St. Lucian living in UK jailed for stealing £360,000 worth of jewelry

St. Lucian living in UK jailed for stealing £360,000 worth of jewelry

2016-11-22-18_11_15-serial-burglar-who-raided-indian-tycoons-mayfair-mansion-is-jailed-_-daily-mailA St. Lucia man living in UK was jailed for 3 years and 3 months after stealing more than £360,000 worth of jewelry from Indian billionaire’s mansion.

The man, identified as Rightous Garnett, was sentenced after pleading guilty to the 2014 burglary of the billionaire’s house.

Police reportedly found over £160,000 worth of jewelry in Mr Garnett’s house during a raid last year.

Garnett is a personal trainer.

This is not his first offense; in 1988 he tricked his way into the home of a lady and attacked her butler before fleeing empty handed.

In 2002 he was jailed for a series of burglaries and he again served 7 months for a raid on a house in 2012.


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  1. meanwhile........a heir to a thrown whose family has killed and enslaved millions is smiling while doing an
    HIV publicity stunt aimed at stupid people.....0 comments. WE Really need to wake up


  2. That man look like a nigerian con artist pretending to be st lucian. they name their kids all stupid names like rightous, greatest, good luck, messiah highest. all dem stupid tings. so please somebody check on that because mate may have a lucian passport he tiff somehwere or he paid for, i not sure. but something dont smell right to me.


    • This man parents are both St Lucians I know the family very well Please don't refer to him as Nigerian why is when someone commits a crime they are referred to as Nigerian that is very insulting


    • This man parents are both st Lucians I know the family very well please don't insult Nigerians


  3. Thats what you call a robbery...steal from the rich...not small shops and small businesses and struggling rob the billionaires...why you need 360000 worth of jewelry anyways....a million EC of jewelry...that could be put to better use...


  4. There are under cover thieves. There are conn artist in ties well dressed coming with excuses. A well known man told me he forgot his wallet at home in Vieux Fort and his vehicle run out of Gas he begged for $60 will return it the following day, along with that he took one Guiness and one Malt on credit to date he never refund the $60 or paid his credit. His name and vehicle number will soon be on Face Book. Don't worry.


  5. There are many movies where jewelry thieves are treated like heroes, most cases because of their skill. UK people also come here and conn many unsuspecting natives out of their money and land. Africans are also notorious for conn schemes and robberies in the UK. What a little St. Lucian could steal so much that he receives all this attention? Is it because he is from St. Lucia? I am not supporting stealing but I am sure if he had stolen 1 Billion pounds he would be made a hero. The problem may be that he is too petty because it is hard to find any billionaire who has made an honest buck except maybe for sport personalities. Most of them are involved is unethical practices to get where they are, and lets face it business is not a clean game.

    Brother if you cannot be healed from your obnoxious addiction next time aim for about 4 billion pounds and send 1 billion to the starving and sexually abused kids that we have here. Trust me you will be like a Sir Francis Drake who was knighted for stealing Spanish gold for the English Crown, which the Spanish themselves had stolen from Mexico and the islands' Caribs. If people like Grynberg, Chugorri, Jufalli can all attain national acclaim in St. Lucia trust me you can received the highest awards. Politicians accuse each other of stealing plenty more and I have never seen their photos paraded in the media in that regard, in fact they are revered by both media and people alike. "Shhss don't say that about him without evidence" is now common St. Lucian language, a product of an sustained period of abuse and jailing of the public tongue by politicians.


    • Really! & when they deport him back home what will happen, I don't think you will feel the same if he robs you.


      • We still have to deal with our devils when they are here. For now he is in the UK and is a part of that system so he is their baby now. If he has to be deported so be it.


    • Your pocket must be deep if you think £360000 is petty.

      " time aim for about 4 billion pounds" and you say you're not supporting stealing...really? Sound like a first hand teef groupie to me, you should share his cell boss.


      • Yea you are just one of the "helpful idiots" who refer straight to "stealing" and "robbery" when is a poor man doing it but refer to it by sophisticated names such as "fraud, embezzlement" and "misfeasance" when it is the rich. See, I am no hypocrite but as you call it "stealing" is what determined the economic outcome of the world. If the European powers did not plunder and steal the wealth of other nations what would have happened? You may not even have been born farless imagining being on an island in the Caribbean. Simple English translation to what I was saying is that, yes, we can call this man "tiff" but all that went on before and is still going on now with your tacit endorsement is still "TIFF." We cannot jail one man for "tiffing" 300,000 pounds and glorify another for "tiffing" our livelihoods and in some cases our future and inheritance, you Jack.


  6. just because he was born here doesn't make him a Lucian. He was raised in the UK, and is a product of the English society. We eh want him, hes yours. Take our country's name off that guy's files please, we have enough volehs here already we eh want yours too.


    • Theres a difference between Nationality and Citizenship.

      IF he was orn in St Lucia that makes him a St Lucian National and a Citizen.

      Moved to the UK and gained British Citizenship.

      In a nutshell he's St Lucian with British citizenship.


  7. And who doesn't Saint Lucia put up the faces and name of criminal? U.K. Did and out papers were happy to put it up


  8. Oh my goodness this TEEF needs a DENTIST to pull out all d TEEF in him coz jail only stopping him for a while till he gets out to TEEF again i do hope d UK doh deport him back to SLU coz he mite TEEF d Jewel we call St.Lucia since is jewelry he like to TEEF.


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