St. Lucian man, 2 other Caribbean nationals, nabbed in St. Maarten for human smuggling

St. Lucian man, 2 other Caribbean nationals, nabbed in St. Maarten for human smuggling
Jaguar P810, one of three cutters operated by the Dutch Caribbean Coastguard
Jaguar P810, one of three cutters operated by the Dutch Caribbean Coastguard
Jaguar P810, one of three cutters operated by the Dutch Caribbean Coastguard. Photo credit:

A St. Lucian man along with two other Caribbean nationals were detained by Dutch authorities in St. Maarten after being suspected of being involved in human smuggling.

The men were captured after Dutch coast guard vessels spotted them in a boat in Dutch waters.

The men were accompanied by at least 11 Cubans whom they are suspected of attempting to smuggle to the US Virgin Islands.

The other men were of Montserratian and Antiguan origin.

The men have not been charged as yet as Dutch police is still investigating.



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  1. Everyone is striving for survival. As long as no one is being hurt in the process, let everyone live. There are more serious crimes going on out there that needs to be looked at rather than these petite shit.


  2. Cubans are in dire, dire need our help.

    The fact that smugglers are involved is only a manifestation of the problems their society faces. Unfortunately, the impoverished Cuban people lacking hope in their country do not have the luxury of the apparently constitutional right to board a flight in Havana/Guardalavaca/etc. to fly to Europe or North America and simply say "I am a refugee" on arrival at the port-of-entry, as the rest of our other citizens of OECS member states can do.

    Their population is in plight. Look at Cuba's level of crime, unemployment, social decay, corruption, drought and water interruptions, challenges faced in their education system, a questionably managed money-losing national airline Air Cubana, and government inaction.

    We should be welcoming them with open arms and government should fund shelter and construction of affordable housing for them such that they are provided for and can integrate into our nation. We have thousands of acres of unused Crown land that could be used to establish carefully designed, sustainable, and safe communities for their re-settlement.

    It is time to demand of our elected officials that we provide aid, shelter and re-settlement to our Cuban brothers and sisters.

    These are people and a society in need of help, their people need our nation's help and the related financial resources dedicated by government to help them.


    • @ Calvin. Are you willing to adopt a few children and pay a higher tax to support Cuban refugees? If not keep your trap shut as what you are suggesting takes money and the life long commitment to ado that.


    • Well written however lets leave our Crown Lands for our under privilege / homeless St Lucians.

      Sort them out first and then look at the possibility of helping our fellow Cubans and Venezuelans.

      We should also bear in mind that our high un-employment, reduction in VAT decreases the amount of taxes the Treasury collects.

      These humanitarian projects are not free.

      Also the Cuban people should also look to Russia and China (as they Communists parents) for assistance, don't always believe the western media Russia is still a very wealthy nation.


  3. Lock up his sorry behind. Giving the place a bad name. Hope he improves his love-making skills while he is behind bars.


  4. there are a number of a one bedroom apartment in la clery. this is giving st Lucia a bad name


    • Oooooh i get it,it's ok to rat out an kick out d people who come from other countries/islands that are illegally living in SLU but it's not ok for illegal Lucians living in other people countries/islands especially Canada,USA,UK to be rated out an or kick out wooow what good 4d goose just not ok with d gander my peeps u'll good


      • Most Lucians living overseas are considered undocumented and not illegal. Once you entered the foreign country legally using a passport and visa and went through the airports. However what the Cubans are doing is considered illegal as they are being smuggled into those countries without proper documentation.


  5. It's bad. But it is not as bad as if this were to be associated with international sex trade and prostitution, or modern day slavery. It sounds like those Cubans were trying to escape their economics of geography.

    One is somewhat gratified that locally, parents are pouring in large amounts of money into early childhood education, to level the playing field of opportunity. More must be done to moderate our curse of geography and the lack of natural resources. The English and French fought for this strategic piece of real estate for territorial gain. Then when that game was over, what was left was exploited with mono-crop agriculture both with sugar and bananas.

    When that was over, this island was kicked out of Great Britain and given in exchange phony independence. Independence is a holiday; sovereignty both economic and political have yet to materialize.

    Nowadays we are about to suffer yet again, after the British ceded control of our future to the U.S. hegemonic "protectionism". The U.S. now has seen it fit to further undermine our fragile economic position with "DE-RISKING".

    If there is no kind of mediation to this ongoing onslaught on our survival, we might well find ourselves trying to cope with similar illegal migrations like those in the Middle East, Syria and Cuba.


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