St. Lucian Overseas Association calls for “less talk, more action” as country celebrates independence

St. Lucian Overseas Association calls for “less talk, more action” as country celebrates independence
Ross Cadasse
Ross Cadasse

(SNO) — As the island prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary of independence, President of the Union of St. Lucian Overseas Associations, Ross Cadasse, is calling for less talk and more action.

In an independence message to the nation, he stated that as Saint Lucia faces a series of societal challenges, unity is essential to solve them.

“I believe firmly in the proverb that ‘Family is like a forest, from the outside it is dense but on the inside it is clear that each tree has its own position,'” he said. “In an age of economic uncertainty, precarious employment, youth disenfranchisement and a plethora of societal challenges in the countries where we live and back home in St. Lucia we must unite as a family to solve these problems.”

He pointed out that ignorance and apathy are far from the values St. Lucians hold dear.

“We must deploy strategic and sustainable measures to address the needs of our family members back home,” Cadassesaid. “The models of aid and subsistence are antiquated and have not advanced our agenda in the diaspora. We must look at social innovation, social procurement, and social impact practices that build the capacity of St. Lucians and drive community economic development.”

He said the “call to action is simple: less talk, more action”.

“We can no longer wait on a crisis to occur to motivate us,” he said. “We must act through design and not by default. We have the skills, ingenuity, and capital to impact our home.”

He pointed to Maya Angelou who once said, “Nothing will work, unless you do.”

“Those words have guided many remarkable members of our community to achieve great success,” Cadassesaid. “It is my hope that these words become actionable insights for a new era of unity and collective impact, apres Bondieu!”

He also said the theme for this year’s independence celebrations ‘All In, Our Journey, Our Future’ is “indicative of our core belief that we must put forth all our efforts to impact our future and establish a legacy for our descendants”.

“As a proud St. Lucian I am consistently inspired by our community engagement and I greatly appreciate the incredible work of the respective overseas Associations and Consular offices for their cooperation and diligence in convening our nationals living abroad,” Cadasse remarked.


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  1. All in all, a wonderful article. It gives pause for thought. I loved, “We can no longer wait on a crisis to occur to motivate us." Clearly, a hint that "bodoos!" should be minimized in our language.
    So, instead of saying the place is safe (falsehood), manage the problem that exists. We can't ignore the obvious for too long. It always comes back to bite.


  2. The biggest action in this present government is fir Family, Friends and Foreigners. For St Lucia to move forward presently Guy Joseph MUST be out. He is misleading Allen.


  3. He said nothing of a mission. He too, is operating in a vacuum.

    Our society today is in state of chaos, largely because before and EVEN after independence, our leaders and the powers that be HAVE HAD NO GOD DAMN MISSION, AND NO GOD DAMN VISION.


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