St. Lucian nurse awarded Nightingale Award at Hartford Healthcare, USA

St. Lucian nurse awarded Nightingale Award at Hartford Healthcare, USA

13178016_578938438933452_10386210172526861_nTricia Giscombe, a registered nurse from St. Lucia, was awarded the Nightingale Award for exceptional work at the Hartford Healthcare Centre in Hartford, USA.

Giscombe was born and raised in Boguis, Babonneau and moved to the US approximately 20 years ago.

She works in the Tallwood Institute of Urology where, according to the healthcare centre, she provided exceptional care to patients, many of whom who would have been afraid and embarrassed due to the lack of progress in their conditions.

She is being honored as a part of Nurse Week at the healthcare centre.


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  1. Truly proud of u!!! What an accomplishment. Continue doing what u do best my darling. Shine that the world may see ur true potential


  2. You have to leave this country to see how valuable you are and the potential you poses . This country sucks that one day we will all wake up to find ourselves being governed by our inferiors. You call that brain drain.


  3. Excellent work nurse. Another St. Lucian excelling at their craft. This is the kind of news we need.


  4. Congrats Nurses Rock. HHA, Nursing Assistants LPN RN happy Nurses week


  5. Great job Mrs. Giscombie. Some of our nurses from Victoria Hospital should take a page out of your book about the duties of a good professional nurse.
    Congrates. Big up lady.


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