St. Lucian opening elementary school in Florida

St. Lucian opening elementary school in Florida

8151509_1452461631.2616PRESS RELEASE – For many Saint Lucians, the opportunity to excel  in their chosen field lie outside of the island; in foreign lands. Living outside of one’s home country is not always smooth sailing; there are a number of challenges which many  immigrants face.

But the ability to rise above these challenges and remain steadfast in pursuit of one’s dreams is something worthy of recognition and support.

It is in this vein that we should recognise the accomplishments of a young Saint Lucian who has travelled far in pursuit of her dream and has made commendable strides toward that end.  Ms. Sherria Baptiste is a former teacher in Saint Lucia, and hopes to establish her own private elementary school in Port St.Lucie Florida.

She however still needs the support of  her fellow Saint Lucians in help meeting some of the financial obligations associated with undertaking such venture.  In this regard, she has set up a GoFundMe account. Go to to learn more.


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  1. What is this go fund me trend? Opening a school requires planning and money. The bigger you start the more money you will need. When you get donations from go fund me do we get shares or dividends when business starts to boom? If you're looking for investors then that's a different scene, but go fund me is TACKY.


  2. What bobol ting that there. Has she already opened the school or she wants us to help her build the school?


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