St. Lucian jailed in London for raping girls repeatedly for years

By SNO Staff
Lewisham builder and DJ jailed for raping two 'very young' girls.

Lewisham builder and DJ jailed for raping two ‘very young’ girls.

A St. Lucian man living in southeast London, England was on Friday, Jan. 6 sentenced to 13 years in prison for sexual offences against two ‘very young’ girls.

The Metropolitan Police in Greater London reported in a news release that Paul Francis, a part-time builder and DJ of Lewisham, London, pleaded guilty at Woolwich Crown Court on December 2, 2016 to five counts of sexual assaults and four counts of rape.

Francis, also known as Booka, is originally from Micoud Village in St. Lucia.

According to the Metropolitan Police, the two victims, who were known to Francis, were raped over a period of years, with the attacks beginning at a very young age.

Police were made aware of the offences in September 2016 following disclosures from one of the girls to her school.

Officers also spoke with the younger girl who initially would not say anything, but wrote a short note and did a drawing explaining what Francis did to her.

Francis gave no comment when interviewed but was charged on September 14.

Investigators established that Francis worked as a part-time builder and also as a DJ at parties and private functions, mainly in the Lewisham area.

Police Constable Bruce Upson of the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, said: “It is possible that other victims have been raped or sexually assaulted by Francis, and I would urge them to contact police.

“I also hope that other victims will be able to draw upon the courage of these two girls and come forward to speak to police. You will be dealt with sensitively by specialist police officers who will support you through the process of giving evidence to police and bringing offenders to justice.”

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  1. Oh boy, always some ugly a** country bookie.

  2. I leave in England most of my life I was shock when I heard the news. That man is possessed I don't no him but he is from my village. They should casterise him

  3. I am not condoning what he did, my point of view is that reading and writing should be coherent.Individuals read for knowledge, pleasure and sometimes to get a critical point of view etc.However , it is annoying and frustrating when one tries to read another person's point of view, which is incohorent due to numerous grammar and spelling mistakes.The computer and the internet that you are using to insult and mock can help you with the above.Excuses like'' get off your high horses, not everyone had the opportunity'' etc is understandable.However, before insulting and mocking, try to reflect that not everyone is intellectually, mentally and physically stable.Just saying!

  4. Why he rape them so

    I hope they send him to the right prison, so he can get raped the same way he raped those young girls. How you leaving St Lucia and going and rape the beautiful English girls.

  5. That man was diffinitely raping children when he was home, it's in his blood, i know 13 years of jail will never give these young children back what that papa salop took from them, but I know he will never disrespect a child again, there are more out in St.Lucia that have been doing that nastiness foe years and nothing is being done about it, then sweep it under the rug, I hope we as mothers will keep a closer eye on our daughters cause a rapist comes in like a sheep in wolf clothing, big Bertha will take care of his behind. Lol lol

  6. I know this guy totally shocked he has a daughter himself totally vile & disgusting !

  7. Two years ago I went back to St.lucia, and I driving near a hotel on the island, when a young lady asked for a ride to the bus stop. She started telling me, she was reluctant to ask for a ride because she had two children as a result of Rape on the island, and the police did nothing. So Rape is a common occurrence. St.lucian police track and charge the offender's.

    • Rape is common the world over but no society condones such a heinous act and especially towards children. St. Lucians like every other people denounce such sick behaviour and acts so please don't paint our island as one where human life and dignity is not respected. Remember we share your view that this was horrible.

  8. Senti sak salop!

  9. Paul Francis! My Goodness! I,ve known this man for twenty something years, or i thought i knew him What ashame, i feel sorry for these girls, i also feel sorry for you my Brother, how could you let the Devil take control of you this way man? Oh my God you shall reap what you sowe my dear Brother.

  10. He will not get off lightly in prison. Even hardened criminals hate paedophiles!! Hahahaha enjoy jail! I hope you suffer as much as what you did to those young girls and more. They will grow and heal and become a success in life and you will spiral down and down and rot in jail. Then you will have no life afterward. You are evil. Evil. Evil.

    • England is the land of paedophiles. Too many, I am happy they are being caught. Let's us hope the whiteys get the same time in jail as well.

  11. Booka

    You that making us ashame like that..Booka you really a book cabwit

  12. I noticed that the grammar and spelling of some contributors is mediocre please learn to spell with proper sentence formation before you criticize or when trying to express yourself.Try being a better person, writer etc inorder to progress in life.

    • I agree, but you too should check your grammar, punctuation and sentence construction. Consider revising your post as follows:

      "I noticed that the grammar and spelling of some contributors are mediocre. Please learn to spell and to use proper sentence formation before you criticize, or when trying to express yourself. Try being a better person, writer, et cetera, in order to progress in life."

      • Good one in Lisa's MC. . As a woman, she should condone that behavior instead of bashing ppl for grammar and punctuation. Is mofos like her that perpetuate that kind of inhumane act against innocent youth. Chk the msg and not the messenger MF

        • Good one in Lisa's MC. . As a woman, she should Not condone that behavior instead of bashing ppl for grammar and punctuation. Is mofos like her that perpetuate that kind of inhumane act against innocent youth. Chk the msg and not the messenger MF

          • We really need to do something about all these high horses. Equine drug abuse is no laughing matter.

      • Editor, Have you ever thought of correcting all the bad spelling and sentence construction in the letters sent? Gracious, if all the letters are from St.Lucians, where are these people working? Did they manage to pass any English exams?
        Even as I write this note, a red mark shows over the words that are incorrect.
        People, try to improve your writing skills PLEASE!!!! What I see written online is pathetic.

      • Great response!!!!!!

    • ,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Get off your high horse

    • Get off your high horse

    • Well! Well! Well!! Lisa

      It is obvious that not all persons were fortunate enough to have had the education you possess. This however should not be held against them and we should be thankful that they are able to express themselves.

      Perhaps you should focus on the message they are communicating rather than the correctness of their sentence construction and the other bs you highlighted.

      • Wish I could like ur post more than once but I can't. Some of us jus like being petty. Whether ita spelt wrong or not properly structured the main focus should be the msg.trying to make ppl feel small takes u no where, jus show how small u as an individual is.

    • For the sake of education, I hope Lisa was not the smartest in her class.

    • Lisa, please work on your own grammar.

    • Lisa - just quit your know it all attitude about the contributors on this forum. Who died and made you the dictionary or spell police?
      I read two of your posts and you had 3 errors, 2 spelling and and one run-one sentence. You do t know how to spell either.
      Just accept that on this platform people will structure and spell as they want - so please stop your not-picking. It's irritating. They just want to share their thoughts.

    • @lisa miss English please get off the forum if you aren't contributing to this release. I certainly didn't come here to see you bicker on someone's poor writing skill or grammar so keep your comments contained.

  13. What a shame, big men like that, go find woman your own age. I hope you pay for that because this form of violation does not ever go away, the victims have to live with that for life.

  14. Can't believe this , I no this man very well sad to think you really don't no people do you?
    I don't no wot to say I'm in total shock , poor children how could you do this words our not in the Dictionary to describe you.
    You need to beg god for forgiveness these children life our ruined I'm praying for them very sad evil man.

  15. Sa ou ca fe, salop

  16. I wish sick men like him who reside in St. Lucia would be dealt with similarly. How could those sickos sleep at night?


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