UPDATED: Man charged for murdering St. Lucian in Brooklyn

UPDATED: Man charged for murdering St. Lucian in Brooklyn

Police have arrested and charged a man in connection with the fatal shooting of 24-year-old St. Lucian Javane ‘Nyce’ Laurent in Brooklyn, USA last Saturday night, according to media reports.

Brian Williams, 26, was charged with murder and criminal possession of a firearm, and was awaiting arraignment Sunday in Brooklyn Criminal Court, the New York Daily News reported.

Laurent was reportedly shot twice in the chest following a dispute outside his home. The incident reportedly occurred about 5:45 p.m. in front of 1205 East 93 Street in Canarsie.

Laurent was taken to Brookdale University Hospital, but died an hour later, according to media reports.

Quoting police sources, the Daily News reported that Laurent was shot to death in the “aftermath of an argument with a woman renting a room from his mom”.

The News further reported that Laurent had gotten into an argument with his mother-in-law’s tenant, and the woman summoned her boyfriend, Brian Williams, to the scene.

Sources have told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that Laurent hailed from Babonneau in St. Lucia. He was described as a good upcoming DJ by a friend.




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  1. I am greatful for positive people,but mourn the lost of intelligence in ignorant people just as i mourn the lost of my nephew.


  2. I know this guy through some friends and I am so upset the way this fool took his life. The girl friend should be charged too she cause his death because if she didn't call the boyfriend then this young man would still be alive. RIP YUTE.


  3. If red is a symbol of gang then almost a quarter of the people in St. Lucia are in a gang because the SLP men/women and their hacks wear their red shirts, with red flags and red bandana, because red is their party color. Does that mean they are in a gang. Red is just a color." En Rouge"


  4. Thankfully there will be justice in this case unlike the banana republic where we live. So rest in peace young man and may God bless your family. As for those who did this. They too shall suffer the consequences all of them. Careful people , the sins of the fathers are visited on the children. Its in the good book called the bible and our old folks often say the very same to us. This tenant's action and her boyfriend have caused this young man his life and taken away a father from his kids. and i wonder what life she herself hopes to have after all is said and done. Before we do harm unto others we need to think.


  5. So disrespectful to this young man and his family. I wear read skirts and shorts, sweaters and the list goes on, does it mean that I'm in a gang? That's why I stay away from Lucians, some of them are dangerous.
    Your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Let the family grieve in peace....goshhhh


  6. Let my uncle rest in peace in Yourl ass he wasnot in any gang he only did was he love best play music he was a dj he got in an argument with this girl cause she stole his chain and refuse to give it back to him she called her man instead he took the life of my younger uncle age 24 left his kids father less and his wife a widow so please if u have nothing good to say don't comment my family is going through enough right now


    • Wow, idk who but I couldn't have said that any better. Everybody giving a different story & they are all wrong. Sometimes I wish I could've find the reporters & those with the ignorant comments & ask them if they knew him & why they don't shut they mc on social media smh


  7. Smh...You can't judge me!! People a young man of the soil a St. Lucian national Born has passed an unfortunate death. The circumstance is sad...think if it were to have happened to someone you loved cared for..your mother..sister...brother...or child...St. Lucians pleaseeeeeeeee come on!! Those comments I've just read are awful...so inhumane selfish...careless...Judgement is coming soon and God the Creator of this universe is the only one to cast Judgement on this world!! My sympathies to the families of the deceased .


  8. Let us not condemn on one hand that racism exist because many of us are skinned colored yet reinforce that very pattern of behavior when it is not directed towards us. Let us not allow negatives in society dictate our lives. The writer simply described the victims article of clothing.


  9. Seriously!!! There is a dead man out there an d all you guys are concerned abt is his red pants!!!! Smh!!! Condolences goes out to his family.


