UPDATED: St. Lucian man extradited to Toronto for 2008 murder

By: Jodee Brown (The Star/Canada)

Photos of Ron Joseph Williams, a St. Lucian who was wanted for murder by the Canadian police. Williams has been extradited to Canada. * Photo credits: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

A St. Lucian man has been charged with first-degree murder in the fatal 2008 shooting of Jonathan Rodrigues in Scarborough, Toronto police say.

Ron Joseph Williams, 26, was charged on Tuesday after being extradited from St. Lucia to Toronto. The charge was initially issued in February 2008, when the shooting occurred.

Williams is the third man to be arrested in relation to the murder of Rodrigues, 21, at the back of a home on Golfhaven Dr. on Feb. 22, 2008. Rodrigues was shot in the neck and chin in the incident, killing him instantly. Williams is alleged to have fired the fatal shot.

Dwayne Gordon, a Jamaican man, was sentenced in April 2010 to nine years in prison and deported to Jamaica after pleading guilty to a manslaughter charge. Mohamed Ahmed Nakhuda also pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was handed the same prison sentence as Gordon.

Rodrigues’ murder was alleged to be drug-related.


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  1. so i don't understand that y'all can show this guys face cause he allegedly murdered someone but y'all cant show the face of the teen that was caught robbing a canteen at the back of scotia bank SMH. nonsense

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  3. shut yall asses live Ron Williams the hell alone let him breath i'm sure yall bitches and hoes got alot of skeleton in yall closet the police don't know about . so piss the hell of yall idiots

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  5. He ran to St. Lucia. Maybe he had an appointment with a doctor in St. Lucia...we all know St. Lucia has the best medicine. He is innocent (wink, wink). Damn it!

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  7. Bad man, they bad man, you live by the gun you die by it. Every murderer becomes an easy target by another.

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  9. They family of the dude who commite a crime un NY knows that he did it but they choose not to come forward. They too are just as guility. Willfully keeping that dirty crime from the police is just wrong..But i tell u one thing he will kill again and thats when u the family will see for sure that it doesnt pay to aide and abeding a criminal. Do the right thing help a family put a closure to this pain. I leave IN NER YORK.

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  11. With pen mate do his tattoos man

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  13. I wonder if they can't extradite my child's father for not paying child support for his child?

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  15. Its a pity Canada dies not implement the death penalty. Sad when some get the opportunity to go to a country where they cam better themselves for the good of society but choose instead to go down the path of destruction. There ate many who would have wish to get the opportunity to migrate just for a better life and these useless shit just go and make it hard for others. Hr did the crime seven years ago when he was only 19, he should have been putting his energy getting an education.

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  17. Justice!! U kill a man u need to be in jail!! Guess he didn't know there's a word called extradition!

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  19. Its good he will serve his time. These men are too evil. Don't want to go to school or work and want material wealth. Should get life.

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  21. n to think I actually use to talk to mate eh :/

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  23. These are the people who come back home and commite crimes on the island. You see they leave in search of better life and the better life is drugs stealing murder pimping young girls to get fast money. No body knows the meaning if hard work anymore. well so i think. let him get what he so just derserved. Serves him right i hope he didnt kill anyone home also. check him out

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  25. Why didn't he remain in Canada and face the music? What a coward! They say everyone is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.So I am assuming that this young man is innocent until a judge and jury finds him guilty.

    But the question remains: Why did he do a runner to St Lucia after the murder of this Latino named man? There is another Saint Lucian man who committed a murder in New York sometime ago and he also did a runner to the island. Why do these cowards do crimes overseas and then leg it to St Lucia? This chap I understand is living in Babonneau, and nothing is being done to return him to the States to face the music.He needs to be tried for the killing of this young footballer.

    You only run away when you have done something bad- otherwise you stay put.The family of this man may have paid lots of money to fight the extradition. Why waste all your hard earnings when eventually he will be sent packing back to Canada?

    These thugs are not giving St Lucia a bad name- They are giving themselves and family a soiled reputation. St Lucia is innocent in this. Only a few of her citizens commit these heinous crimes.Lucian are mainly law-abiding.The Canadians need to be aware of this.

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  27. Stop it with all the negative comments, there isn't any proof that he did the crime. Ron just leave it in gods hands you gonna be ok.

    • Anonymous, you are such a JACKASS, if there was no proof he did the crime, why was he CHARGED. In the US and Canada, once the investigations are completed and there is sufficient evidence, that only implies there was enough to extradite him back to Canada to answer to the murder charges, which he committed. This is really disheartening and will only continue to cause problem for people (St Lucian) seeking visas.

      • Why are we such beggars of country's visas to suck of their welfare whilst bashing our own island? Why are we as a people, so bent in presenting our begging bowls to others, when we can do for ourselves what they're done for themselves?

        Now you called the poster "Anonymous" a jackass on his/her comment about being innocent until proven guilty. But with your low "IQ" you aren't intelligent enough to understand that that many have been charged and convicted-did the time and later released when it was found out, that they were innocent. Are you not prone to everyday occurrences, or are you another IGNORANT, COUNTRY BOOKY, JUKE BOIS, FOLLOWER?

