St. Lucian man serving life sentence in Canada found with heroin

St. Lucian man serving life sentence in Canada found with heroin


Northumberland News- A convicted murderer currently serving a life sentence had two years and 90 days added to his prison sentence after heroin and contraband were discovered in his prison cell.

Augusto Charlery, 29, appeared in Cobourg courts on March 7 in handcuffs and sat in the prisoner’s box facing charges of drug possession and trafficking which date to summer 2015. He pleaded guilty to simple possession.

According to the Crown, Mr. Charlery was convicted in 2012 of second-degree murder and is currently serving his sentence at Warkworth Institution.

At the prison in July, officers searched his cell and uncovered a cellphone (contraband) in a concealed Nintendo game cartridge. Furthermore, officers discovered “bags of spices” in desk drawers, with one bag containing a light brown substance. That substance was later revealed to be 5.2 grams of heroin.

Court heard Mr. Charlery was not present at the time officers discovered the drugs and contraband in his cell.

“Heroin is obviously a very dangerous substance,” Crown attorney Marc Bebee said, especially in prison, because it funds the criminal underground economy that the system is attempting to rehabilitate.

Court also heard prior to Mr. Charlery’s conviction in 2012, he was a “hard-working” man and lived a drug-free life. Originally from St. Lucia, Mr. Charlery arrived in Canada at the age of nine and now has a wife and son.

Mr. Charlery’s latest sentence will run concurrently with his previous one.



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  1. They get mixed up with the wrong crowd and the rest is history. St Lucians were never like that then they get into shit with Jamaicans and go bezerk. Even at home its happening. Since Labour came into office in 1997,they have devided St Lucians along party lines; tribalizing the citizens and doing the nastiness taught by the British in India and Africa. Under the reign of UWP those things did not happen.


  2. These mustards go out there and give the rest of us trying for a better opportunity a bad name.


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