St. Lucian immigrant dies after altercation with construction worker in Washington

By Washington Post

2017-03-07-08_39_32-something-like-road-rage_-man-dies-after-altercation-in-construction-zone-in-nWASHINGTON POST – He was trying to park his boss’s pickup truck in a private lot off Rhode Island Avenue and Second Street, near his home in Northeast Washington.

But Desmond Joseph, 41, was in a work zone and apparently had trouble reaching the space he needed. Witnesses told police that he got out of the truck and started tossing aside orange traffic cones blocking the way. It was Thursday about 3:40 p.m.

A construction worker confronted Joseph and an argument turned into a single punch to the head, D.C. police said. Knocked unconscious, Joseph was put on life support.

Joseph, who emigrated from St. Lucia and was an avid gardener who helped his neighbors perfect their plots, died the next day at a hospital. His death has been ruled a homicide.

“It’s a horrific incident,” said the man’s wife, Lisa C. Joseph, 48. “It didn’t have to happen.”


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  1. The head line should be"Saint Lucian dies after being punched worker". Initially thought he was so upset that he had a heart attack.

  2. So so sad.....we need to learn to walk away from these things rather than hitting persons....I'm so sorry for your loss, Joseph's.

  3. Ignorant Lucian behaviour belongs in Saint Lucia not other countries

    • He was trying to get to a PRIVATE lot. yes he could have asked the workers to let him move it to pass, the worker had NO RIGHT putting his hand on the man. I hope he gets good punishment. All it takes to kill someone is one knock in the right it has been proven here. Now let the worker pay..Mr. Desmond was not his child.

    • Was it another St. Lucia who killed him. this did not have to be resolved with heating him. think before you'll write

  4. I'm reading these comments and it's very pathetic of some ppl...I'm the sister of Desmond Joseph..indeed he was a good man! Not one soul in the neighborhood had a bad thing to say about him....he died innocently! And also tried to call for the Law...911....

  5. Sharon Terrell. If you know so much ,why aren't you a witness for the prosecution? And by the way, it is not the pay dont. What does the pay have to do with the incident? I am assuming that you only want to be part of the conversation.

  6. Sharon Terrell, if that is your real name, thoughtful consideration and a basic understanding of what you read should precede comments like the one you made. You see, if it's condolences you want to extend to the deceased family, do so respectfully. However, if you want to provide analysis of what you read, read and understand carefully!

    First you make false assumption that the cones are the property of the government, how do you know that? The article states that witness told police that he got out of the truck and started tossing aside yellow traffic cones. Where did you read from that they are the property of the government or involved road repairs, at least? The cones were blocking the way - that's what you read! It could have been placed there by anyone, even to preserve a private parking space.

    Secondly, Which law did you cite in determining that Desmond could have gotten arrested for removing a traffic cone. And by the way, "orange traffic cone" does not mean that they were placed there by Traffic Officers or emergency personnel.

    Thirdly, and perhaps most disturbing of your ranting, is the fact that you can state so emphatically, that he did not die from the punch but from the fall! Which medical school did you attend and when did you perform an autopsy to make that determination?

    Now I know that people want to feel the need to be a part of the online conversation by expressing opinion, and I respect that. But please be more mindful of the fact that others are reading what is being written as comments, and opine more sensibly!

    It's unfortunate that this situation resulted in the death of a person, and I wish extend prayerful thoughts to the family of the diseased.

    • I love dis comment. What u said is so true

    • Well said.


      In my previous comment I mistakenly stated "...prayers to the family of the diseased," which should have been DECEASED!

      For that mistake, I apologize.

      • Must correct yourself and say it out loud. Very hard on others as you are hard on yourself. I know your personality well. Give people a break, you need one too. See you are not perfect. She has a right to her opinion and understanding. It must be hard being you.

    • Always a damn professor telling people that their understanding of text is off. What's wrong with what she said. When something is written so vaguely, one is left to their own interpretation. You know it is always the wanna be intellectuals trying to bully people into thinking like you. Because you think it does not make you right and her wrong. Just move on, I bet you cannot help yourself. This behavior is so typical Lucian, magnified with a little education. The illiterate ones behave the same. Wanna be intellectual bullies. You will criticise this statement too, but I'm typing on a small device, so please correct my missed errors, bet you can't help yourself.

  7. punch. too much! RIP. Condolences to his family!


  9. Sad way for someone life to end.

  10. wow so sad eh. only the good people go so fast.
    smh you punch the guy and now he is dead. thats why it is good to be the bigger person and walk away. now the guy that killed him lost his job and most likely will go to jail whilst joseph is dead

    • Seriously? ONLY the good people go so fast? I eh know the fella but that statement is so foolish. You mean there are no bad people who die fast? Live fast life die fast life?

      • Very well executed I love how you composed this one sometimes my people act as if they're not able to comprehend That the main reason the country is in such a state!

      • I'm his sister and i can say that indeed he was a good freaking ppl are.quick to judge..and he also tried to 911...

        • Take care of yourself.Don't let no one say to u don't cry u alone know what u loose.

        • Lady, please grieve in peace - maybe this is not the place you need to be right now reading comments. You can't fight with the world unless it's dire - everyone has an opinion. You know your brother personally and if you want to tell us about him go ahead and make that statement - no need to get entangled with others at this time. Peace be with you.

      • What makes the statement foolish? Maybe this person has been around a lot of good people who have died and did not have the time to mention others who were not so good and also died. Your backer loves how you composed your response. SMH. Cut from the same judgemental/criticising cloth. Any opportunity to prove being smarter than others.


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