        • i so agree to that comment smh look at the man that spent 9 yrs in jail for a crime he did not commit and so much controversy on his ends lucians need to realize that they cannot judge so quickly this situation happened for a reason its up to god now cuz he sees and knows everything i'm not saying he did/did not do the crime i wasnt there but leave it to god ron u safe my boy u will come back to those who love u

          • SMH, since you have such a high "IQ" why aren't you representing the murderer? Let see two others were charged "Dwayne Gordon, a Jamaican man, was sentenced in April 2010 to nine years in prison and deported to Jamaica after pleading guilty to a manslaughter charge. Mohamed Ahmed Nakhuda also pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was handed the same prison sentence as Gordon. Do you two not think that those individuals pointed the fingers to your innocent Ron. Based on your comments SMH and nunurbiz, hope he comes back to you two an innocent man. Since you all have so much faith he did not do. But I guess you both missed the point. My point was, why go to a foreign country and put yourself in those types of situation? Do you think if he was at home during the time this incident occurred he would have be ID'd or let alone extradited? He was ID'd as the trigger man, why don't you two contact the District Attorney over in Canada and do some follow up , before you all claim an innocent man might spend time in jail.

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  29. It's St Lucians committing crimes in Canada which made the Canadian government impose the visa requirements for St Lucians in the first place!!!!!

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  31. Many of them who think they can commit a crime and not get jailed for it.Much difficult for him to get bail as he is not in St.Lucia and the law won't be on his side.He committed a crime he pays the time.At last the family of the deceased will get justice.

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  33. the death penalty, can surely help.once found guilty execute all involved.

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  35. If he did the crime I hope they throw the book, and the whole damn library at him. He deserves eevrything he gets and more. And to all the family and friends who on facebook talking crap about blah blah blah. As usualy you all knew what he was up to (if he is guilty), and ya'll supported it through silence or otherwise. Now the justice has come knocking you want to talk about haters and all that crap? Dats why lucia in the mess it is in now, because of ppl like you all. They right to deport his backside. Let him answer his charges, and if he innocent then deport him back to his country and burn that visa for his stupid decisions. If he innocent then keep him up there for life we eh want him back.

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  37. Kartel is in that same situation and everybody bawling out free world boss but a fellow lucian ur'll want him to go so hard if he did it fine but nobody knows for sure what happened god help his soul ....lucians to serious

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  39. And it happened on Independence Day, Feb. 22 SMH. If he's found guilty, I hope they lock him for life and he never sets foot on Saint Lucia again.
    Some people are born losers, and they have one fate...self destruction. He's presumed innocent until proven guilty though.

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  41. we can cooperate and extradite suspected criminals but that still won't get them to remove the need for visas for lucians

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  43. These deportee come back home and continue their nasty criminal activities. That's why the crime rate has increase in St. Lucia and other Caribbean island. That's the reason why the Canadian Visa was implement for us. Yes, he may be innocent until proven guilty but the fact remains; he was involved in criminal activities. What a shame!!!! The RCMP don't play, they will get you were you are.........STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!!!

    • Silver, you are so right. Now we are seeing the light of why the visa was implemented. They are runnning home for protection, yet contuine to do their crime. Send his a*** back to pay for his crime.

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  45. Once again St Lucia is in the international press for all the wrong reasons, thanks Ron.

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  47. nice boy like that ,let him pay for what he did y u couldnt stop him,they have to stop killing people.

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  49. Lot of yong guy from Lucia thay play bad boy in Canada it's sad for us Lucian

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  51. So sad for we Lucian's

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  53. Lot of yong guy from Lucia that's how they live in Canada it's sad for we Lucians

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  55. wow what does a murderer looks like, this face could fool anyone, lets see u get out of this one, aint lucia where u do the crime and not been caught, much less do the time, let,s see you get out of this one.

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  57. i hope he gets the punishment for the crime.

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  59. ron is innocent until proven guilty,he is suspected of committing the crime,so many men are bordelais on remand for 3-4 years and the found not guilty.if ron do the crime he will face his time,we lucians quick to judge.

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  61. Yes go tattoo yourself like a blackboard making it easy for them to identify you. Serves you right ...you do the crime...you do the damn time. Giving SLU a bad name...go on with your bad self !

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  63. Long are the days when u couldn't even no if there was Lucian living in Canada

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  65. I really don't understand why people leave their homelands, go to another man's country and then commit crime. I think the punishment should be harsher! STUPIDOS.

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  67. wow, even overseas lucian killing people

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    • Who would ever think this nice looking guy could commit murder. That is why it is said nothing is written on ones face. Never trust anyone.

      • oh it was drug related? At such a young age they were already involved in this drug business. Parents why don't you bring your children up the right way. Anyway we do bring them up properly but when they get mixed up with the bad apples they forget all about the good morals which was taught to them.


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