  10. Not saying this man is in a gang but wearing red or blue is a symbol of gangs in NY. I remember one time I had to throw my red rag to enter a club. My friend had his st Lucian flag rag and he too had to get rid of it to enter


    • Wow. This is the most stupid comment I've ever read. So are you implying that just because there are two different gangs (crips and bloods) who wear blue or red in Brooklyn. Anyone who wears red or blue is gang related? It's obvious if you go to their neighborhood wearing enemy color they're most likely to get at u but other than that I see no problem. Smh. I live in brooklyn and people wear whatever clothing they want when they want. Clothing don't always define you kmft. Stop making assumptions if you don't know the person. Be slow to speak...


    • So just cause he had a red rag means he was in a gang, I have numerous red and blue rags and I'm in law enforcement not gang. Wow


    • The bull in the arena may not be able to see colours the red one in particular. However, the bull will attack the matador when the light waves hits its eyes.
      The comment that offended so much does suggest only, that this may be, and is not the reason for the young man's death.
      The perpetrator may have gained greater acceptance in his Brooklyn chapter because he took out someone wearing the enemies colours. Sometimes that is a rite of passage into the respective gangs. That is reality. Therefore, no more should be read into it than that.
      If you are smart, given your neighbourhood in the US, there are certain things you would not do. This perhaps does appear to go above the heads of those who have not travelled other than to the furthest extreme points of this country.


  11. My cousin Javane was no gang member. Well brought up young man he was doing his dj at fashion shows, parties etc.....life cut short but God will do the rest. Rest in paradise "angel face"Javane


  12. I know this young man
    His is a family man with a wife and two kids
    I has a clean sheet record
    What the f...... Talking about gang
    You don't know nothing say nothing
    You mother f......ers
    Not because he has dreads. It's just a style
    Let his soul rest in peace


  13. If he saw that picture being used he'd have said "Out of all my nice pictures ,thats the picture you used." & Can y'all stop assuming. Smh
    May his soul rest in perfect peace ❤


    • ... he's gone... the pressing matter is that idiot who took his life for a simple thing, which didn't belong to him... and the girl who was part of it all.... senseless and so heartless taking away someone from their family and loved ones
      You know some folks can be commenting stuff which don't make no sense at times ......I wonder if some of these folks have a brain..... People let the evidence speak for itself...... I hope his family find peace and justice for him and all this gets put behind them so they can go on living their lives ..... after such tragic event.


    • So there is only one McDoumb you know exists in the whole world? Saint Lucians are so dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. He only has one red article of clothing I fail to see your point of view. He has no red bandana and no tattoos representing bloods. So the crypts/ blood conspiracy wont fly.


  15. The guy has one Burgundy pants and a drink... in a can that has red strawberries how does that make him a gang member??? Are you serious...... -_____-


  16. He is simply wearing a pair of red shorts, don't know how that may be an indication of him being in or even mistaken as a gang member. It's just sad to know that such a young life is taken away for nonsense.


  17. Oh hush because some is dressed in red does that mean they have to be in a gang .. Y'all full of crap.. The guy was really humble and family oriented.. There's nothing bad about him that people can say .. Lean to stop judging people .. Uneducated fools


    • I am very greatful for positive people and i mourn the lost of intelligence in ignorant people just as i mourn the lost of my nephew.va


  18. What's all this red clothing all about? Was he part of or mistaken for a member of the Bloods? Either way, it is sure unfortunate way to die.


    • Oh hush , dressing in red means anything .. You slow and uneducated.. People fast to judge others .... This guy was family oriented , loving and friendly.. Stop looking at the out appearance of people.. Dummy


    • Y don't u shut ur ass. Is it all ppl who wear red in gang? All the ppl who wore red on valentine's day are members of gang. Think before u type asshole


    • I dress in red to go to do law enforcement work, ok then, am I a member of a gang. What kind ah foolish comment are you really making.

      Instead of trying to sympathize with that mother who lost her son, that wife who lost her husband, and most importantly those two precious babies who lost their dad, you talking about red means gang. Oh you ignorant person.


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