St. Lucian minor fatally stabs Afghan student at Canadian high school

St. Lucian minor fatally stabs Afghan student at Canadian high school
Hamid Aminzada of Afghanistan was stabbed to death by a St. Lucian minor.

A 17-year-old St. Lucian appeared in a Toronto court briefly today on a second-degree murder charge for fatally stabbing an older student who allegedly tried to part a fight at a high school, reliable sources from the Canadian-St. Lucia community have informed St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

The suspect, who cannot be named because he’s a minor under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act of Canada, will remain in custody until his next scheduled court appearance next month. He turned himself in to police Tuesday evening, accompanied by his lawyer.

The St. Lucian teen, who reportedly migrated to Canada from Vieux Fort recently, is accused of inflicting multiple stab wounds on Hamid Aminzada, a 19-year-old student who intervened in a hallway confrontation between two other students, police say.

Aminzada, who migrated to Canada from Afghanistan about two years ago, died in hospital. The stabbing took place at around midday Tuesday at North Albion Collegiate Institute in the Toronto suburb of Etobicoke.

“It is alleged that there was an ongoing dispute between two students at the school, which led to a confrontation between the two students in the school hallway. Another student intervened to defuse the situation, which resulted in him being stabbed. He was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries and later succumbed to his injuries,” Tortonto police said in a news release.

However, sources close to the St. Lucian family told SNO that the suspect was bullied at school by the elder children and he reacted in self-defense.

“He is a very quiet boy,” one of the sources stated.





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  1. A bad kid,, yes, no props upbringing, why bring a knife to school, was he bullied, hell no, just a cop out 3-4 years jail time and then back to meet his gangs at home.


  2. NaijaWife, you couldn't have said it any better my dear. Not going to be judge or jury. I have one child, it ever comes down to him having to defend himself I'd hope he would do what he has to do to survive!


  3. These callous comments just shows how we as St. Lucians think. This could have happened to anyone's child( both the dead n alive ). One had an instinct to help and other to defend himself. Until you walk in the shoes of today's teenager you will never understand that it feels like to be bullied. Not condoning violence but it's always gonna be some frustrated kid who can't take it anymore just like the adults ( black/ White/ Asian/) who goes " berserk"on a coworker/ boss who persistently made life miserable @ work. I wish the outcome was different but we as adults have a pandemonium on our hands.. To deal with hurting/ misguided/ misunderstood youth. We have to teach non- violence and practise it too. But please refrain from that " holier than thou" mentality and condemnation . As for the people who talk about Afghan bombing St.lucia .. Don't worry about them cause our St. Lucian kids back home are already bombing the place for us.. Run here ..stay there TROUBLE EVERYWHERE..


  4. All those who's chatting shit bout the lucian who are you guys to judge him let the creator deal with it and stop being judgmental url shud really stfu!


  5. schools really ought to be more proactive about this bullying issue, it is becoming rampant and it is detrimental to children, too often I hear of some child committing suicide or resorting to violence because they were being bullied....dont know if the teachers knew of the situation but had there been some intervention, things probably would not have gotten this far.


  6. U ppl just need to shut up on the negative vibes the crime have been committed who are we to judge this young man did something wrong yes.All the back stabers u never know when ur life is going to turn upside down let the most high be judge and jury not of us was at the crime since.