available across several devices including smartphones and tablets.

“It  feels good to be admitted into such a huge live-stream radio. It shows that St. Lucia has the talent to be international” he said.


The song that was submitted to the internet radio was “LEVEL 4 – IN DEH”.  Dudley who hails from the community of Micoud once told us that his main dream is to one day become an international producer.

When asked what is best for him, his reply was:  ” Well honestly, I am just going as the wind blows, where God takes me I will go. But everyday I continue to build relationships with djs, promoters, anyone in the media around the world because those  are the people needed in this business the most and of course the supporters/fans.”

When he was asked for any advice he would give to young producers and artistes his reply was;  ” Well, all i can say is that they should keep doing what they love to do. keep striving for the best quality ever. St. lucia has alot of talented artistes who can reach international and believe me when i tell you that. But as an artist/producer, it is all about growing and progress. Like movado said “Dem wan pick the fruits but the fruits never ripe”. Let everything take its course and at the end you will have a story to tell.”


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