St. Lucian guards the Royal Wedding

St. Lucian guards the Royal Wedding

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – St. Lucian, Bortnill St. Ange, 28, from Laborne, Monchy, shown fourth from right, guarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as they ride pass in the royal carriage on Saturday. Bortnill is shown holding his weapon and wearing the Ceremonial Uniform.

St. Ange currently serves as a Queen’s Guard in the Irish Guard Regiment and is soon to be promoted to Lance Corporal. St. Ange was also present during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011.

See him being fitted for the Ceremonial Uniform.

St. Ange served in Afghanistan prior to his position as a Royal Guardsman. He was raised in Monchy by his aunt Natasha Duncan St. Ange and his uncle Jude St. Ange who were strong role models for him.

All St. Lucians should be very proud to see such accomplishments from this young man.


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  1. I DONT SEE HOW GUARDING THE QUEEN IS A BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT?? but he is prob just a hard worker... i dont see how that has to make news


  2. What has he done wrong than to achieve what he have work hard. For? Good on him, keep up the good work


  3. I have been around famous people in my line of work. I don't go telling about it. I think it would surely piss them off. Good luck with that. cheeers......


  4. OK his securing the UK , it's not like you'll lucians giving him anything. Infact if he was securing KFC you'll would not give 2 cents bout him.........smfh


  5. ok he is serving the uk but youll lucians aint giving him shit. Infact if he was securing KFC you'll wouldn't give 2 cents bout him....smh


  6. I've always been proud to be from La Borne/Monchy, and now Bortnill you've made all of us proud not forgetting we also got Dr. Shan Marius who is also from La Borne. Hooray


  7. Great!
    Text mentions Prince William and Kate but photo shows Prince Harry and Megan! Prince Harry was in Afghanistan.


  8. I am proud of you young man. This is great . Stay up there don't come to St Lucia before you are called a JACKASS.


  9. I love it.... st.lucia is on the map... I love when good news is posted.... after all we ain't bad like the way people make it sound.... when its good say its good.... bless up young man... keep ur head high and do the best you can.... do good and good shall follow you


  10. Well done my brother you make me proud as a St Lucian living on the UK
    Gives thanks to the most high for continuance guidance and blessings
    It’s once in a life time opportunity embrace it and continue to be a role model for all Lucians both here and back home
    StLucian be proud of your fellow countryman.


  11. What an honor. Much respect for a young man to pursue his dreams. And shame on everyone who attacks him for doing this.


  12. Wow praising a moment where they use our black brother once again as a servant.what an honour...y'all fools.


    • LOL!
      wow! look at yall!
      Silly N*****!
      all is he is doing is serving a system that systemically opposes us.. and YALL ARE SO PROUD!
      Idk how is more foolish, folks on here who are praising him or him..
      This is why Capitalism will never cease to exist!


  13. Congratulations young man... I'm proud of you... I'm from Monchy as well... Keep up the good work...


  14. Am proud of u buddy .. but as to me his name and pic shouldn't even be posted... People are so jealous yow... dont think this should be up here as much as its a job well done


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