St. Lucian man remanded for attacking his brother in Barbados

St. Lucian man remanded for attacking his brother in Barbados


BARBADOS TODAY – A 52-year-old St Lucian man who admitted to unlawfully and maliciously wounding his brother on Christmas Day has been remanded to prison until next year.

Terrance Demar of Odessa McClean Drive, The Belle, St Michael pleaded guilty to the offence against Junior Demar.

According to prosecutor Sergeant Rudy Pilgrim, the brothers lived in close proximity to each other but Junior had to use a driveway next to Terrance’s home to gain access to his place.

The two got into an altercation on December 25 after Terrence began enclosing the driveway.

Terrance allegedly rushed towards Junior with a garden fork, piercing his brother’s left hand.

Pilgrim also informed the court that Terrance had no status in the country.

This was confirmed by an immigration officer who said the man had arrived here on January 7, 2007 and was granted a 14-day stay in Junior Demar’s care.

The magistrate asked: “Why are you trying to kill a man for passing across . . . I never see a dead man pulling a piece of land behind a hearse. Why you want to kill him for a piece of land that is not yours?”

Terrance replied: “He attacked me at my home. I had a fork. I never stop him from passing. I was just extending the [shed].”

The magistrate remanded Terrence in custody until January 10, 2017 after the court was informed by the immigration officer that he had no form of identification. Terrance told the court he had sent his documents to St Lucia to get his passport renewed in an attempt to regularize his status.


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  1. I strongly believe it call Lucian Greed. People why all of this for material things tell me as the Judge stated can you pull this behind a freaken hearse...or live with the wealth six feet deep when will we ever learn.


  2. Oh my god all where st Lucians go they carry their murderous ways. Thankfully other countries don't put up with their crap.


  3. I love that Judge! Lots of people should remember that, "no one pulls land, house or money behind their hearse, so stop hurting and destroying each other over material things..... Thanks Judge!!!


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